Are you fond of fondue?

food, are you fond of fondue?

Fondue is a melted cheese dish that was first mentioned as far back as Homer’s Iliad from around 800 to 725 BCE. Scholars described it as a simple plate of goat’s cheese, wine, and flour. However, the earliest known recipe for this quintessentially Swiss dish comes from a 1699 cook book published in Zurich, which calls for grated cheese to be melted with wine, and for fresh crusty bread to be dipped in it. And that’s essentially what fondue is. Except today there are numerous delicious variations on this bubbling pot of melted cheese. So, are you fond of fondue?

Click through for some mouthwatering recipe ideas and serving suggestions.

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food, are you fond of fondue?

Gruyère cheese fondue

Gruyère’s sweet but slightly salty taste matures with age. Insist on a year-old Gruyère for a simple, standalone fondue. Use warm, freshly baked bread to dip for an authentic Swiss fondue experience.

food, are you fond of fondue?

Gourmet Swiss fondue

The Swiss offer up a number of fondue recipes, each depending on the region of origin. For the most part, Gruyère cheese is the base ingredient, but Emmental cheese or Appenzeller cheese can also be used.

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food, are you fond of fondue?

Dark chocolate fondue

The classic dessert fondue, this option is made using dark chocolate. Use a premium bittersweet Swiss or Belgium chocolate, and pick the freshest strawberries.

food, are you fond of fondue?

Spinach and artichoke cheese fondue

Gruyère cheese, cream cheese, artichoke hearts, fresh spinach, apples, garlic, and white wine sounds like quite a mess, but this is a flavor to die for!

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food, are you fond of fondue?

Meat fondue

Meat fondue, also known as fondue bourguignonne, makes a funky main meal. Use beef tenderloin or rump steak, cut into cubes, and cook in well-heated vegetable oil. As a quick rule of thumb, throw in a cube of bread to test; when it takes around 30 seconds to brown, the oil is ready.

food, are you fond of fondue?

Gruyère and cider fondue

Hard apple cider, cider vinegar, or Calvados (apple brandy) give this great version an inspired makeover. Kielbasa (Polish sausage), apples, grapes, and bread can be served alongside for dipping.

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food, are you fond of fondue?

Beer cheese fondue

This cozy melting pot beer fondue is made using any flavorful, good quality melting cheese and a low-bitterness beer. Serve with a light pilsner or dry white wine.

food, are you fond of fondue?

Porcini fondue

Dried porcini mushrooms and grated Gruyère cheese are the two principal ingredients of this rich and tasty fondue. Garlic, white wine, and minced fresh thyme finishes it all off.

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food, are you fond of fondue?

Pumpkin fondue

Not any old pumpkin fondue, but soft warm Gruyère cheese served in a roasted hollowed out pumpkin accompanied with toasted baguette and potatoes for dipping, and a glass or two of chilled white wine.

food, are you fond of fondue?

Irish cheddar and stout fondue

How rich and filling is this? Mature Irish cheddar combined with a good stout, Guinness perhaps, or Murphy’s. This makes a perfect curtain-raiser for a St. Patrick’s Day get-together.

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food, are you fond of fondue?

White chocolate fondue

A lovely alternative to the darker variety is to use white chocolate as a base, mixed with double cream and vanilla extract. Serve with strawberries and watch the kids’ faces light up.

food, are you fond of fondue?

Queso fundido

From Mexico comes this melted cheese fundido. Prepare using oaxaca cheese (a white semi-hard cheese) and garnish with red chorizo. Serve with tortilla wraps.

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food, are you fond of fondue?

Chocolate fondue tutti-frutti

Appease your guilty pleasure complex with this chocolate fondue idea, which uses tons of fresh apple, pineapple, strawberry, and banana pieces.

food, are you fond of fondue?

Mozzarella fondue

This Italian cheese fondue option uses mozzarella, melted in a pan with mushrooms, basil, and garlic croutons. Fontina cheese can also be added for a  wonderfully smooth, buttery, and nutty note. Add a dash of white wine for a kick.

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food, are you fond of fondue?

Salted caramel fondue

Who doesn’t like salted caramel? Use heavy cream and melt with the caramel to achieve the desired consistency.

food, are you fond of fondue?

Pizza fondue

Doesn’t this just sound like the best of both worlds? Use shredded sharp cheddar cheese for the base then pour over the pizza sauce. Pictured is a seafood option, but top with whatever takes your fancy.

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food, are you fond of fondue?

S’mores fondue

This delicious fondue idea combines chocolate with double cream and marshmallow cream all melted into a gooey sauce. Crumble in some cookies if desired.

food, are you fond of fondue?

Cheese fondue with apple and pickles

Fondue made using Gruyère makes a perfect dip for apple slices, pickles, boiled new potatoes, and caramelized onions.

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food, are you fond of fondue?

Fondue loaf and Camembert cheese

How about preparing fondue and pouring into a hollowed out loaf? Use the freshest, crunchiest bread and melted Camembert cheese lightly flavored with garlic for a heavenly treat. And hey, you don’t have to worry about washing up the plate afterwards!

food, are you fond of fondue?

Bagna càuda

Bagna càuda is a traditional Italian hot dish made using garlic and anchovies. It originates from 16th-century Piedmont, and is served and consumed in a manner similar to fondue. Dip with fresh raw vegetables.

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food, are you fond of fondue?

Broccoli fondue

Enhance a side dish of steamed broccoli  with a warm Gruyère dip. It’s so easy!

food, are you fond of fondue?

Seafood fondue

Shrimp, scallop, or salmon can be used for this delicious gourmet seafood fondue. Use a chicken broth mixed with onion and soy sauce, a dab of ginger, and a splash of sherry to create the sauce. Bring to the boil and then simmer. Skewer the seafood and cook in the broth for about three minutes.

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food, are you fond of fondue?

Milk and white chocolate fondue

Be adventurous. Combine milk and white chocolate, flavor with cinnamon, and go wild with the marshmallows for this sensational sweetener.

food, are you fond of fondue?

Fresh berry fondue

For a seasonal treat, forage beforehand for a selection of fresh berries, wash thoroughly, and then plate up under a tower of rich warm dark chocolate.

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food, are you fond of fondue?

Smoky three-cheese fondue

Combine mature cheddar with smoked Gouda and sharp Parmesan for a smoky and nutty-flavored three cheese treat. For dips, toast and cube garlic-buttered toast. After all, what are cold winter nights made for?

food, are you fond of fondue?

Strawberry and kiwi fruit fondue

The great thing about dessert fondue is that anything goes, really. This option uses the contrasting flavors of strawberry and kiwi fruit to create a sharp ‘n’ sweet dip for milk chocolate, which tastes even better with a dab of almond.

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food, are you fond of fondue?

Misal fondue

This exotic fondue idea is a street food favorite in the western states of India. Misal is combination of mung bean, kidney bean, and moth bean, plus all sorts of wonderful herbs and spices, including turmeric, cumin, and coriander. Lemon or lime is also added.

food, are you fond of fondue?

Chili and cheese dip

Okay, so not exactly a fondue dish, but a homemade chili and cheese dip tastes just as appealing. Use a mature Cheddar cheese for extra bite. Pictured is a version where raw salmon shavings and a sprinkling of parsley provide an inspired garnish.

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food, are you fond of fondue?

Chocolate, strawberry, and blackberry fondue

How about this for a party idea? Strawberries and blueberries (or blackcurrants if your prefer) scattered on a plate and waiting for you to dip them in dark chocolate. Can’t wait!

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