Arafat Day 2022 in Saudi Arabia: When and How to Celebrate?

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Arafat Day is one of the holy days for Muslims all over the world, including Muslims in Saudi Arabia. It commemorates the importance of the Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, where all Muslims congregate at the mountain plain of Arafah to worship and seek forgiveness. Read further to find out the dates and the significance of Arafat Day in Saudi Arabia.

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Arafat Day 2022 in Saudi Arabia dates

Arafat Day occurs on the ninth day of Dhu al-Hijjah, the Islamic calendar’s twelfth and final month. The exact day is determined by lunar sightings, the date may differ from country to country. This year, Arafat Day will fall on July 9th, 2022.

Arafat Day 2022 in Saudi Arabia holiday

Arafat Day is a public holiday in Saudi Arabia. Those in the Kingdom can anticipate days off from Sunday, July 3 to Wednesday, July 13.

Arafat Day 2022 celebration in Saudi Arabia

Up to 1.5 million Muslims can be found praying and supplicating to God in the desert hills of Mecca to commemorate this day. They can spend hours on the mountain, like the Prophet Muhammad, repenting and praying. Supplication, devotion and adoration, and prayer frequently take up the entire day.

Fasting is not required for individuals who are not on pilgrimage, most Muslims do so on this day because it is a day when sins are purified. The day honors the finality of Islam’s religion and Divine revelation.

Arafat Day 2022 history and significance

‘Freedom from Fire’ is another name for Arafah Day. The word Arafah means ‘to know.’ In Islam, it is claimed that when Adam and Eve (known as Hawa) were separated from heaven and placed on Earth, they met on the plains of Arafah. The Prophet Muhammad is claimed to have emphasized the importance of standing on Arafah is an essential aspect of conducting Hajj.

For Muslims, the Day of Arafah is regarded as a holy and honorable day. It was on this day, near the conclusion of his life, that Prophet Muhammad delivered his farewell sermon to the numerous Muslims with whom he conducted Hajj. Verse 5:3 of the Qur’an was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad as he was standing on the plain of Arafah.

Muslims are taught in Islam to regard the Day of Arafah as a day of gratitude. It’s also a day of profound forgiveness, with the possibility of enormous reward. On this day, Hajj pilgrims are not obligated to fast. This is in accordance with the Prophet’s Sunnah, as he did not fast on this day because he was on pilgrimage.

explore, travel, how to, arafat day 2022 in saudi arabia: when and how to celebrate?
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