All The Cannabis Supplies You Need for Spooky Smoking Season

food, all the cannabis supplies you need for spooky smoking season

All The Cannabis Supplies You Need for Spooky Smoking Season

There’s nothing like longer nights and scary movie marathons hitting streaming services to get you in a spooky season mood. But if you really want to embrace the spiritual vibes this time of year, there’s no more opportune time to get in touch with your occult side than a more mystical smoking sesh with like-minded friends…or spirits.

The metaphysical has gone mainstream in major ways the past few years, from sun, moon and rising signs in Bumble dating profiles to psychedelics becoming a real option for mental health care. It’s important to note, though, that there’s a lot of room for faux pas when exploring ancient traditions originating from specific cultures. Approaching every ritual with respect and a little research ensures a positive journey into whatever plane in which you find yourself.

With these weed accessories—smoking tools, full moon emblazoned papers, wands— you’ll be prepared for wherever the vibe, ouija board, or tea leaves send you.

Cauldron ashtray

This Love and Destroy ashtray isn’t branded as a cauldron, and it’s actually a very petite size. But the feel of the matte black steel material has a mystical quality about it that makes me feel like a cannabis sorceress. It also means it’s super durable and won’t break as easily as glass or ceramic. The 3-D printed ashtray has a streamlined but chic design, with slim bars as a sturdy base and a matching pipe that fits perfectly on top, if you’re interested.

Moon papers

Made for howling at the full moon, these unbleached hemp rolling papers by Papers and Ink Studio offer a more ceremonial option for rolling up your herbs. Each king sized Indica Moon Howls paper is adorned in moon phase patterns created by astrologically minded artist Kerry Krogstad and made using non-toxic vegetable based colorings and each pack comes with handy filters and a packing tool for easy rolling in the package itself.

Triple Goddess Wand

Whether using it to pin up your hair, as a joint holder, or to summon higher powers, this handmade metal wand from High Society Collection is an accessory worthy of year-round worship. Designer Erin Colvin explains that the Triple Goddess symbol is also known as the Triple Moon, a symbol that refers to the changing cycles of the Moon and the cycles of femininity.

Soulshine Ritual essential oil candle

Both in terms of setting a ceremonial tone and camouflaging any aromas in shared housing, candles are key to a centered, spiritual smoking sesh. These herbalist-formulated candles by CBD beauty and wellness brand Make and Mary are quite literally made for ritual occasions, with notes of clarifying palo santo, holy basil, bergamot, ylang-ylang, cedarwood and cannabis itself. The beautiful cut glass vessel holding the wax comes with an air-tight lid that you can reuse for ritual supply storage later.

Black Cat pipe

At six-and-a-half-inches tall, this cat-shaped pipe makes a statement at a winter solstice altar or any bookshelf. The ceramic piece is made with a food safe matte black glaze, and there’s a convenient carb at the back for a smooth hit. While lofty, the base is broad enough for a sturdy foundation that won’t tip too easily.

Blue Lotus Thai stick blunt

Want to smoke something special, but don’t have access to adequate herbal ingredients in your state? There’s a CBD for that. Sway makes cannabis and tobacco-free hemp blunts that are wrapped in hemp plant leaves, and they also collaborated with herbal brand Barbari on these extra-special, flower-petal dipped versions of their Thai Stick-styled hemp blunt. Blue lotus has been a part of Egypt’s mythology, culture, and medicine for thousands of years. Even today, the plant is considered a very mild hallucinogenic associated with lucid dreaming.

All-natural hemp wick

At the core of most any interpretation of the word “witch” is a closer connection and respectful communion with nature. You can bring that nature-conscious energy into every sesh by reaching for hemp wick when lighting up. The slow-burning string only needs to be lit once to keep the bowl and/or joints going around the circle, offering a small but steady flame for easily controlled burns.

Globe Pipe for dabs

Dabbers and concentrate enthusiasts need not feel left out of any smoky rituals—this one’s a splurge and a half, but you just might teleport to another dimension when you smoke out of this surreal pipe by accessory brand Flora Nero. Designed for smoking dry sift hash in particular, you’ll get to watch the glass orb fill with smoke during each inhale.Want more Thrillist? Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, and Snapchat.

Lauren Yoshiko is a freelance writer and editor based in Portland, Oregon. She writes The Broccoli Report, a bi-weekly newsletter for creative cannabis entrepreneurs.

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