Aldi is selling a pumpkin casserole dish costing £249 less than Le Creuset’s – and it’s Halloween-ready

With the cold weather drawing in, casserole dishes are fast becoming a kitchen essential for rustling up piping-hot dinners and hearty meals to warm you through.

With the spooky season fast approaching, we’ve spotted plenty of seasonal cookware that is perfect for both autumnal and Halloween-themed feasts. Yes, we are of course talking about pumpkin-themed casserole dishes (what else?).

Cookware brand and household name Le Creuset launched its take on the autumnal trend with a pricey £269 pumpkin casserole dish, but if you’re put off by the brand’s price tag, Aldi has launched a pumpkin lookalike costing just £19.99.

At £249 less than Le Creuset’s cast-iron version, Aldi’s glazed stoneware dish is also quite a bit smaller than Le Creuset’s 3.7l version – but, whether you’re prepping for Halloween or embracing warm autumnal hues, the vegetable-shaped dish is oven-safe up to 230C and available to pre-order now.

If serving up dinner in a stoneware pumpkin has piqued your interest, read on for everything you need to know about the Le Creuset version and Aldi’s £19.99 lookalike.

Aldi pumpkin ceramic casserole dish: £19.99,

food, aldi is selling a pumpkin casserole dish costing £249 less than le creuset’s – and it’s halloween-ready


Designed to spread heat evenly through your food as it cooks, this vegetable-themed cookware looks the part with a gold-hued stem and orange stoneware bowl and lid (it’s also available in cream). The bowl can be popped in the oven up to 230C, but you will need to remove the gold-coloured lid first. The main difference between Aldi’s and Le Creuset’s is that this one is glazed stoneware rather than cast iron. It’s 2.2l capacity is slightly smaller than Le Creuset’s 3.7l version too, measuring in at 26.1cm x 20.6cm x 17.8cm.

Le Creuset cast iron pumpkin casserole: £269,

food, aldi is selling a pumpkin casserole dish costing £249 less than le creuset’s – and it’s halloween-ready

(Le Creuset)

Sporting Le Creuset’s signature two-toned colouring, this cast iron dish can be used in the oven or on the hob and under the grill. Its hefty size makes it ideal for feeding large families too. The detailed silver-hued stem is said to make the lid easier to lift, while the lid itself holds in moisture and heat for even cooking. Whether you’re simmering warming soups, casseroles or stews, this is a statement seasonal dish for your cookware collection.

For a full review of Le Creuset’s origional cast iron cookware, make sure to check out our comparison with Aldi’s budget alternative.

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