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For years, Out of Town Blog has been scouring the globe for faces, places, spaces, and stories. With rigorous travelling and blogging, Out of Town has expanded horizons, and at the same time made the world a smaller place.

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TeamOutofTown Instagram

But the beauty of the world can’t be explored by just one or a couple of persons alone. Much of the world has yet to be discovered, and this is why Out of Town is calling people from all walks of life—travelers, hobbyists, photographers, millennials, and the like, to be featured on #TeamOutofTown Instagram. Anyone can join, and here are the (very simple) rules:

#Make Your Travel or Food Photos Colorful

Your smartphone is meant to capture the red of La Trinidad strawberries, the orange of the Manila Baywalk sunset, the yellow of yummy Guimaras mangoes, the green of Boracay’s palm trees, the blue of Siargao’s Cloud 9 waves, the purple of La Union’s sweet grapes, the cream sands of El Nido beaches, the deep brown of your hot mug of Sagada coffee… there are endless colors to capture and share.

#Be Creative

Have an Instagram-worthy photo to share of a local festival, a tuk-tuk in your barangay, or a #travelgoals photo of your barkada? How about an unconventional shot of one of the hundred islands in Alaminos, an underwater photograph of shipwrecks in Coron, or maybe a panorama of Seco Island’s sunset? Unleash the creativity in you. It’s free.

#Make Your Caption Count

Do you have #hugot captions? How about a cup of frappe that is colder than your ex’s heart? Are you a beach bum and frequently need a dose of vitamin sea? Tell us your story from your experience. Make your caption count.

And finally…

#Tag Us and Use Our Hashtags— @TeamOutofTown and #TeamOutofTown

We have good number of followers on Instagram. Get a chance to make you and your photo insta-famous. And, who knows, we might list your place as our next travel destination.

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