Add This Luscious Truthteller 1839 Bourbon Whiskey to Your Bar

Sometimes, after a long day, we just wanna kick back with a stiff drink in hand. Something to have while we relax on the couch so we can just vibe. Everyone should have a nice little collection in their home bar. And with this Truthteller 1839 Bourbon Whiskey, your home bar will have a new top-shelf bottle within.

For us, we love a good whiskey. It’s got the right kick that we love to drink when we want to relax. We’re always looking for a good bottle to add to our collection. Having got a bottle of this Truthteller 1839 Bourbon Whiskey in our lives, we can safely say that we are happy to have a new favorite in our collection.

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Truthteller 1839 Bourbon Whiskey

Made in honor of the hit Fox show Monarch, the Truthteller 1839 Bourbon Whiskey is actually part of the show. In episode 7 of season 2 (which aired recently), it actually plays part in the show. The name of this drink actually comes from a character in the show, the “Texas Truthteller” Albie Roman.

What makes this bottle so special, beyond the connection to that hit show, is how tasty it is. It’s been aged twice in charred, new American oak barrels. That gives it a rich, smoky taste that helps that brown liquid go down so smoothly.  We’ve tried many a bottle in our day and this one stands up with the best of them.

When it comes to home bars, you can’t go wrong with adding this amazing bottle of Truthteller 1839 Bourbon Whiskey into it. It’s so rich and tasty, it’s a truly luxurious experience. It’s like being the main character on your own show. So head on over to Reserve Bar right now and pick up a bottle toot sweet.

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