Anguib Beach: The Best Beach of the North

There are a lot of beautiful beaches in the Philippines. And in the province of Cagayan, they have Anguib beach in Santa Ana.

Being a travel blogger, I had the privilege to explore the country, and some with limited to no cost at all on me, because of invitation from our Tourism offices. I still have many to explore, and even though I haven’t been to a specific destination, in a way I know that I have read about it. So I know what to expect, and I’m prepared.

Just like the way I have expected when I traveled to Calaguas or on Seco Island in Antique. I knew they’re exceptional beach destinations, so I expected something spectacular and it didn’t disappoint me.

explore, travel, anguib beach: the best beach of the north

Ang ganda ng Anguib beach.

But nothing prepared me when I visited Anguib beach in Santa Ana, Cagayan.

We’ve finished exploring Palaui Island that entire morning until lunch. I had a great time hiking Cape Engano Lighthouse with its stunning views and the white sand beach around it. I was so full and satisfied with our boodle fight lunch at Nature Village in Punta Verde, still in Palaui. I thought I’ve had enough of the island beach vibe for the day, but I was wrong.

“Our next destination is Anguib. Anguib beach.” Ms. Aizel, the Tourism Officer of CEZA Santa Ana Cagayan Office, said. And I thought it was just you know the usual beach that we get to see in the country.

We left Punta Verde and traveled for 30 minutes going to Anguib. It was a bumpy sea travel on the way to the mainland.

I then saw this white sand beach as our boat approaches the shore. I felt the same kind of excitement when I was in Calaguas, but this time, there’s a mixture of surprise.

I remember telling my self, “What? There’s this kind of beach in Cagayan?” Honestly, I’ve never expected Anguib beach can be this beautiful. I’ve been to some more popular beaches in the country especially in the Visayas, but this one, Anguib, is way better! Pristine and relaxing beach, with turquoise waters and the lush green trees as a backdrop. What more could you ask for? LOL.

explore, travel, anguib beach: the best beach of the north


There were no other tourists there except for a handful, so we got the chance to enjoy the place and even took some photos.

After walking, feeling the serenity of the place, I found a small Kubo by the beach. I sat there, smelled the sea breeze, enjoying the peace that comes with it. I was too relaxed, I dozed off for a few minutes. Perfect siesta. LOL.

explore, travel, anguib beach: the best beach of the north

When I woke up, I asked myself am I in paradise? Just kidding. LOL.

I then joined the group chillin’ by the beach. I saw Tina, my fellow blogger, lying comfortably on the sand, while team CEZA and I got a little chat and conversations going on. I learned that Anguib is located on the mainland. I’m sorry to figure that our pretty late because when you travel coming from the sea, it is hard to distinguish if its part of another island or mainland.

Since there is part of the mainland, there should be a way going there by land right? Team CEZA confirmed that, but the most recommended way of going there is by boat with island hopping together with Palaui.

explore, travel, anguib beach: the best beach of the north
explore, travel, anguib beach: the best beach of the north

Anguib Beach is being handled by Anguib Beach Club. Entrance fee is Php 100 from Monday to Thursday, and Php 150 from Friday to Sunday. There is also a glamping area for Php 3,500 for 4 persons, while the camping fee is Php 500 for the smallest tent.

For bookings and reservations: Call 09178764079 and email staanacagayan16@gmail.com

The kubo, glamping area, and some amenities complimented well with the island beach vibe of Anguib, the only thing that I find unsatisfactory is their Comfort Room. It needs some cleanin’ you know my friend. LOL. I hope the management can do something about it since the Comfort room is a necessity for every guest.

explore, travel, anguib beach: the best beach of the north
explore, travel, anguib beach: the best beach of the north

The team! Photo Credit: Ms. Aizel Castaneda of CEZA Santa Ana, Cagayan.

Late afternoon, we left Anguib beach by boat going to San Vicente port.

I couldn’t help but think about Anguib at that time. More people are searching for beautiful beaches and most of them are going south, like in the Visayas or Mindanao. But for people living in Luzon, open your eyes as there is still a lot to discover. Anguib beach can be very far by land, but the experience is worth it.

How to avail the Anguib beach tour (with Palaui experience).

Pasamoba cooperative, a group of boat owners in Santa Ana, offers island hopping to Palaui island and Anguib beach.

If you want to go straight to Anguib beach, boat rental is PHP 1,800 for 8 persons. But if you want to explore more, you can choose the SPECIAL TRIP that they offer which includes a tour to Palaui island’s Cape Engano and Punta Verder, Anguib Beach, and Crocodile Island. Please call the Pasamoba cooperative at 0975-8572321. Please see below full details.

explore, travel, anguib beach: the best beach of the north

How to go to Santa Cagayan?

Florida bus is the only bus company that has a direct trip from Manila to Santa Ana, Cagayan. Fare is PHP 1,150. Manila terminal is located in Sampaloc near UST (University of Santo Tomas). While the terminal is Santa Ana is near the public market.

Once you arrive in Santa Ana Florida terminal, ride a tricycle going to San Vicente Port to avail the Anguib Beach and Palaui island hopping. Look for the Pasamoba Cooperative office, or contact them at 0975-8572321.

If you want to explore Tuguegarao, the capital city of Cagayan, first before going to Santa Ana, Buses like Florida bus, Victory Liner, and Five Star have daily trips to Tuguegarao. Then just ride another van or bus going to Santa Ana for 2-3 hours of travel time.

Via Plane

Lal-lo Airport is now fully operational with a domestic flight from Clark to Lal-lo every Wednesday and Sunday. Then just ride a van or bus going to Santa Ana for another 1 and a half hours.

You can also fly to Tuguegarao via Cebu Pacific and PAL. Then ride a van or bus going to Santa Ana for another 2-3 hours.

Anguib Beach Map

Note: This trip to Cagayan was made possible through the invitation of the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) to participate in their Media and Marketing Caravan. Thank you CEZA for this opportunity.

First published on September 9, 2019 / Updated for 2020