'Absolute travesty!' Brits furious about Bounty ban - and want another chocolate removed

Mars Wrigley, creators of the iconic Celebrations tubs and tins, have teamed up with Tesco to launch a special version of Celebrations: one without the Bounty in it. However, chocolate fans are divided – while some agree that the Bounty is the least liked chocolate, others say Mars should have got rid of another chocolate. Many took to social media to share their least favourite chocolate bar in a box of Celebrations.

In recent days, many Britons have shared that the Milky Way is their least favourite chocolate bar, not the Bounty.

Grace Beck wrote on Twitter: “Why Bounty and not the disgusting Milky Way.”

User @SafeSENCOSaeed, who was tagged by her friend Lee, informing her of the new Celebrations tubs, said: “I’m genuinely upset by it Lee… it’s just wrong. Bloomin Milky Way and Mars remain in the tub but not Bounty?”

User @HillCurly wrote: “Sorry, can’t agree, get rid of Milky Way in my opinion!”

food, 'absolute travesty!' brits furious about bounty ban - and want another chocolate removed

Bounty bar

Mars has decided to get rid of the Bounty because new research undertaken by the company shows that 40 percent of Britons dislike the chocolate.

However, data from online supermarket Britsuperstore, which analysed over five million search results, found that the Milky Way was in fact the least popular Celebrations chocolate among Britons.

Britsuperstore’s study found that the Milky Way only received under 8,000 searches over the last five festive seasons, compared to Malteasers, which was crowned the nation’s favourite Celebrations chocolate, receiving over 170,000 searches.

The results also showed that last Christmas, Galaxy was the most enjoyed chocolate of the tub, with over 100,000 searches.

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Celebrations fans on Twitter went on to share the other chocolate bars they would have preferred Mars get rid of, instead of the Bounty.

Ellis McFarland wrote: “Keep Milky Way and Bounty. Remove Snickers. They’re just a ruined Mars bar.”

Becki commented: “We need a referendum for this please!!! Save the Bounty!!!”

User @peps133 wrote: “I don’t get it!! Bounty is a great chocolate! What’s going on in the world?!?”

food, 'absolute travesty!' brits furious about bounty ban - and want another chocolate removed


Rena Pearl said: “This really does appear like a great PR stunt. Personally I would have got rid of the Galaxy bar.”

James Robinson wrote: “Get rid of Snickers instead of Bounty, then it’s perfect.”

Carol commented: “What, Bounty are God Tier, get rid of Twix, biscuits have no place in a box of chocolates. There, I said it.”

Charlie Burley tweeted: “Cannot put into words how angry I am.”

Carol Ann Bott said: “An outrage! My favourite sweet in the tub.”

User @DarkMalicex wrote: “Ok now I’m sad…I buy these for my family too, but those are the only ones I eat. I’m not a big chocolate person, but I love those coconut sweets.”

Kellie Armstrong commented: “Absolute travesty.”

Judith Cooper added: “No I like Bounty. I guess I won’t be buying Celebrations ever again.”

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