Australian man who moved to UK baffled by Londoners behaviour from keeping eggs out of fridge to drinking outside pubs

An Australian man, who recently moved to London, has been left baffled about ‘strange things Londoners do’, from standing outside pubs instead of drinking inside to not keeping eggs in the fridge. The man took to TikTok to share things he found really confusing.

In the video he said: “You guys don’t keep your eggs in the fridge. That’s really weird. I spent so long looking for eggs until I realised, they were just on the shelf next to the chocolate.” Londoners were quick to defend this so-called ‘strange thing’.

One wrote: “I keep my eggs in the fridge,” and another commented: “Eggs used to be in the fridge due to salmonella but we vaccinate our hens so no need now.” Fellow Australians added: “Our eggs in Aus are also kept out of the fridge in many supermarkets.”

food, australian man who moved to uk baffled by londoners behaviour from keeping eggs out of fridge to drinking outside pubs

The man said he had no idea which side of the sidewalk to walk on

The man then went on to say: “So strange how you all hang out at the front of a pub. Like how does that come about? Did one person say, ‘hey I’m going for a smoke, do all 10 of you want to come out and join me and watch me smoke?’

“None of you know which side of the sidewalk to walk on. I literally had to Google, ‘what side of the sidewalk do you walk on here?’. Apparently there’s no side, walk wherever you want to go.” The man concluded with a final ‘strange thing’: “You walk into a store and you don’t get a ‘hello’, or a ‘hey’ or a ‘hi’.

“It’s a combination. It’s a ‘hiya’. It’s kind of cute, I like that one. Those are just some odd things I’ve noticed since I’ve been here.” TikTok users commented on the things the man found strange. One wrote: “We don’t have sidewalks is why… We have pavements and free will.”

“Designated side walk directions? I would kill for this,” said another. Meanwhile, one added: “Wow… you mean there are set rules for walking on a ‘pavement’.” And another TikTok user was very much in favour of having ‘sidewalk rules’: “The pavement is one that we need to review in Parliament.

“There needs to be a separate lane for slow walkers/people who walk in zig zags. Then a lane for the fast walkers, the people with purpose.”

Speaking of standing outside a pub, instead of in it, a person commented: “My theory about the pub is that most of the people outside do 9-5 office jobs sat down inside all day and want to stand up to get some fresh air.”

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