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9 Best Places To Eat Bread Pudding In The Midwest

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I have long been a fan of bread pudding, but it wasn’t until I discovered that the Southern part of the United States served it in many restaurants that I decided I would continually search for the newest and best bread pudding all across the country. My home is in Iowa, and surprisingly, I’ve had excellent bread pudding closer to home, too. Here are the nine best places to eat bread pudding in the Midwest. Note that some of these restaurants provided my meals during my visits, but all opinions are my own.

1. City Limits Bar And Grill

Colby, Kansas

Colby, Kansas, is home to City Limits Bar and Grill, located at 2227 S Range Avenue. Hop off of Kansas I-70 and you will find yourself on the doorstep of this restaurant. City Limits’ homemade bread pudding is creamy and served up with a dollop of homemade cream. People travel for miles for their soups and one-pound servings of chicken fried steak as well. Be sure to save room for the best bread pudding along Kansas I-70.

2. LaSalle Grill

South Bend, Indiana

La Salle Grill is located in the heart of South Bend, Indiana. It is home to a really, really great sizzling individualized pan of bread pudding. This bread pudding is crunchy and served up with ice cream and strawberries. Anytime strawberries are involved with bread pudding, it’s a home run. Come hungry, as this is a proud farm-to-table establishment where you may want to try more than dessert.

3. Cherry Tree Inn Bed And Breakfast

Woodstock, Illinois

The Cherry Tree Inn B and B, located in Woodstock, Illinois, is home to some of the best chocolate bread pudding that I have ever enjoyed. The folks who own this bed and breakfast learned that I loved bread pudding. Much to my surprise, they whipped up a batch for me to indulge in. Homemade whipped cream, cherries, and dark chocolate to die for make this bread pudding a winner. The Cherry Tree folks were very accommodating and make scrumptious dishes all around. They were attentive to their guests and are not afraid to make them over-the-moon happy with their creations.

4. Buzzard Billy’s

LaCrosse, Wisconsin

Buzzard Billy’s in La Crosse prides itself on serving the best of authentic New Orleans and American cuisine. I indulged in the New Orleans bread pudding, thinking it would be a so-so version. The apples and raisins quickly proved that this was actually an excellent bread pudding — no need to venture further south. This particular serving is stiffer than some, but it was very, very good. I tend to like the creamier bread puddings better, but Buzzard Billy’s won me over. This LaCrosse restaurant is located a short walk from the Mississippi River at 222 Pearl Street. Parking was easy to find, and I’d suggest visiting before or after peak dining times, as this restaurant does get very busy.

5. Zydeco’s

Mooresville, Indiana

Mooresville, Indiana, is home to Zydeco’s. They pride themselves on serving Southern Louisiana cuisine in the heart of Morgan County. After a delicious Cajun meal, leave room for a tasty plate of bread pudding. If you enjoy a good rum sauce and a hearty bread pudding, you will love this sliced dessert. It is the perfect way to top off a meal out. If you have a layover at the Indianapolis Airport, this restaurant is just a 15- to 20-minute Uber ride away at 11 East Main.

6. Potter’s Mill

Bellevue, Iowa

A 177-year-old grist mill is home to some of the warmest bread pudding ever, served up at Potter’s Mill in Bellevue, Iowa. This bread pudding is warm, filled with caramel, and topped with a heap of homemade whipped cream. I had enjoyed a barbecue meal, and this topped it off perfectly. With a view of the Mighty Mississippi River, melt-in-your-mouth bread pudding, and live music, this venue is one you won’t forget. As a bonus, you will find “A Corner to Fill” on the third floor, an art gallery offering original art and artisan goods by local and regional artists.

7. Ted And Wally’s

Omaha, Nebraska

Ted and Wally’s is a staple in Omaha — and it’s home to the only bread pudding ice cream that I have found. The raisins, whipped cream, hot fudge, and cinnamon made this the most unique bread pudding that I have encountered during my travels, and it has probably been one of my best finds when it comes to bread pudding. This Omaha staple is located in the world-famous Old Market area and offers different flavors every day. Their flavors do rotate, so it’s important to note that you may not find bread pudding ice cream on the day you visit. This bread pudding is one that I will never forget, as it was so good and so different.

8. Mayberry Cafe

Danville, Indiana

The Mayberry Cafe is home to some of the best broasted chicken and tenderloins in the country. On one of my visits, I found bread pudding on their menu and had to order it. The bread pudding is a traditional and stiffer bread pudding. It’s served up with a nice cream topping, and it will be hard to put down once you start eating. This fun cafe is located on the Square in Danville, which is the gateway to many fun Hendricks County, Indiana, activities.

9. Cap City Fine Diner And Bar

Dublin, Ohio

Cap City Fine Diner and Bar is located at 6644 Riverside Drive in Dublin and offers an extensive menu. Food enthusiasts will love the special touches that each dish has. I was exceptionally surprised when my bread pudding arrived. It was seriously one of the prettiest servings of bread pudding that I had ever had. The whipped cream and bananas with a mint leaf on top made this a winner. To this day, I can still taste the smooth creaminess that this bread pudding had to offer. Note that there is free parking in a garage across the street from the diner, and the dress code is casual.

These are some of the places where I have enjoyed bread pudding in the Midwest over the course of my travels. It’s exciting to see that restaurants are offering bread pudding more frequently. Whether you prefer your bread pudding creamy, stiff, or even as ice cream, I hope you try some of these bread puddings and expand your palate, along with on-the-road dining experience!

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