Bacolod Itinerary

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Bacolod City, dubbed as “The City of Smiles”, is the capital of Negros Occidental, the stage of the yearly Masskara Festival, one of the most colorful, anticipated and well attended festivals in the Philippines.

But more than Masskara Festivals, Bacolod is also a haven for foodies and a gateway to the provinces’ manifold of attractions be it natural or man-made. Walk back in time in The Ruins of Talisay, go chasing waterfalls in Mambukal of Murcia, bask in the tropical sun in Lakawon Island of Cadiz or indulge on a food trip and satisfy your sweet tooth in the downtown. Bacolod promises a well spent getaway!

Here’s a sample itinerary which you can use or customize to maximize your Bacolod experience.

explore, travel, bacolod itinerary

The topmost level of Mambukal Falls of Murcia

Bacolod Itinerary

Day 1: Chase Waterfalls in Mambukal

0700H – 0800H: Arrive in Bacolod City / Proceed to Hotel / Leave stuff0800H – 0900H: Breakfast at Pendy’s0900H – 0930H: Proceed to Libertad Market / Ride a bus to Mambukal0930H – 1030H: Bacolod City to Mambukal1030H – 1500H: Explore Mambukal: See the seven waterfalls, hot spring, swimming pool, etc.1500H – 1530H: Wash-up / Depart Mambukal1530H – 1600H: Mambukal to Bacolod City1600H – 1630H: Proceed to hotel1630H – 1800H: Check-in / Fix-up / Rest / Proceed to Diotay1800H – 2000H: Dinner at Diotay
2000H: Proceed to Trap Door Bacolod / Socials / Lights off

explore, travel, bacolod itinerary

The Trap Door Bacolod

Day 2: Day Tour in Lakawon Island

0600H – 0730H: Call time / Breakfast / Proceed to Ceres North Terminal0730H – 0930H: Bacolod to Cadiz0930H – 0945H: Arrive in Cadiz / Tricycle to port0945H – 1000H: Arrive in port / Register and Pay Fees1000H – 1000H: Boat to Lakawon Island1000H – 1500H: Arrive in Lakawon Island / Free time: Explore, swim, snorkel, water activities, floating bar, etc.1500H – 1515H: Lakawon Island to Cadiz1515H – 1530H: Tricycle from Port to Highway1530H – 1600H: Snacks / Wait for Bus to Bacolod1600H – 1800H: Bus from Cadiz to Bacolod1800H – 1900H: Arrive in Bacolod / Wash-up / Proceed to Manukan Country1800H – 1930H: Dinner at Manukan Country1930H – 2000H: Proceed to Calea Cakes2000H – 2100H: Dessert at Calea Cakes
2100H onwards: Proceed to hotel / Lights off

explore, travel, bacolod itinerary

You can never go wrong with Diotay’s Eatery! Don’t miss their Buttered Shrimp!

Day 3: The Ruins

0600H – 0730H: Call time / Breakfast / Proceed to the Ruins0730H – 1030H: The Ruins1030H – 1200H: Return to hotel / wash-up / check-out1200H – 1400H: Dinner at 211400H – 1600H: Buy pasalubongs at Pendy’s / Dessert in Felicia’s1600H – 1700H: Bacolod to Airport1700H – 1900H: Check-in / Pre-Departure
1900H: Depart Bacolod

explore, travel, bacolod itinerary


How to Get to Bacolod City

Bacolod City is accessible by air via Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific from Manila, Cebu, Clark, Cagayan de Oro and Davao.

From Iloilo City, it is only one hour by fast craft. Three fast craft operators serve the route with numerous departures daily starting at 6AM up to 5PM.

You can book your bus ticket from Iloilo City to Bacolod and vice versa below.

explore, travel, bacolod itinerary

Lakawon Island

Where to Stay in Bacolod City

There are numerous inns and hotels in Bacolod City catering to all type of travelers. Here are the highly rated and recommended ones.

explore, travel, bacolod itinerary

L’Fisher HotelBacolod Downtown
Starts at 2,600 PHP

explore, travel, bacolod itinerary

Seda Capitol CentralBacolod Downtown
Starts at 2,200 PHP

Top-Rated Budget Accommodations in Bacolod

explore, travel, bacolod itinerary

Saltimboca Tourist InnBacolod Downtown
Starts at 600 PHP

explore, travel, bacolod itinerary

Royal Am Rei HotelBacolod Downtown
Starts at 600 PHP

*First published: 8-May-2018 | Updates: 16-Jul-2019; 27-Apr-2020

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