Aiways U6 now available to register interest in Europe

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Aiways has taken another step on the way to the market premiere of the U6 in Europe. As of now, interest in the Aiways U6 can be expressed in Europe on a newly established website. There are no prices yet, but it is clear that there will initially only be a battery version in Europe.

Registration is the first step towards pre-ordering and, according to Aiways, guarantees that you will be among the first to call the electric SUV coupé your own. The ordering process for the Aiways U6 in Europe will start later this year, the company says.

The exact prices are still not available, but further details are. In a more detailed press kit that has now been published, Aiways currently only lists the 63 kWh battery variant known from the U5 for Europe. As a reminder: In China there is also a battery with 72 kWh, another option with 88 kWh is to follow later. In the German press release, Aiways only mentions the “many degrees of freedom in the integration of the drive” that the MAS platform offers.

The range with the 63 kWh battery is 400 kilometres according to WLTP, exactly the same as the U5. This is somewhat surprising, since the SUV coupé has a significantly better cW value of 0.248 than the U5 with 0.29., (registrations)

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