Best Turkey Ovens for 2022

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Let a turkey oven take the hard work out of preparing your Thanksgiving feast. Karolina Grabowska/Pexels

What’s the most challenging part of preparing a Thanksgiving feast? Cooking the turkey, many say. But should it be? Aside from the time it takes to thaw a frozen bird – hey, try buying a fresh one instead – cooking a turkey is fairly easy. It’s devoting all that time in the oven that has you stressed out. That’s where a turkey oven comes in handy. These devoted, countertop appliances are made for roasting the largest pieces of meat you can buy. And they leave plenty of room in the oven for your pies, cornbread dressing and yeast rolls. Here are the turkey ovens we recommend.

food, amazon, best turkey ovens for 2022


A hardworking tool

There’s room for a 26-pound turkey in this electric appliance, enough to feed 16 people with leftovers to spare. Amazon

Ever wonder when and how turkeys became a popular main course? Domestic turkeys were first raised by Native Americans in Mexico and Central America as early as 25 A.D. They were brought back to Europe around 1519 by Spanish explorers who found them quite tasty. This roaster oven from Oster looks like it was invented solely for the fall holiday, but it’s equally adept at preparing lamb, ham, beef and other poultry dishes. The self-basting lid continually recirculates moisture to keep your feast juicy. This set comes with a roasting pan and rack, both of which can be removed for easy cleaning.

food, amazon, best turkey ovens for 2022


Quicker, crispier and juicier

Roast your turkey, air fry some sweet potatoes, toast a bagel and reheat some late-night pizza with this appliance. Amazon BUY NOW

One of the founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin, famously preferred the American turkey to the bald eagle, calling it “a more respectable bird.” But despite the popular myth, he never proposed making it the symbol of the young nation. Celebrate the delicious dichotomy by using this Ninja convention oven to prepare your holiday feast. Actually, it’s a combination air fryer, toaster oven, dehydrator and roaster. Unlike many of the other roasters we examined, this one isn’t meant for the largest birds – its capacity is a 12-pound turkey. But the nice thing is that it’s designed for preparing an entire meal – slide in a 5-pound turkey and a tray of veggies about it. When in convention mode, it can cook a feast at 10 times the speed.

food, amazon, best turkey ovens for 2022


No feast too big

It’s the perfect appliance for beginning kitchen cooks – and probably looks just like the one your grandmother owned. Amazon BUY NOW

How important is a turkey to this American holiday? An estimated 46 million turkeys are consumed in America on Thanksgiving Day. The rest of the year, turkey is the No. 4 most-common protein after chicken, beef and pork. You might change your preference once you learn this roaster from Sunvivi can accommodate a 30-pound bird. The window on the lid means you don’t have to open the roaster – and lose the heat – to check on your dinner. Thanks to its defrost setting, you can take a turkey straight from the freezer to this oven. A warming setting keeps everything warm until the relatives arrive.

food, amazon, best turkey ovens for 2022


For feeding a crowd

With a single knob, adjust the settings for your bird, ham or roast beef. Amazon BUY NOW

About 88 percent of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving while about half as many do so on Christmas. (Easter Sunday comes in a distant third.) This 18-quart oven can accommodate a 24-pound turkey – enough for more than a dozen guests. Slow roast your meal or steam it – either is easily done thanks to the domed lid. And best of all: It comes apart easily for a quick, painless cleaning afterward.

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