Best Ways for Tourists to Travel in London

Travelling the world is often one of those things on people’s bucket lists. You see the world for all its beauty and meet new and interesting people. London, in particular, is a popular place for many tourists. Filled with stunningly constructed architecture such as chapels, Big Ben, and Buckingham Palace, and over 170 museums, there is so much to see in this part of England.

explore, travel, best ways for tourists to travel in london

No matter if it is your first time in London, or you frequently go there, travelling is quite cost-effective and easy to do. Most tourist sites are close enough together that you don’t need to commute for hours on end either. You won’t have to worry about how you will get around London with these useful, and cheap ways to travel in this capital city.

explore, travel, best ways for tourists to travel in london

Tour Buses

Unless you have already seen all the grand tourist attractions, tour buses can be extremely fun. You will be escorted to all the best places to visit in London, and you’ll have a guide to tell you interesting stories about the history of each one. You will get an amazing scenic view and you don’t have to stick to a specific schedule.

There is a service called Tootbus, which is an open tour bus that you can just hop on and off at your leisure. One ride will cost as little as £1.50 for as many trips you can take in an hour. Or you could pay an extra £3.10 and travel all day. The Oyster card is also accepted on the Tootbus and you have unlimited rides for the day.

explore, travel, best ways for tourists to travel in london

Photo by Lisa van Vliet

Use Your Legs

Don’t worry, you won’t be walking for two hours or anything like that. Most places to visit in London are relatively close together. You can get from the West End of London to Oxford Street in under 15 minutes, for instance. If you are on holiday, you are likely treating yourself to some of the cultural food and other yummy things. Walking everywhere could keep you in shape, while you binge out on the best of London food and drinks!

Walking to the places you want to visit will also help to avoid any long queues from other tourists. Instead of taking the underground tube and having to navigate hordes of people, walking will allow you to get places quicker and easier.

explore, travel, best ways for tourists to travel in london

Lease an Electric Car

If you would prefer to have the freedom of just jumping in a car and going to your next destination, then you should lease one. Electric cars more specifically, will give you a bit more cash flow to spend on some trinkets for yourself. There is no need for fuel because you just charge the battery.

The latest models are also considered safer than your average vehicle. Brands like Porsche and the infamous Tesla are very efficient cars that get a lot of mileage on a full charge. The only thing is you need to know where the charging stations are if you are travelling long distances in London.

There’s a bonus — the way you would lease an electric car works the same way as leasing a petrol car, except there is no tax on electric ones. Read all about leasing an electric car in the UK in this handy guide.

Ride a Bicycle

London has its very own bike-sharing system called Santander Cycles. It will cost a mere £2 for full 24-hour access to a range of bicycles and your first half an hour is completely free. This might be the easiest and cheapest way to travel in London because there are more than 700 docking stations that you can go to with at least 11,000 different bicycles to hop on.

Once you are done biking around you just drop off at one of the many hundreds of docking stations and you’re set. Just be careful when you do ride though. Bicycles aren’t commonly used by Londoners, so you have to be extra cautious when you ride around the busy business streets.

Cable Cars

Unless you have a major fear of heights, you have to try cable cars in London. The best one to use is the IFS Cloud Cable Car (formerly Emirates Air Line Cable Car) which was built 10 years ago. It crosses the Thames River, and you can choose if you want a quick five-minute trip or a more relaxing stroll over London. It’s an amazing view and a very convenient way to travel from the Greenwich Peninsula in no time.

If you don’t want to be stuck in a train carriage risking delays and prefer to take the scenic route, then the cable car is a great option to get around!

explore, travel, best ways for tourists to travel in london

Travelling to London is a great experience that everyone should try at least once. Although London is a large metropolis of over 9 million, it is easy to get around. Many neighbourhoods, especially in the city centre, are extremely well connected by Underground and Overground lines, buses, bicycle lanes and taxi. Walking in London is also a great option, often the quickest!

There are plenty of London’s attractions to visit that will keep you busy for days. Remember to be safe when travelling: avoid using your smartphone while walking, beware of cars and cyclists – especially if you are not used to cars driving on the left – and never lose sight of your belongings. But most importantly, have a good time.

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