9 Outdoor Shower Ideas and Designs

lifestyle, 9 outdoor shower ideas and designs

Contrasting Material

The contrasting wood and stone material in this open outdoor shower by @reflective_gardens makes a stunning impact. The shiny brass shower head pops against the dark wood stain. When planning your outdoor shower, don’t be afraid to experiment with different finishes and unexpected combinations.

lifestyle, 9 outdoor shower ideas and designs

Modern Coastal

This cool outdoor shower by @reno_inspo is perfect for rinsing off after an early morning surf. But even if you don’t live near the ocean, you can achieve the same beachy vibes by choosing a white shower wall with brass fixtures and adding tropical plant life nearby.

lifestyle, 9 outdoor shower ideas and designs

Outdoor Shower Kit

Jennifer and her husband, posting as @towneandmain, built this themselves with an outdoor shower kit. Cedar wood enclosures like this one are a great choice for outdoor showers because cedar holds up well against water and weather while resisting mold and mildew. To add some softness and privacy, hang a cute shower curtain.

lifestyle, 9 outdoor shower ideas and designs

Hand Crafted Tile

Ayse Iyriboz of Ayse Design installed this gorgeous outdoor shower herself using Clay Imports Hand Crafted Tile (check out the full DIY instructions here). Patterned tile has a way of making any project extra special. The blue and white pattern paired with the copper fixture is giving us vacation-in-Spain vibes!

lifestyle, 9 outdoor shower ideas and designs

Choose Copper

A copper shower fixture like this one, created by @peninsulawideplumbing, is a smart choice for an outdoor shower for several reasons. Copper is durable and easy to work with. And from a design point of view, it only gets better with time thanks to the natural patina it develops.

lifestyle, 9 outdoor shower ideas and designs

Painted Tile

Would you believe this shower wall wasn’t built with tile? Believe it or not, Jamie of @jamiestephens917 created this look with a stencil and paint!

She started by sealing the cedar with a white stain, then applying paint to make the design. When painting an area exposed to a lot of water, go with a water-based paint because it won’t trap moisture beneath it and is less likely to crack and peel than oil-based paint. Here are more tips for picking the best outdoor paint.

lifestyle, 9 outdoor shower ideas and designs

Thoughtful Details

Sometimes the little details really make an outdoor shower shine, like this example from @charlestonmodernfarmhouse. Flagstone patio stones and a rainfall shower fixture turn the inside of the shower into relaxing oasis. The hanging wall planters on the outside add the perfect finishing touch. These are our picks for best wall planters to get you started.

lifestyle, 9 outdoor shower ideas and designs

Corrugated Steel

If you want an ultra-durable shower, think about a corrugated steel enclosure like this outdoor shower by @beachbubblebungalow. Corrugated steel stands up against extreme weather, including high wind. And because there is no organic material in steel siding, it’s impossible for mold or mildew to take over. Plus, it just looks cool!

lifestyle, 9 outdoor shower ideas and designs

Faux Tile Floor

Here’s another inspiring faux tile project that’s easy and affordable. The cute floor tile effect of this outdoor shower by @katekeeseeoc was made with a stencil painted on the wood shower floor. Upgrading the floor takes the whole shower up a notch.

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