Best pizza ovens 2022 – our top 10 indoor and outdoor ovens

Whatever the time of year, investing in one of the best pizza ovens on the market will make both entertaining and home cooking more fun, whether you opt for a wood-fired or gas-powered outdoor pizza oven, or an electric option for using indoors. You don’t even need to wait for the sun to be shining to tuck into some hand-stretched dough.

In order to find the cream of the crop, our team has put bestselling options from Ooni, DeliVit, Gozney, and Sage through their paces, looking at design, ease of use, technical specifications, manoeuvrability, storage, and of course, the functionality to deliver a first-class pizza.

We’ve tried and tested multiple options over the summer season, and these are the pizza ovens that made the cut with our reviewers, with options for all fuel types, and all budgets.

Keep scrolling to find the best pizza oven for you, and if you’re ready to up your alfresco cooking game even further, then head over to our best BBQs guide for some grilling and searing options to complete your feast.

Best pizza ovens 2022

In our opinion, this is the best pizza oven you can buy. On putting Ooni’s multi-fuel pizza oven through its paces, we’ve been impressed in so many ways, particularly with the quality. And, most importantly, the cooking process is incredibly straightforward which will result in a top-quality pizza.

Our reviewer found that the viewing window is useful for checking in on the progress of the bake. The temperature display is useful for checking the internal levels so you can be confident (which is key) that you’re cooking the perfect pizza. And the increased cooking area makes it easier to turn the pizza for an even crisp on the dough where you want it.

There’s no denying that this is a sizeable outdoor oven but the foldable legs and removable chimney take it down a size that can be easily stowed when not in use.

The Gozney Roccbox is a premium pizza oven. It’s got a silicone jacket that keeps it safe to touch while cooking and also helps to insulate throughout. We also think it looks a real treat, and you can choose one of two colours when buying this oven.

We found that the thermometer at the side of the oven makes cooking nice and easy, and you can keep track of how consistent the temperature stays when cooking to adjust timings accordingly. The legs fold down twice to make the oven very portable, and it comes with a strap that helps to hoist it in and out of the car. It is heavy though, so don’t expect to carry it long distances unless you’re very strong.

The gas and wood burners both twist onto the base of the oven, and it’s very simple to hook up the gas burner to keep it consistently burning. When it comes to wood though the oven is more high maintenance, and we found that it could use a larger capacity to keep it well-stocked enough to hit those high temperatures.

The Woody Pizza Oven is our top pick if you want the best pizza oven on a budget. It’s got all the main features of other portable pizza ovens, as well as a pizza peel included, and even a thermometer attached to the front of the oven. That’s great value when you compare it to alternatives such as Ooni, which don’t include these extras and cost a slice more.

The arched roof of the Woody Wood Fired Pizza Oven and industrial look charmed us when we reviewed it, and the powder-coated oven body is insulated with ceramic fibre to make it easy to reach those high temperatures you’ll need to make a pizza in under 60 seconds. It also comes with a carry case and detachable chimney which makes transportation easy.

We previously tested the wood fired Woody, but they have since added the option of a gas attachment and made some tweaks to the design to help it retain heat better. The stone has also been improved and sits at a lower profile in the oven making it easier to get your pizza in and out. We love the new model even more – the gas makes it ready for cooking in as little as 10 minutes, but you can still use pellets or kindling, though they require a little more effort to control.

It might lack the finesse of the products above – it is a little more rough around the edges and the door is a tight fit making removal a bit tricky on occassion – but for the price point it does everything you need for delicious pizza.

Another tried and tested top pick,  this pizza oven gets the balance right when it comes to affordability and quality. We found that it takes a few tries to get the perfect pizza, but once you’ve got the hang of turning the pizza as it cooks you’ll have evenly-cooked and authentic Italian pizza, whenever you want!

The Ooni Fyra is easy to clean, you just need to empty the fuel tray at the back of the oven and wipe down the pizza stone. Its legs fold out for use on wooden, steel or stone tables, and the chimney twists off so you can store it inside the oven itself and take it on the go.

When we put the Fyra to the test it delivered perfectly cooked pizza in 60 seconds, as promised. There’s no temperature gauge but you’ll get the hang of identifying when the oven is heated up after a few attempts. This pizza oven makes the process easy and straightforward, and it’s guaranteed to be used all through the summer.

The Sage Smart Oven Pizzaiolo is a seriously smart indoor pizza oven. It can heat up to 400 degrees and cook authentic Neopolitan-style pizzas as well as deep dish and even frozen pizzas. When we put this pizza oven to the test and were seriously impressed by how fast it cooked our pizzas, as well as the evenness of the cooking. Although it’s electric, the Sage Smart Oven Pizzaiolo gives you the experience of authentic wood-fired pizza but without the stress of firing up an outdoor oven. The immediate advantage of this is that you can enjoy fresh cooked pizza all year around, and no weather can rain on your pizza party.

The obvious downside of the Sage Smart Oven Pizzaiolo is the high price, but when you consider that it plugs right in, comes with a pizza peel, and doesn’t need a thermometer to tell if it’s hot enough to cook your pizza perfectly, it’s an unmissable option. If you want the best pizza oven to take the stress out of judging the heat and timing of your cooking, this five-star option is the one for you.

Enjoy pizza anywhere and any way you want it with this transportable oven. Handmade in Yorkshire, it’s one of the most beautiful ovens out there. When we put this pizza oven to the test it impressed us with its beautiful exterior and sturdy design. Heating the oven was easy, we just made a jenga-style tower of wood and lit it before leaving it for about half an hour to come to the desired temperature of 450°C.

The DeliVita comes in a gorgeous range of colours and can make 12-inch pizzas in just a minute. Its exterior is waterproof and it also comes with a cover, meaning you can leave it outside after use if you wish. It is a little on the heavy side at 30kg, so not the best for travelling, but there’s no denying the authentic feel of that crackling wood and our finished pizza was restaurant-quality.

The Gozney Dome is the latest sellout oven from Gozney, a brand that makes a range of professional ovens, alongside their classic Roccbox. The Dome sits somewhere in between, with a modern look that’s unlike many of the pizza ovens on the market, and a large enough internal capacity to keep the pizzas flowing.

It’s an expensive choice, but you can make the most of it with extras such as a steam injector or oven door to offer more cooking options. They cost extra, but could be with it given the price of the oven.

We used this oven to cook pizzas, which came out perfectly, but also steaks and roasted vegetables such as sweetcorn. If you’re looking for an upgrade on your existing oven, check this one out.

The Monster Shop Pizza Oven Outdoor Grill is a fully freestanding pizza oven with an in-built smoker. With storage space for fuel and toppings built right in, this pizza oven comes on two wheels and while it can make delicious 12-inch pizzas, you can also use it for slow cooking and smoking meats and veggies.

Many of the pizza ovens in our guide will require you to either place them carefully on your prized patio furniture, or buy a dedicated pizza oven stand to keep them elevated when cooking. There’s no such issue with this freestanding oven.

The price is amazing for the cooking capacity and visual appeal. It has an in-built thermometer and the powder-coated black exterior is striking and easy to wipe down.

The double-insulated La Hacienda BBQ Pizza Oven can be placed on your BBQ and used to cook pizza, flatbreads and other treats on the built-in stone. It can be placed on gas and charcoal barbecues and heated through for an authentic wood-fired effect. The dimensions are 35 x 35 x 15 cm, and it weighs nearly 8kg, but the handles on the side mean it will be difficult to lift until cooled fully.

If you want a cheap pizza oven for your garden BBQ, go for this one. It’s easy to store and the wood-fired stone will give you that leopard-print Neopolitan pizza crust you’re craving.

You can buy the Ooni Koda in either a 12-inch or 16-inch size, so there’s an option for those with more space and one for a more portable option. The legs fold away for easy storage and there’s a dial to control the temperature. It really couldn’t be easier. Another thing we like is that the gas burner comes included. You’ll have to pay extra for this if you buy the Ooni Fyra, whereas the Koda is ready to go right out of the box.

As with the rest of the Ooni range you can cook your pizza in only 60 seconds, and it heats up fast to reach as much as 500 degrees in only 15 minutes.

How we picked the 10 best pizza ovens

So far, we’ve reviewed seven of the top ten pizza ovens in this guide. We aim to make sure that we’ve reviewed each and every one, but for now, the bottom three picks in this guide are recommended to you based on user reviews, price, and specifications.

When we review pizza ovens we like to cook in every fuel type available. Some cook on gas and on wood, so we make sure to try out both to see if there’s a cooking mode we would recommend over the other. We also like to cook a selection of meals from garlic bread and pizza to grilled veggies and steak, because with the best pizza oven you’ll never be limited to a simple margherita.

food, amazon, best pizza ovens 2022 – our top 10 indoor and outdoor ovens

Millie Fender

Millie Fender

Small Appliance and Cookware Editor

As our small appliance and cookware expert, Millie knows her way around a kitchen appliance, and she was happy to bring her testing know-how to several of the bestselling pizza ovens, giving this popular product a run for its money, both indoors and out.

food, amazon, best pizza ovens 2022 – our top 10 indoor and outdoor ovens

Lindsey Davis author image

Lindsey Davis

Homes Editor-in-Chief

Home product expert and pizza connoisseur Lindsey spends most of her day thinking about her next meal. When she isn’t, she is busy testing and writing about the best buys for your home. She often makes pizza in her oven with a stone, so was eager to test out the Woody Pizza Oven Kit to compare. She’s now tucked into several pizza creations using both the gas and wood-fired fuel options.

How to buy a pizza oven – everything you need to know

Check the weight of your pizza oven

Pizza ovens – particularly clay or brick ovens – can be VERY heavy and tricky to manoeuvre without equipment or a team of helpers. It’s always worth looking at the weight before you order, and check that if it is a beast, that the supplier will move it into position for you.

Alternatively, pick a design on wheels that you can move around the garden.

Know your fuels

Pizza is traditionally cooked in a wood-fired oven for that signature smoky flavour. However, some pizza ovens have gas burners that will get your oven cavity up to temperature much quicker. Charcoal and pellet burners are other options.

The temperature of your oven will peak somewhere between 400 and 500 degrees C, and the better your oven maintains its temperature, the more pizzas you can produce from one ‘firing’.

Note the cooking times

A small oven will take anywhere between 10 and 20 minutes to heat up (around 10 if you’re using gas, and closer to 20 if you’re opting for pellets or charcoal. Larger ovens can take anything up to an hour. You’re typical pizza will take around six minutes to cook, though remember to turn it for an even bake.

The smallest gas-powered ovens, however, can do the job in as little as 60 seconds. Every oven is different, but it won’t take long to ‘learn’ its optimal cooking time.

Treasure those little extras

A temperature gauge is handy, as you’ll always know when you’re ready to cook. A few ovens come with a pizza paddle designed to fit the cavity perfectly, though this is the exception rather than the rule.

Look out for models with griddles, as then you’ll be able to use your oven as a barbecue and not have to own two separate outdoor cookers.

Get an authentic base

‘For a 10-inch pizza with an authentic thin base, roll out a piece of dough just larger than a golf ball, certainly no bigger,’ says Digital Editor (and pizza aficionado) Amy Cutmore. ‘Also, don’t go too crazy with your toppings – overloading can cause your pizza not to cook properly.’

food, amazon, best pizza ovens 2022 – our top 10 indoor and outdoor ovens

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