Best Retirement Locations in Luzon Outside Metro Manila

Retirees deserve to stay in a relaxing address to escape the fast-paced and stressful life of full-time employment. Are you an empty nester looking for an alternative address in Luzon to escape the hustle and bustle of metropolitan living but would still like to have easy access to your relatives in Metro Manila? If so, it is best to retire in one of the provinces in Luzon.

As the largest island in the Philippines, Luzon houses 38 provinces. Because Metro Manila is located on this island, choosing to reside in one of them gives easy and fast access to the metro if the need arises.

In this article, I have gathered up some of the provinces in Luzon where it is ideal for retirees to reside.


Laguna is merely minutes away from Metro Manila. Living here means experiencing suburban living, ideal for modern and young retirees who can’t afford to lose contact with the metro’s hustle and bustle.

Laguna has a low population density, less pollution, is flood-free, and is home to numerous tourist attractions. If you choose to stay in a house for rent in Biñan, Laguna, you will enjoy visiting theme parks and resorts the city has to offer, which is perfect for fun-loving and adventurous retirees who want to bring out the kid in them.


Due to its proximity to the metro, Cavite is an ideal place for empty nesters and retirees to settle down. It is quieter, more picturesque, and has fewer crime rates, pollution, and heavy traffic. Tagaytay is one of the ideal cities in Cavite to reside in because of its cool weather, breathtaking views, and urban conveniences.

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Aguinaldo Shrine

There are plenty of real estate developments in Tagaytay where you can purchase or rent. These residences often allow retirees to live a modern, laid-back country lifestyle. With plenty of sights to see and tourist spots in Tagaytay and other towns and cities in Cavite, you will never be bored here.


Living in Pangasinan is rewarding. This charming yet expansive province has a lot in store for you, especially if you love nature and the beach! Pangasinan offers you plenty of space to move around, and the province has better air quality and a more relaxed living environment.

explore, travel, best retirement locations in luzon outside metro manila

If you plan to buy a Pangasinan lot for sale, you can choose between a residential lot near the city, along the highway, near the farm, or the beach. If you love the sea, you can purchase a beach lot and have the beach as the backdrop of your home. On the other hand, if farming interests you, consider buying a farm lot to build your house and start planting your favorite fruits and vegetables. With an expansive farm lot, you can also raise different farm animals.


With its incredible landscapes and economic development, it’s impossible not to fall for Tarlac’s environment. If you love good food, history, nature, and business, you will surely love residing here.

Urban conveniences such as malls and hospitals are available and accessible, especially from residential projects such as an apartment for rent in Tarlac. Another good thing about living here is the affordable cost of living. You can enjoy a comfortable life in Tarlac without sacrificing your savings and pension. Since Tarlac is located in Central Luzon, living here also allows you easy access to other provinces in Luzon such as Zambales, Pangasinan, Pampanga, and Nueva Ecija.


Baguio is one of the best places in the Philippines to retire for locals and foreign nationals. This cool city in the mountains offers a relaxing yet modern living environment for retirees who love being active and laid-back at the same time. There are plenty of residential options in Baguio, including for sale and rent houses that offer a spectacular view of the mountains and sea of clouds. Plus, there’s never a shortage of things to do here and places to see!

explore, travel, best retirement locations in luzon outside metro manila

Living in Baguio is very cozy, and it won’t break your bank. Here, you can even invest in properties you can rent to tourists to earn passive income while enjoying your retirement.

Retirement is one of the biggest decisions anyone has to make in their life. If you plan on retiring and moving to a different location, it’s important to choose carefully and consider different factors. That said, may this blog help you select the best province in Luzon you can retire to.