Anda Bhurji: The Indian Scrambled Eggs That Are Full Of Flavor

food, anda bhurji: the indian scrambled eggs that are full of flavor

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If you didn’t think scrambled eggs could get any better, then you’ll be excited to learn about India’s beloved dish, anda bhurji. While many scrambled egg dishes around the world are served bright yellow with a fully blended texture and mild flavor, this Indian scrambled egg dish is full of spicy and buttery elements. With robust ingredients like tomato and onions, and a variety of heat and flavor-packing spices, these scrambled eggs won’t let even the pickiest of eaters down.

While scrambled eggs are typically a breakfast dish in North America, these eggs can be eaten anytime of day, either comfortably at home or as an on-the-go street food snack. As with many Indian dishes, the flavors and ingredients in anda bhurji will vary from region to region. But, these curdy, orange-y, and aromatic eggs will not let you down no matter how you make them or what ingredients you have around to throw in.

History Of Anda Bhurji

food, anda bhurji: the indian scrambled eggs that are full of flavor

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According to Kitchen Postcards, the Indian dish’s name got its name from the Hindi language: Bhurji, comes from the Hindi word “भुरभुरा” (bhur-bhura), which indicates the potential of an object to fall apart — think of the crumbly nature of scrambled eggs. While anda bhurji is an Indian dish, it is not necessarily unique to India. Anda bhurji can be found all across the Indian subcontinent, explains this dish has existed in many cultures for centuries: Anda bhurji is very similar to Persian khagina, also called gheyganakh in Iran.

One of the oldest versions that has been discovered was the khagina dish in Persia, which was found documented in the 13th century “Bagh o Bahar,” a piece of classic Persian literature, according to However, the dish and all its variations have been popular in the centuries after and as cultures mingled, the dish spread. Food Blogger Maryam Juillani spoke to the site saying, “Khagina is frequently touted as a classic Pakistani breakfast dish, but I have mostly come across either Punjabi or Mohajir family variations. … By Mohajir, I’m referring to Urdu-speaking communities that migrated from India to Pakistan during Partition. It is a popular Afghan breakfast dish as well.”

Ingredients In Anda Bhurji

food, anda bhurji: the indian scrambled eggs that are full of flavor

Ingredients in anda bhurji

This egg dish is easy to whip up when on a time crunch, and a minimal ingredients list is to thank. Many of the typical ingredients, like egg and onion, are staples in many kitchens, so you will rarely have to go on a shopping spree to recreate this dish at home. It is also a versatile dish, as many of the veggies can be swapped out for others either for taste preferences or convenience.

According to My Food Story, ghee or butter is needed for cooking the veggies and spices, and onions, tomatoes, and green chili peppers are the vegetables that are traditional. Although, the site says bell peppers, mushrooms, or other veggies you have on hand are fine to use as well. My Food Story also notes that ginger-garlic paste, red chili powder, turmeric, and salt are the seasonings that give the dish its signature flair and adds some depth to the taste. Of course, eggs are also needed, along with cilantro and butter to garnish.

How Anda Bhurji Is Made

food, anda bhurji: the indian scrambled eggs that are full of flavor

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The first step to making anda bhurji is to heat oil in a large pan or on a skillet or griddle. The Mumbair food stall uses 14,000 eggs per week making egg bhurji chops cilantro and onion to combine with the oil. When the seasoning starts to change its color, the aromatics, such as onions, tomatoes and chilis, should be added to the heat. They are sautéed before adding in the remaining spices.

Once the tomatoes are soft, and the mixture has turned into a bit of a paste, it’s time to add the eggs. The mixed eggs are stirred in gently on low heat and, at this point, garnishes and butter can be added in for a richer and more complex flavor. It is often served alongside toast or Indian breads, such pav, roti or paratha. Enjoy your fresh anda bhurji as your next quick and easy breakfast or light dinner recipe.

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