Baileys launches new 'adults-only' pavlova ahead of the festive season

food, baileys launches new 'adults-only' pavlova ahead of the festive season

Baileys have dropped their brand new $37.99 festive summer berry pavlova liqueur

Baileys has launched its new festive summer liqueur and it’s inspired by an iconic Aussie dessert: the pavlova.

The Irish cream liqueur is normally made with Irish whiskey, cream and cocoa and tastes sweet and chocolatey.

The new flavour blends meringue, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries in honour of the sweet treat.

Thousands of Christmas fans are thrilled by the new flavour while others believe the product is ‘too sweet’ and not worth the price tag.

The $37.99 17 per cent ABV drink can be bought in liquor stories nationwide and online.

food, baileys launches new 'adults-only' pavlova ahead of the festive season

The beverage can be drank as it is with ice or mixed with vodka, milk, strawberry sauce, and meringue to create a delicious summer berry pavlova cocktail

The alcohol is designed to enjoy in a glass with ice but to level up, blend the drink with vodka, milk, strawberry sauce, and meringue to make a pavlova cocktail.

The summer berry pavlova flavour is the latest in a string of Baileys combinations.

Previous popular flavours include coffee, churro, strawberry’s and cream, apple pie, chocolate, caramel and chocolate cherry.

A cocktail has already been created using the drink at Hyde Hacienda Bar in Sydney’s CBD.

How to make a Baileys pavlova cocktail 


* 50ml Baileys Summer Berry Pavlova Flavoured Liqueur

* 25ml Vodka

* 50ml Milk

* 1-2 tablespoons of your choice of strawberry sauce

* Small meringue

* Sliced strawberry


* Drizzle strawberry sauce in a wave-like motion around the cocktail glass to create a ripple design, set aside

* Add the 50ml Baileys Pavlova Flavoured Liqueur, 25ml vodka and 50ml milk into a cocktail shaker, shake well!

* Pour the Baileys mixture into your serving glass, and top with a meringue and sliced strawberry

Many Aussies are excited about the ‘delicious’ new flavour, however not everyone is in agreement.

‘I bought the last two bottles on the shelf. It’s delicious,’ a woman wrote.

‘This might save me from eating all the pavlova at Christmas,’ another joked.

‘It’s way too sweet,’ one woman disagreed. ‘Would’ve been better if it had a plain pavlova taste.’

‘Not sure about pavlova in a bottle,’ another comment.

‘Ummm I’m not sure about this one lol,’ another woman agreed.

The alcohol pairs particularly well with coffee, and so is perfect for an espresso martini.

The Baileys espresso martini is made by shaking ice, a double shot of espresso, vodka, and Baileys. The drink is then poured into a martini glass and topped with three espresso beans.

Aussies have even mixed the alcohol with Milo in a milk frother to make a boozy version of the childhood favourite.

How to make homemade Baileys with only 6 ingredients

Blend all of the following ingredients together until smooth:

Serve over ice and store the rest in a sterilised glass bottle in the fridge for up to a week.

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