9 Expert-Approved Whisky Gift Sets For Christmas 2022

food, 9 expert-approved whisky gift sets for christmas 2022

As the season to eat, drink and be merry rolls around once more, it’s time to start thinking about ticking off that gift list. A bottle of whisky makes a fine Christmas present, but this year, we’re going one better with a selection of the best whisky gift sets.

Not only do they include the all-important drop (be that single malt Scotch, Japanese or Irish), but they also bring quality glassware, ice buckets and granite whisky stones to the party. We’ll drink to that.

Best whisky gift sets for Christmas 2022

We’ve found a gift set for every occasion, whether you’re looking to impress the in-laws or something for the office Secret Santa (and no, comedy underwear won’t cut it this year).

We’ve searched high and low for the finest whisky gift sets from leading distilleries across the land to save you time this festive season. Better yet, you won’t have to brave the Christmas shopping rush, because they all deliver direct to your door…

How we test whisky gift sets

Our panel – made up of 10 accredited spirits experts and consumers – sampled 21 Scotch, Irish and Japanese whisky gift sets from leading distilleries and small-scale artisanal producers.

They were seeking full-flavoured, complex whiskies, with additional points given for quality glass and barware, personalisable bottles, giftable packaging and reliable delivery.

Read on to find out which whisky gift set took the crown this Christmas.

food, 9 expert-approved whisky gift sets for christmas 2022

1) Nikka Whisky From The Barrel Gift Set, 50cl


This seriously smooth Japanese sipper is made on Coffey stills imported from Scotland in the 1960s, producing a flavour-packed whisky with a distinctive creamy texture.

Expect notes of oak, warming caramel and fresh coconut; perfect for sipping fireside. Keepsake tongs and a suitably minimalist steel ice bucket ensure the gift has life long after the whisky runs dry.

food, 9 expert-approved whisky gift sets for christmas 2022

2) Suntory Toki Gift Set, 70cl


Suntory is one of the biggest names in Japanese whisky – and with good reason, too. The Toki is blended from the brand’s three distilleries: Yamazaki, Hakushu and Chita.

Round and well-balanced with a herbaceous lilt and sweet dried fruit character, it’s our go-to for whisky-forward cocktails like sours and classic highballs.

The customisable wooden case, complete with four granite whisky stones, is as sleek as the spirit within. Though the lucky recipient must first prise it open with the gold crowbar before happy hour can commence. We guess it’s true what they say then: nothing worth having in life comes easy.

food, 9 expert-approved whisky gift sets for christmas 2022

3) Spirits of Yorkshire Filey Bay Single Malt Whisky Gift Pack, 3x5cl


Made from field to bottle in Yorkshire, marking the counties’ first foray into single malt Scotch production, this tasting set makes the perfect stocking filler for whisky drinkers seeking a drop worthy of the big day.

The set itself includes miniatures of its core range, including a creamy, spiced Flagship (with notes of orange blossom, gingerbread and baklava), STR Finish (which is finished in re-charred red wine Rioja barriques, imparting a rich, red berry flavour) and Moscatel (the perfect Christmas Day digestif).

food, 9 expert-approved whisky gift sets for christmas 2022

4) The Dalmore 12 Year Old Gift Set, 70cl


This 12-year-old is as classic as they come; deep gold in the glass, with a sweet dried fruit aroma and dark coffee backbone, while buttery vanilla rounds out the blend.

Do this complex blend justice by sipping straight up – preferably, out of the engraved tasting glasses.

food, 9 expert-approved whisky gift sets for christmas 2022

5) The Singleton 12 Year Old Gift Set, 70cl


Opening with baked apple, malt, barley and a buttery vanilla note, The Singleton reminded our panel of a “warm tarte tatin” – that’s us sold, then. Alongside this expert-approved bottle, you’ll find two glass tumblers, perfect for serving up a Speyside Sazerac.

food, 9 expert-approved whisky gift sets for christmas 2022

6) Ian Buxton 101 Whiskies To Try Before You Die Tasting Set, 10x3cl


As the popularity of whisky increases, there are naturally going to be diehard drinkers defending the old guard. Whether you’re a novice or veteran, this extensive selection – which includes big names like Glenfarclas, Monkey Shoulder and Knob Creek – is hard to beat.

Think you’ve tried them all? Pour yourself a dram and flick through Ian Buxton’s 101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die, we bet that’ll stump you.

food, 9 expert-approved whisky gift sets for christmas 2022

7) Redbreast 12 Year Old Bird Feeder Gift Set


Redbreast – AKA Ireland’s most awarded single pot still whisky – has been dressed up in festive red for Christmas. Matured in a combination of bourbon and sherry casks, the nose is full of spicy sweet character, with toasted oak, buttery hot cross bun and mixed spices at the fore.

Inside, there’s a copper bird feeder and a portion of proceeds will be donated to support bird conservation charities. A winner if you’re visiting the in-laws this year.

food, 9 expert-approved whisky gift sets for christmas 2022

8) Nio Whiskey Cocktail Box, 6x10cl


We’re big fans of NIO cocktails (which stands for “needs ice only”). While you may have been burned by ready-to-drink cocktails in the past; make no mistake, NIO are all about crafting bar-quality cocktails with equally premium ingredients.

There are three whisky-based cocktails to choose from: a classic Manhattan (made with Bulleit Bourbon and Cocchi Storico, of course), an Old Fashioned, and a citrussy sour which screams Christmas party season. This is one of those gifts we love to give – but, if we’re being brutally honest, would prefer to be on the receiving end of.

food, 9 expert-approved whisky gift sets for christmas 2022

9) Teeling Irish Whiskey Glass Set, 70cl


This Dublin-based brand rests its small-batch whiskey in rum casks for 12 months, giving the liquid a whole load of spice. Our panel loved its honey-caramel aroma and heady dried fruit flavour, with high praise for the quality whisky glasses, too.

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