BAG OF BEANS MENU (with complete Branches and Delivery)

One popular destination for those visiting cool, breezy Tagaytay is Bag of Beans. Their freshly made pastries, tasty breakfast fare, and robust coffee are enjoyable in Tagaytay’s cold weather, making them a hit with tourists and locals alike.

This family-owned venture began in 2000, offering a relaxing atmosphere with its settings reminiscent of a secret garden. The simple menu of Bag of Beans began with their freshly-baked pastries, piping-hot barako coffee, and deliciousAlamid coffee – it’s made from civet cat droppings, but don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it!

Because of its cozy vibes and affordable yet tasty bread, Bag of Beans soon had long queues waiting to buy or dine. The small café quickly expanded, and even expanded to more branches to satisfy the demand for their coffee and baked goods. These branches also started serving delicious dishes for breakfast and lunch, so customers could tuck into something heartier during their Tagaytay visit.

explore, travel, bag of beans menu (with complete branches and delivery)

Credit: Bag of Beans Facebook

Made with the freshest ingredients, Bag of Beans’ products are still made with care and attention to detail despite their expansion. This is the secret to their success and why they continue to fill their tables after over two decades of operation.

Bag Of Beans Menu

Planning to visit this Tagaytay favorite? One consistently recommended dish is its popular Shepherd’s pie, made with layers of savory ground meat and creamy mashed potatoes. It’s pretty filling, so you can enjoy it as a main dish or share it with someone as an appetizer.

For something heartier, visitors should try their Roast Beef, served with gravy, a vegetable medley, and mashed potatoes. A must-have for sharing is their 18” brick-oven pizzas. You can have two flavors in one hand-tossed pie, but we bet you’ll have a hard time picking between their choices: Quattro Formagi, Hawaiian, Shrimp Alfredo, Garden Fresh Pizza, Philly Cheese Steak, Supreme Special.

Boneless Bangus ₱ 350
Garlic Beef Tapa ₱ 375
Chicken and Pork Adobo ₱ 350
Country Breakfast ₱ 450
Sunrise Breakfast ₱ 450
Omelette ₱ 410
Buttermilk ₱ 220
Blueberry ₱ 280
Chocolate Chips ₱ 230

explore, travel, bag of beans menu (with complete branches and delivery)

Credit: Bag of Beans Facebook

Grilled Salmon Fillet  ₱ 650
Chicken Teriyaki  ₱ 490
Baby Back Ribs  ₱ 540
Grilled Pork Chop  ₱ 495
Roast Beef  ₱ 550
French Beef Stew  ₱ 565
Bangus Ala Pobre   ₱ 650
Crispy Pata   ₱ 750
Pork Sisig   ₱ 450
Lechon Kawali   ₱ 480
Beef Ribs Sinigang   ₱ 850
Bulalo   ₱ 850
Green Fresh Salad    ₱ 310
Caesar Salad    ₱ 340
SOUP Price
Soup of the Day ₱ 210
Seafood Chowder ₱ 240
Beef Ribs Sinigang ₱ 250
Bulalo ₱ 250
Shrimp Aligue ₱ 460
Seafood Pasta ₱ 480
Pasta Garlic and Mushroom ₱ 410
Carbonara ₱ 420
Bolognese ₱ 440
Lasagna ₱ 365
Spaghetti Meat Sauce ₱ 420
Cheese Hungarian Sausage ₱ 320
Fish and Chips ₱ 420
Angus Cheeseburger ₱ 450
Hungarian Sandwich ₱ 380
Roast Beef Sandwich ₱ 420
Hamburger ₱ 320
Shrimp and Vegetables ₱ 495
Shrimp and Sundried Tomato ₱ 495
Quattro Formaggi ₱ 505
Pepperoni ₱ 480
Hawaiian ₱ 475
Nutella ₱ 480

End your meal with their Apple Pie Ala Mode, Carrot Cake with tangy creamy cheese frosting, or Frozen Blueberry Cheesecake, which practically melts in your mouth. Pair it with a piping hot mug of the House Blend Coffee or Kapeng Barako for the perfect dessert.

No visit to Bag of Beans is complete without stopping by their shop to pick pasalubong! Take home a loaf of their delectable Raisin Bread to share with friends and family. Their pillow-soft Cinnamon Rolls and bite-sized Chocobites with cream cheese dip are also popular choices for a take-home merienda. Bring home a bag of their coffee beans too to bring the complete Tagaytay experience home!

explore, travel, bag of beans menu (with complete branches and delivery)

Credit: Bag of Beans Facebook

Watermelon ₱ 90
Mango ₱ 100
Pineapple ₱ 90
Cantaloupe ₱ 100
Strawberry ₱ 100
Iced Tea ₱ 100
Chocolate  ₱ 195
Vanilla  ₱ 195
Strawberry  ₱ 195
Mocha  ₱ 195
Cookies and Cream  ₱ 195
Mango Shake Float   ₱ 215
Avocado Shake Float   ₱ 215
Root Beer Float   ₱ 175
Mocha Chocolate Cream   ₱ 195
Sliced   ₱ 175
Whole   ₱ 1250
Mocha Frappe  ₱ 155
Black Forest Frappe  ₱ 170
Coffee Choco Banana Frost  ₱ 170
White Chocolate Frappe  ₱ 155
Caramel Frappe ₱ 130
Iced Americano  ₱ 160
Iced Cafe Mocha   ₱ 160
Iced White Chocolate   ₱ 160
Iced Caramel   ₱ 160
HOT Price
Houseblend ₱ 140
Kapeng Barako ₱ 120
Hot Chocolate ₱ 155
Americano ₱ 140
Cafe Latte ₱ 150
Cafe Mocha ₱ 150
Cappuccino ₱ 150
Caramel Machiatto ₱ 150
White Chocolate Mocha ₱ 160
Root Beer ₱ 70
Soda in Can ₱ 45
Soda Water ₱ 50
Tonic Water ₱ 50
Bottled Water ₱ 50
Hot Tea ₱ 110
Black Tea ₱ 110

Bag Of Beans Delivery

Yearning for a slice of homemade Tagaytay goodness? While there’s no Metro Manila branch in the works right now, you can place advance orders or same-day delivery through their social media page or number.

Message their official page (https://www.facebook.com/bobtagaytay) on Facebook Messenger to ask what’s available and arrange delivery. You can also give them a call or send them a text message through their Viber number: 0917-866-6169.

Bag of Beans Branches

Here’s the complete list of Bag of Beans branches complete with address and contact information.

Main Branch
Address: 115 Aguinaldo Highway, Mendez Crossing West, Tagaytay City, 4120
​Tel No.: 046-4134356/046-4132724/046-4130026
Cel No.: 0922-8818265

Athena Branch
Address: Aguinaldo Highway Silang Junction East, Tagaytay City, 4120
Tel No.: 046-4134522

Charito Branch
Address: 150 Aguinaldo Highway, Maharlika East, Tagaytay City
Tel No.: 046-483-1279/046-413-6459

West Lake Branch
Address: Aguinaldo Highway, Twinlakes Shopping Village, Dayap Itaas Laurel, Batangas
Tel No.: 046-4604146

Summit Ridge Branch
Address: Ground Floor, Robinsons Summit Ridge, Tagaytay – Nasugbu Hwy, Tagaytay, Cavite