Best marmalade 2022

food, best marmalade 2022

For those that have a Paddington Bear-like love for the tangy-sweet spread, the Good Housekeeping Institute has tracked down the best marmalade for spreading on your toast this year.

How we test marmalade

The Good Housekeeping Institute tested 10 jars of marmalade, looking at both supermarket and branded versions. Each was tasted blind to avoid brand bias, with the panel looking for a well-balanced, full-flavoured spread.

food, best marmalade 2022

1) Co-op Irresistible Seville Orange Medium Cut Marmalade 340g


Overall Score 71/100

Co-op’s marmalade had a thick, firm-set spread with a delicious bite to the rind. Though simple and gentle in aroma, testers enjoyed the sweet smell of oranges. The panel also loved the bitter notes and found its acidity pleasant, however the citric tang slightly overpowers the bitterness.

food, best marmalade 2022

2) Taste the Difference Sainsbury’s Fresh Fruit Bitter Orange Marmalade 340g


Overall score 71/100

From its freshly peeled orange scent with lemony back notes, to its rich depth of flavour, testers couldn’t get enough of Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference marmalade. It has a punchy bitter kick from the thickly shredded, firm rind followed by sweetness and a subtle tang.

food, best marmalade 2022

3) Stokes Seville Orange Marmalade No 7 340g


Overall Score: 71/100

This branded marmalade is packed with thin strips of orange peel. The deliciously, distinct orange aroma is backed up by a strong undertone of lemon. An even flavour profile, the spread marries bitter, sweet and acidity well for a rounded flavour. However the medium bitterness didn’t satisfy those on a hunt for stronger kick.

food, best marmalade 2022

4) Frank Coopers Fine Cut Oxford Marmalade 454g


Overall score: 71/100

This jammy orange marmalade, from Frank Cooper, has a robust bitterness that puckered mouths and divided our panel of testers. All, however, loved its zingy orange flavour; tart and sweet with a wonderful spreadable consistency and plenty of peel.

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