A Guide to the Best Staycation Hotels in Manila

Getting out of Metro Manila can be a challenging and highly stressful task at times, especially around the holidays. No matter if you’re using public or private transportation options to get out of the metro, you’ll likely still have to deal with heavy traffic in major thoroughfares, large crowds in airports and seaports, and long waiting times in bus stations.

The good news is that you don’t exactly have to leave the region to enjoy a change of pace. There are city hotels and accommodations in Metro Manila where you can find a safe haven from your everyday worries and a space where you can recollect your thoughts in peace. Choosing to go on a staycation and booking a hotel room in the metro is a lot less stressful compared to having a holiday out of town, as you have the option to relax at any time without worrying about taking extended time off work or dealing with traffic and a lot of people.

Here are the best staycation hotels in Metro Manila for such an activity.

Best staycation hotels in Metro Manila

Go Hotels

explore, travel, a guide to the best staycation hotels in manila

Image credit: Go Hotels Ortigas Center | Booking.com

Go Hotels is a great staycation option for just about anyone who wants to enjoy a peaceful weekend without having to spend too much. The largest chain of budget hotels in the country offers clean and comfy rooms to anyone who wants to enjoy a staycation in any of the major cities in the Philippines. If you’re looking for affordable hotels in Ortigas, for example, you can book at the Go Hotels Ortigas Center and pick from a selection of 198 rooms, all equipped with chiropractic pillows, 100% cotton sheets, free Wi-Fi internet access, basic toiletries, and bathrooms with a hot and cold shower. The hotel is in a central location, so you can easily order food from any of the restaurants along Emerald Avenue.

If you just need a weekend to yourself or space to focus on a project, the hotel is a convenient choice. In case you’re based in other areas in the country, Go Hotels also has accommodations in North EDSA, Tacloban, Puerto Princesa, Iligan, and other locations.

Conrad Manila

explore, travel, a guide to the best staycation hotels in manila

Image credit: Conrad Manila | Booking.com

Conrad Manila offers a luxurious stay by the bay, and it’s a good option if you’re in need of a staycation where you have a front and centre seat to the spectacular sunset at Manila Bay and easy access to upscale amenities. The hotel offers a selection of rooms and suites, some of which have a magnificent view of the waterfront. The plush and accessible rooms feature plenty of top-of-the-line comfort and convenience amenities, including blackout curtains, a mini-refrigerator, and a multi-jet shower. At the same time, the hotel gives guests access to a restaurant, spa, and meeting centre. But if you’re inclined to explore a bit, Conrad Manila is located right beside the Mall of Asia Complex, so you won’t run out of new things to see anytime soon.

Seda Residences Makati

explore, travel, a guide to the best staycation hotels in manila

Image credit: Seda Residences Makati | Booking.com

There are times when everyone in the family is looking for a change of pace while still enjoying each other’s company. If this is the case and you want to treat the family to a new home for just a weekend, check out Seda Residences Makati. This multi-use hotel has deluxe studio rooms and up to three-bedroom suites, making it a perfect option for families who want a bit of time and space to themselves. The hotel also has an in-house restaurant and bar, spacious function rooms for meetings and events, and facilities for leisure and play like an al fresco swimming pool and gym. Throughout your stay, you’ll have a spectacular view of the Makati area, plus you can readily go to some of the nearby attractions, including Ayala Triangle Gardens, Ayala Museum, and a long list of commercial establishments and restaurants.

Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila

explore, travel, a guide to the best staycation hotels in manila

Image credit: Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila | Booking.com

Now, if your plan is to go on a staycation with friends and give yourself every chance to have fun, then Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila has a lot to offer. The luxury resort hotel is impressive even from the outside, as its structure was designed by National Artists Leandro Locsin and Ildefonso P. Santos, but there’s more to see once you’ve arrived with your party. You and your group can stay in deluxe rooms with cityscape or poolside views, indulge in good food and drinks at the numerous restaurants and bars in the premises, or get pampered at any of the wellness centres. If you want to satisfy your palate, it’s a must to visit Spiral and go on an incomparable gastronomic experience that you simply won’t regret, even if it might just ruin your diet.

Many city dwellers dream of leaving their worries behind for a short period of time to relax and rejuvenate. After all, a change of scenery can do wonders for one’s mood. A few days of not having to worry about practical concerns like taking care of household chores can help a person find renewed vigour for their professional responsibilities and passion projects. If you feel like being in a new environment can benefit you and reduce your stress levels, then check out these best staycation hotels in Metro Manila. Plan a weekend where you’ll focus on nothing but yourself and the things that you actually enjoy and want to do.

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