9 Beach Resorts in Laiya (San Juan, Batangas)

Everyone deserves a break from school or work whether it is the summer season or not. But of course, just because you would want to, does not automatically mean that you can. Sometimes we are just really pressed with the time we have. Many people think that they have to travel far from Metro Manila to find a great place for a short vacation or short trip for some relaxation and fun time; well, in fact, there are tons of places near Metro Manila that you can go to whenever you are feeling that need to take a break from the busy life of the city. One place that is a sure and great destination to visit is the province of Batangas, specifically Laiya Batangas.

There are many known beaches in general in Batangas, however, Laiya beach is definitely something else compared to the many other beaches in the province. “It is one of a kind” as many consider it.

Laiya Beach is a tourist favorite because of its amazing ivory shore and crystal clear turquoise-colored waters. The breathtaking view of the divide of the fine ivory sand and turquoise waters is a sight in itself. Many have actually compared and believe that the sand of Laiya is quite similar to some top beach destinations in the country. The sand here is composed of both weathering crushed shells and corals. The beaches have been kept clean by both locals and visitors of the beach which is why up to this day, it continues to retain the beauty it has ever since the locals of the province could even remember.

More than just the beach, there are other reasons to love this place. There are a lot of activities that can be done here. Whether you are with your friends, family, significant other, or just by yourself; you will surely not get bored. You can opt to go jet skiing, swimming, banana boat riding, kayaking, or snorkeling. You will also find a lot of souvenir shops in the area, so you can buy something you can take home to remember the experience. And lastly, the food! Yes, the food here is amazing. The locals truly do value accommodating their visitors well by preparing the best food you will ever taste.

All of these things together make Laiya a traveler-favorite destination. But this is nothing to be worried about. Don’t get turned off by the fact that a lot of people go here. Despite that many people visit Laiya, you can still peacefully enjoy the beach. There are a lot of resorts and guesthouses in the area that you will never have to worry about being somewhere too rowdy or noisy and crowded. You also won’t have to dread about being able to find a good resort that has an available room you can book.

Here are some of the best resorts in Laiya; see which of them fits your liking.

1. Acuatico Beach Resort

explore, travel, 9 beach resorts in laiya (san juan, batangas)

If the vacation you have in mind is quite luxurious, then Acuatico Beach Resort is your best bet! This resort’s whole theme and aesthetic is Balinese-inspired; making every design and facility an elegant sight. It is a resort that can be easily distinguished by its fancy and topline feel. The whole resort has 21 rooms available which can lodge 70 people. The rooms have a fantastic view from the window, making your mornings and evenings nothing short of breathtaking. Plus, their amenities are definitely are at the forefront of any resort.

By the end of your stay here, you will tell surely yourself “This was worth every peso”. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Contact Details:
Laiya, San Juan, Batangas, Philippines 4226
Mobile: 0999.227.0081 / 0917.706.9136
Email: reservations@acuaticoresort.com.ph

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2. Palm Beach Resort

explore, travel, 9 beach resorts in laiya (san juan, batangas)

Credit: Palm Beach Resort

Laiya may have a lot of visitors but they promise to give their guests the peace and serenity you are longing for. The resort is located in a remote and isolated part of the beach, making it the ideal place for those that just want some peace. It exudes this atmosphere of calmness and amicability. All rooms and cases in the resort are vast and comfortable which makes it a good place for couples, friends, family, and even for company outings.

Because of the scenic picture, you will see here, you will get that perfect time off away from the hustle and bustle of the city. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Contact Details: Palm Beach Resort
Barangay Hugom, Laiya, San Juan,
Batangas, Philippines

Office Numbers
Phone: (+632) 8850-9544, (+632) 8836-8956
Fax: (+632) 772-2704
Globe: (+63) 917-628-7439, (+63) 917-884-4425
Smart: (+63) 920-928-9432, (+63) 920-938-8425

For weekend inquiries, please contact the Resort at:
(+632) 8330-7216
(+63) 920 951-6051
(+63) 920 945-6215


3. Sabangan Beach Resort

explore, travel, 9 beach resorts in laiya (san juan, batangas)

Credit: Agoda

Now here you shouldn’t expect that you’d see extremely high-end and extravagant interiors and amenities. But even if this is so, this resort has a lot to bring to the table. The whole design of the resort aims to keep it humble and simple but using its simplicity to make it very unique from others. Many people who stay here say that if you want to feel closer to your Filipino roots, then this is the resort to stay in. The rooms have designs using stones and wood. You will surely see bushes and trees that make you feel nature more.

It’s budget-friendly but still wonderful. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Address: Sabangan Beach Resort
Laiya, San Juan, Batangas Philippines 4226
Manila Office Reservations
+632 7914 9640
+632 8667 3997

4. Acuaverde Beach Resort

explore, travel, 9 beach resorts in laiya (san juan, batangas)

Credit: Acuaverde Beach Resort

Get ready to get awed by this resort’s beachfront. This is the most talked-about beachfront in Laiya. It is spectacular. How the resort fixed its beachfront makes it look very fancy. But that is not the only thing people love here.

Trivia: The resort with the widest coastline of Laiya is actually Acuaverde!

This part of Laiya has definitely been well maintained, making it very picturesque in every single angle.

Additionally, if you’re planning for a big event, this is a good place to hold it; not just because of the stunning view it has but the service here is also superb! Very helpful and accommodating. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Address: Laiya, San Juan, Batangas, Philippines
Direct Line: +63 2 7368.5299
Mobile / Viber: +63 917.623.4116 / +63 998.843.1347

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5. La Luz Beach Resort

explore, travel, 9 beach resorts in laiya (san juan, batangas)

Credit: La Luz Beach Resort

Another resort which aims to keep the whole aesthetic of the place down to earth with a hint of a nature feel. La Luz Beach Resort continuous to have an increase in guests given that the resort boasts how much maintenance and care it puts into preserving the beauty and peace of the beach.

What makes this a great resort is how welcoming the staff is and how simple yet stylish the rooms are. You can see that the materials used for their amenities can all just be found around the beach. They gather all the things they needed from their surroundings.

Another great place to stay in. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Address: Brgy. Hugom, Laiya, San Juan, Batangas

6. Virgin Beach Resort

explore, travel, 9 beach resorts in laiya (san juan, batangas)

Credit: Agoda

From its name, the resort is called the virgin beach resort because it is untouched by the modern world just beside it. The whole resort seems like it is in a different part of the world given its peaceful and serene environment. Right from the entrance, you can already hear the paradise you are about to experience; you’d hear the breeze swaying through the trees and the waves crashing into the shore. You’d be able to hear it because it is very secluded.

The whole resort’s design is like the previous resort we have discussed, it’s also pretty straightforward; it aims for simplicity to feel tranquility. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Address: Laiya, San Juan 4226, San Juan, Batangas

7. Costa Saltorino

explore, travel, 9 beach resorts in laiya (san juan, batangas)

Now, this villa is a very luxurious and classy place to stay in. If you’re looking to find something that you can spend a lot of money on but it is completely and totally worth it, now this is probably the best place you can go to. This villa provides an infinity pool and jacuzzi for its guests. One thing you can be sure of as well is that whenever you go swimming on the beach, you can enjoy it without having to share it with other people from other resorts because Costa Saltorino’s access to the beach is private.

For either romantic or fun trips, this is highly recommended! CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Address: Blossoms Hills Subdivision, Kota Keluarge, Barangay Imelda, Batangas, San Juan (Batangas), Philippines, 4226

8. CMDC Beach Resort
explore, travel, 9 beach resorts in laiya (san juan, batangas)

A very spacious resort that is extremely perfect for trips and vacations with big family outing, reunions with friends, or company outing trips. The resort’s whole theme is just a simple design and feel. Everything is well-organized and well-thought of. It has a great view of the beach and the pool from the beach chairs.

Their personnel are very helpful and accommodating. The front desk is open for 24 hours.

And if you have a puppy or kitty at home you just can’t leave alone during your trip, you would be glad to know that CMDC beach resort is a pet-friendly resort! So, you can bring them along! CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Address: Sitio Puntor, Calubcub, San Juan – Laiya Rd, San Juan, Batangas

9. Paseo Verde Beach Resort
explore, travel, 9 beach resorts in laiya (san juan, batangas)

Paseo Verde Beach Resort is another resort in Laiya that is themed with a very traditional Filipino design. Even if it is traditional looking, the aesthetic it gives off is extremely beautiful. The brown and light brown colors of the cottages and rooms are pleasing to the eye. To add, all the furniture is very cozy.

If you’re looking for a cheap resort in Laiya, this is for you. But still a great and quality resort even if you’re on a tight budget. It is super budget-friendly without having to lessen the quality, look, and style of the whole resort. And once again, the staff here go the extra mile just to serve their guests. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Address: Pook Magalang Laiya-Aplaya
San Juan Calabarzon 4226

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