Aldi shoppers praise 'legendary' 27p dessert that 'tastes just like Dairy Milk'

food, aldi shoppers praise 'legendary' 27p dessert that 'tastes just like dairy milk'

The chocolate pots are just £1.09 for a pack of four and contain 64 calories per dessert

A delicious dessert has been flying off the shelves at Aldi, with shoppers praising them as ‘incredible’ and even ‘legendary’ for both their price as well as their taste.

One customer took to TikTok to share her “amazing find” after bringing home the supermarket’s Brooklea Milk Chocolate Light Choc Pots. In a clip that has since amassed more than half a million views, @ellamayhought0n told followers: “You won’t believe what I’ve just found at Aldi.

“I don’t know if anybody else knows about these, so I’m going to put you onto something that is going to change your life,” she promised, before holding up the chocolate pots – which also come in a caramel flavour. Priced at £1.09 per pack of four 80g pots, the desserts work out at just 27p each, MyLondon reports.

At just 64 calories per pot, the desserts make the perfect light snack too. Ella May claimed that they taste “just like” Dairy Milk puddings – and others compared them to the Muller Light Chocolate Fix puddings and the caramel version to Rolo Milk Chocolate and Toffee desserts.

The shopper hailed the pots as “unreal”, encouraging other Aldi customers to add them to their baskets next time they’re in the supermarket as she insisted: “they’re actually incredible.” And plenty of people vouched for the deliciousness of the desserts in the comments section.

“Legendary things,” one fellow shopper said. “Got them last week and they’re amazing!”

“Yes, they’re the best,” another agreed. Meanwhile, others offered tips on kicking the dessert up a notch.

“Dip your strawbs in! Game changer,” one person suggested, while another advised: “Put squirty cream on it. Game changer dessert for less than 100 cals.”

Those who hadn’t yet tried the dessert vowed to snap up the desserts as soon as possible. “Running to Aldi! Thank you,” one TikTok user said, while another commented: “Sold… off to Aldi.”

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