8 Items You Need for a Beach Holiday

What to Pack for a Beach Vacation?

Are you excited to go to that long-awaited beach holiday? Don’t forget to bring the beach essentials, try to pack light and only bring a few extra items that you think you’ll need because more than likely, the accommodations at your beach destination already has everything available for their guests’ needs. It’s important to keep your luggage organized and not to get overwhelmed by the process.

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But how do you know that you’ll need this certain item for your beach holiday? There are certain items that you’ll need more than the others. If you’re only trying to relax and have fun on your beach holiday don’t try to pack too many miscellaneous items because more than likely, you won’t need it at the beach and these extra things will only weigh you down.

Try to be organized and efficient with your packing. Only add the extra items along with your beach essentials that you think you’ll that your place of accommodation won’t have. Go and call ahead of your trip to make sure. Of course, you should bring your medication, wallet, and phone. Towels, swimwear, underwear, and clothes are given as well as gadgets you want to bring to make things more fun. But are there other items that you need to pack as essentials for your beach holiday?

Worry no more, for here are eight essential items to pack for your beach holiday.

Beach Bag

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Oct 8, 2021

travel tips, amazon, 8 items you need for a beach holiday

Hurley Salana Printed Beach Tote

In addition to your luggage and a small bag or purse, bring one beach with you that fits all the items you need to bring to the beach itself. This should be a separate bag that should only contain your beach items. It could be large or small. It could even be a waterproof backpack but it should be sturdy and spacious enough to bring items that you need for your time on the sandy beaches while you leave your luggage and other things where you’re staying for your beach holiday.

Recommended Product: Hurley Salana Printed Beach Tote via Amazon

Waterproof Pouches

travel tips, amazon, 8 items you need for a beach holiday

pack all All-Purpose Waterproof Material Travel Packing Pouches

You need pouches to separate and organize the things you put in your beach bag and even your luggage. Get several pouches where you can put in your things that are too small that it may get lost amongst the items in your bag or luggage. Again, it’s also great for organizing your things. You can use individual pouches to store your electronics, cosmetics, accessories, underwear, and other things in.

Recommended Product: pack all All-Purpose Waterproof Material Travel Packing Pouches via Amazon

Ziplock Bags

Ziplock bags come in a variety of different sizes. They’re easy to store so it’s okay to bring zip lock bags of different sizes as well as extras in case of emergencies. You can use this to store a variety of things while you’re on the beach or swimming in the ocean. You can use it to put in your electronics so they won’t accidentally get wet or your expensive jewelry, just make sure to securely hide them within your beach bag. It’s also essential to bring the bigger sized zip lock bags to store your wet swimwear in after you’ve showered and changed clothes from the ocean so the rest of your stuff in your beach bag won’t get wet.


travel tips, amazon, 8 items you need for a beach holiday

Anessa Sunscreen

Probably one of the most important items you need to bring if you’re going on a beach holiday. Get a strong enough sunscreen that will protect you against the harmful UV rays of the sun. Your skin is the biggest organ of your body so don’t forget to give protection by not forgetting to bring your sunscreen to the beach. Put it all over your face and body before getting under the sun. You don’t want to get sunburnt and your skin will thank you for it.

Recommended Product: ANESSA perfect UV sunscreen mild milk SPF50+ via Amazon

Sunhat or Shawl

travel tips, amazon, 8 items you need for a beach holiday

Sunhat by Melissa Askew via Unsplash

You can choose to bring one or both. The sunhat will protect your head, scalp, and shoulders from the harsh sun. It’s safe to have extra protection on top of your sunscreen. And the shawl can be for multipurpose use. Like the sunhat, it can protect your head, scalp, and shoulders but it can also serve as a protection against the cold during the late afternoon. You can also use it to wrap around your body if you want to be more modest in the beach.

Beach Towel

travel tips, amazon, 8 items you need for a beach holiday

Lightweight and super absorbent Beach Towel

You can never go to the beach without a beach towel. Try to get an extra big one where you can fit along with a few other friends to enjoy your time on the beach. A beach towel can be easily carried around to find your perfect spot on the beach to sunbathe, relax, and watch the beautiful scenery. It’s your spot to go back to after you’ve gone swimming in the ocean.

Recommended Product: Tesalate Beach Towel

Water Bottle

travel tips, amazon, 8 items you need for a beach holiday

Waterbottle by Jennifer Regnier via Unsplash

Bring your reusable water bottle to the beach as you don’t want to get dehydrated while you’re having fun under the sun. Bring the kind that keeps your water inside cool for several hours. It’s common for beach-side accommodations to have water dispensers for their guess so refrain from buying plastic water bottles whenever you’re thirsty. It’s much friendlier to the environment.


travel tips, amazon, 8 items you need for a beach holiday

Sunglasses by Chelsea Gates via Unsplash

Whenever you want to sunbathe or swim, bring your sunglasses to protect your eyes from the glare of the sun. Some people often overestimate how bright the beaches can be especially when the sun is at its highest. The sand reflects the light from the sun which doubles the brightness intensity. So be kind to your eyes and bring sunglasses to your beach holiday.

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