About Casiguran

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About Casiguran

At the foot of central Sierra Madre lies Casiguran, one of the northern towns of the Province of Aurora, approximately four hours away from the provincial capital Baler. It is considered as among the least explored areas of the province due to its distance thus it is not surprising that the town has preserved its rawness, and maintained its serenity and quaintness.

Casiguran is a witness to countless storms, some of which were powerful enough to flatten the coastal communities. But the town has stood up a countless times as well owing to the natural resiliency of its people.

explore, travel, about casiguran

Simple pleasures of Casiguran

The town’s most popular attraction is Casapsapan Beach, an almost three-kilometer stretch of fine and cream sandy shore that offers a great view of sunrise. Despite its raw beauty, this spot is generally offbeat and quiet, an exact opposite of Baler’s Sabang Beach.

Beyond Casapsapan Beach are other beaches that are waiting to be explored such as Dianao Beach north of Casapsapan as well as Calabgan Beach and Motiong Beach fronting Casiguran Sound.

Casiguran is also home to Amro River Protected Landscape, a primary water source for agricultural, power generation and domestic consumption of the remote communities of northern Aurora.

explore, travel, about casiguran

Casapsapan Beach

How to Get to Casiguran

Casiguran has an airport that can accommodate small aircraft but intended primarily for ease of access to Aurora Special Economic Zone. To date, only private or chartered aircraft use the facility.

Here’s to get to Casiguran, Aurora by public transportation from different access points:

From Baler

Manila to Baler:

From Manila, one can go to Casiguran via Baler with Genesis Transport direct service from Cubao to Baler.

Genesis offers two types of bus service: Joy Bus, a non-stop executive luxury service with snacks on a sleeper bus with wifi, a bus stewardess, blankets, pillows and a morning kit; and the regular air-con bus.

Joy Bus has at least four trips daily at 12AM, 1AM, 2AM and 5:30AM, travel time is around five hours and fare is P750 (November 2018 rate), advance reservation is required. Meanwhile, the regular aircon bus has published schedule of departure every hour from 2AM to 8AM but this schedule also depends on the volume of passengers, travel time is about seven hours for a fare of P450, advance reservation is not necessary.

For advance reservation on Joy Bus and other information, call their Cubao Office at (02) 709-0803 or (02) 421-1425. You can also book your bus or private transfer from Manila to Baler or vice versa below:

Baler to Casiguran:

The cheapest is to take a local D-Liner bus at Baler Central Terminal going to Casiguran. There are multiple departures daily from as early as 5AM to as late as 3PM (schedule is subject to change and depends on foot traffic). Travel time by public bus from Baler to Casiguran is about four hours and fare is not more than P200.

There are also vans going to Casiguran, full fare is P200, travel time is around 3.5 hours.

explore, travel, about casiguran

Steel Bridge in Culat going to Casapsapan

From Cabanatuan

Manila to Cabanatuan:

Another option of going to Casiguran is via Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija. Several bus lines ply from Pasay, Avenida, Cubao and Caloocan to Cabanatuan City daily including Genesis Transport, Five Star Bus, Baliwag Transit and ES Transport. Travel time is approximately three hours and regular fare is at least P202 (October 2019 rate). There are also vans servicing Manila to Cabanatuan.

You can book your bus from Manila to Cabanatuan or vice versa below:

Cabanatuan to Casiguran:

Buses and vans from Metro Manila stop at Cabanatuan Central Terminal where D’Liner buses to Casiguran are also stationed. D’Liner has schedule departures at 2AM, 3AM, 5AM and 7AM but schedule may change due to various factors. The bus will pass by Baler, Dipaculao and Dinalungan before reaching its final stop at Casiguran. Travel time from Cabanatuan to Casiguran is around six to seven hours away, fare is approximately P400.

From Santiago City, Isabela and Nagtipunan or Maddela, Quirino

If you are coming Isabela Province, there are public buses and vans linking Santiago City to Dinapigue via Maddela in Quirino and Casiguran.

explore, travel, about casiguran

The northern end of Casapsapan Beach

Where to Stay in Casiguran

There is no posh hotel or resort in Casiguran, accommodation is limited only to lodging inns and pension houses offering basic facilities and small-time resorts by the beach side, here are some:

Poblacion Area:

    • TMB Lodging Casiguran
    • Zaks Sleep Avenue
    • Jamykha Pension House

Casapsapan Beach:

    • WMK Beach Resort
    • Casapsapan Beach Resort

Dangkalan Coast:

    • Agabao Lodging House
    • Myles Lodging House

Alternatively, you can pitch a tent in Casapsapan Beach for a minimum fee.

Meanwhile, if you will be visiting Casiguran as a side-trip but staying in Baler, here are the suggested accommodations there:


explore, travel, about casiguran

Costa Pacifica ResortSabang, Baler
Starts at 5,500 PHP

explore, travel, about casiguran

Baler Fiore del MareSabang, Baler
Starts at 2,600 PHP

explore, travel, about casiguran

Chamie’s Transient HouseSabang, Baler
Starts at 3,000 PHP

explore, travel, about casiguran

Baler Darshans GuesthouseSabang, Baler
Starts at 1,800 PHP

Top-Rated Budget Accommodations in Baler

explore, travel, about casiguran

Go Surfari HouseSabang, Baler
Starts at 700 PHP

explore, travel, about casiguran

The Circle HostelBuhangin,Baler
Starts at 1,000 PHP

Things to See and Do in Casiguran and Nearby Areas

  • Visit Casapsapan Beach
  • Discover other beaches in town: Dianao Beach, Calabgan Beach, Motiong Beach and Dalugan Beach
  • See and explore the bounty of Amro River
  • Climb Baltimore Peak of San Ildefonso Peninsula
  • Explore the attractions of Dilasag such as Canawer Beach and Diniog Beach
  • Go to Bulawan Falls of Dinalungan
  • Check out the attractions of Dipaculao (Dinadiawan) and Baler all in Aurora, as well as the nearby town of Dinapuge in Isabela and Quirino Province

explore, travel, about casiguran

Drop by Bulawan Falls in the neighboring town of Dinalungan

Sample Weekend Itinerary

Day 1:0100H Meetup in Cubao0200H Bus: Cubao to Baler (or Cubao – Cabanatuan – Baler)0800H Arrive Baler / Breakfast0900H Van: Baler to Dinalungan1200H Arrive in Dinalungan / Trike to Bulawan Falls1230H Arrive in Bulawan Falls1330H Depart Bulawan Falls1400H Back in Dinalungan town proper / Late Lunch1500H Proceed to Casiguran1530H Arrive in Casiguran / Shop for Supplies or Food1600H Proceed to Caspsapan Beach1630H Arrive in Casapsapan Beach / Set camp / Free time / Prepare Dinner1900H Dinner / Socials
2200H Lights out

Day 2:0500H Call time / Sunrise / Prepare breakfast0700H Breakfast0800H Free time1000H Break camp1100H Depart Casapsapan Beach / Proceed to Casiguran1130H Arrrive Casiguran / Lunch1300H Bus/Van: Casiguran to Baler1700H Arrive in Baler / Snacks1800H Van: Baler to Cabanatuan2030H Arrive in Cabanatuan / Dinner
2130H Bus: Cabanatuan to Cubao

Day 3:
0030H Arrive in Cubao

Breakdown of Expenses

Particulars Cost
Bus: Manila to Cabanatuan P202/person
Van: Cabanatuan to Baler P230/person
Van: Baler to Dinalungan P200/person
Tricycle: Dinalungan to Bulawan Falls and retutn P300/tricycle (2-person sharing)
Bus: Dinalungan to Casiguran P35/person
Accommodation in Casiguran P400/night (2-person sharing)
Tricycle to Casapsapan Beach P150/trike (2-person sharing)
Miscellaneous Expenses (food, souvenirs, personal expenses, etc.) ~P500/person
Van: Casiguran to Baler P200/person
Van: Baler to Cabanatuan P230/person
Bus: Cabanatuan to Manila P202/person


  • LTE signal is present in Casiguran town, weak to no signal in Casapsapan
  • Best months: October to May
  • There is only one ATM in town, bring cash as it is out-of-cash or not working most of the time

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