8 Exciting Things to Watch Out for on Klook’s 8th Birthday

It all started with a big idea in 2014, and here we are eight years later celebrating another year of joyful travel moments brought by Klook! With the return of travel and Klook turning 8, we’ve got the perfect reason to hold a celebration like no other this year.

Check out our list of reasons why our 8th Birthday  is a party where everyone is invited and everybody will want to go to!

8 Reasons You Need to be Part of Klook’s 8th Birthday Celebr8tion

1. Enjoy 8 days of joyful games, prizes, and exclusive deals for top destinations and experiences

This 8th birthday, we’re bringing the party to everyone with eight days of non-stop prizes, games, deals, and exclusive Klook events for everyone to enjoy! We’re staying true to our commitment of bringing #yourworldofjoy with a birthday celebration you definitely won’t want to miss!

2. Our list of top destinations and experiences you should be flying out to ASAP

We know you’re itching to get out and explore the world again with travel back.  From destinations like Europe, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, we’ve got you covered with our exciting selection of activities, hotels, and experiences for top destinations you need to head out to immediately!

3. Your favorite influencers and content creators celebrate with Klook 

You’re not the only special guests we’ve invited to this birthday bash! Catch your favourite influencers and content creators as they join us in celebrating. Get a chance to peek into their travel plans, hear stories of their adventures, and reveal exclusive Klook deals as they join us in celebrating another year of Klook!

4. Spin the Joy Roulette for daily prizes

What’s a birthday without fun and games? This year, try your luck and spin the Klook Joy Roulette to get recommendations on what joy should you be seeking out for! Visit the Joy Roulette once for the first eight days of our birthday celebration and win a prize each time you spin. Each user is entitled to one spin per day! The Joy Roulette will be available this September 30.

We’ve got discounts to attractions, hotels, car rentals, wellness experiences, and more up for grabs with every spin. We’re making sure everyone wins on our 8th birthday!

5. Come back every day for our daily deals 

This birthday we’re hoping to celebrate big with everyone, which is why we’ll be giving out daily deals! For eight days, you’ll be able to look forward to a new selection of discounts and promos to activities, experiences, and deals for the top destinations you’ve been dreaming of.

6. Get awesome deals during our 80 Minutes of Joy 

Perhaps only the fastest hands may win this Klook birthday race with our 80 minutes of Joy! At 20:00 PM from September 30, head over to Klook for a chance to get your hands on our flash birthday deals. We’ve got Buy 1, Get 1s, and major discounts to top Klook products for you to set your sights on!

Remember to set your alarms because you’ve only got 80 minutes to lock in the deal to enjoy a world of joy on your next adventure!

7. Unlock more prizes with the Klook Coin Chase

8 Exciting Things to Watch Out for on Klook’s 8th Birthday, Explore, Travel

The Klook Joy Roulette isn’t the only game you’ll be able to play this Klook 8th Birthday. On September 30, celebrate and enjoy more prizes with the Klook Coin Chase! The game is simple. Spend an accumulated purchase of USD88, USD158, USD258 to unlock the J-O-Y letters. Every time you earn a new letter you’ll also be given a coupon reward. It’s that easy!

8. Mark your calendars for the Klook Travel Fest!

Hey, travelers! With travel recovering, there’s no better time than now to bring back Klook’s signature event. With that, we give you this year’s Travel Fest comeback packed with fun games, special deals, and exciting adventures for your upcoming trips! Are you ready to re-discover the joy of travel at this year’s Travel Fest? Let’s get on with it!

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