Bolinao Tourist Spots DIY Travel Guide

It was one of those moments when you haven’t had enough sleep, and you reported for work. Then after office, you went straight to travel.

Of course, I am not recommending this to anyone. But in case this happens to you, find time to sneak in some nap, and still enjoy your trip. This happened to me when we traveled to Bolinao, Pangasinan, a town in the northern part of Luzon where you can find great beaches, falls and other awesome attractions.

We traveled for about 6 hours until we arrived in Bolinao early in the morning. We had our breakfast first while waiting for our van to tour us around the town.

It was a nice weekend spent in Bolinao. Here are some of the town’s attractions that you shouldn’t miss!

Bolinao Waterfalls

explore, travel, bolinao tourist spots diy travel guide


We spent a few minutes walking, passing through some lush forest until we arrived in a waterfalls hidden behind the thick trees. It was quite a small falls compare to those I’ve experienced in my previous travels, but it has cool and relaxing waters.

Well, what do you expect from me who haven’t slept that much the other day? I actually spent some time wading into the waters and enjoying the place, but after that I sudden felt this urge to sleep. So I went back to the cottage and slept there while my buddies were enjoying the waterfalls. Hahaha!

explore, travel, bolinao tourist spots diy travel guide

Don’t worry. I had some moments with the falls before I dozed off .

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Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

This is just near the beach. But due to the scorching heat of the sun, we decided to go there through van. The lighthouse is very picturesque, I read somewhere that this is usually the place where a lot of couples shoot their pre-nup photo shoots.

explore, travel, bolinao tourist spots diy travel guide

We tried to look for any caretaker to ask if we could climb the lighthouse, unfortunately there was no one there to talk to. The door of the lighthouse was also padlocked, so we decided to just sit there and relax. Good thing we saw a kid selling ice buko and ice cream on stick! You know what happened next right?Beside the lighthouse is like a viewing deck with a spectacular view of the West Philippine Sea, perfect time to chill.

Patar White Sand Beach

This could have been the most exciting part of the trip. You know those moments when you run on the beach, feeling the water on your feet and all.

But you know what happened? We just stayed most of the time at our cottage, ate lunch and then we slept. Hahaha!

Please understand we came from the office then straight to travel. Beside our lunch was too satisfying that we enjoyed our siesta time. I am not sure if sleeping while at the Patar Beach was also due to signs of aging, but I’ll just leave it there. Hahaha!

But despite of that, we were able to enjoy the beach by just looking at the blue sea and feel its breeze, until we fall asleep. Hahaha!

Patar Rock Formations

It was about 4 in the afternoon when we arrive to this part of the beach with stunning rock formations.

explore, travel, bolinao tourist spots diy travel guide
explore, travel, bolinao tourist spots diy travel guide
explore, travel, bolinao tourist spots diy travel guide

The dramatic setting of the place was highlighted more when the last rays of the sun touched the rough rocks. For us it was time to take some photos, and relax while looking at the waves, feeling the air from the ocean.

explore, travel, bolinao tourist spots diy travel guide

Other Attractions in Bolinao

There are still a lot of Tourist Spots in Bolinao that are worthy to be included in your itinerary, here are some of it.

St. James Church

Located at the heart of Boliano’s town proper near the bus terminal is this old church that also deserves a visit, even just for a quick one.

If you’re also like me who enjoys visiting  at old churches, St. James Church should be part of your itinerary. Also, travel back to history to this 400-old church which was built by Agustinians in 1609.

Enchanted Cave

I know you shouldn’t miss this Cave once you visit Bolinao, but honestly, we didn’t visit  this during our tour. At least I am honest!

I don’t know maybe because of the scorching heat of the sun that time it left us all exhausted that we skip this cave. Besides we didn’t want to change clothes and get wet. Oh man, and I regret that. I promise to visit this when I’m back!

How to get to Bolinao, Pangasinan DIY Guide

Time has changed. Now you can avail some tours from Manila to Bolinao. Just search social media and there’s a lot of events to choose from.

But if you decided to do it DIY like what we did. We traveled to Bolinao and then we hired a van driver for our tour. Another one is to hire tricycle in Bolinao which is now a better option! Here’s how to get to Bolinao.

Via Public Transport

There are bus companies that offer direct trips to Bolinao. Some of these are Victory Liner and Five Star Bus, both have terminals in Cubao and Pasay. The air-con fare is roughly about Php 500 while for ordinary bus is about Php 350. Travel time is about 6 hours.

They both have day and night trips to Bolinao! For booking and tickets, please contact the bus companies directly through below details.

Victory Liner
Cubao- (02) 727 4688
Pasay – (02) 833 5019
Website: https://www.victoryliner.com

Five Star Bus
8534772 (Pasay)
9117359 (Cubao)
Website: http://5starbus.co

If you have your own car, travel is much easier now because of the SCTEX or Subic Clark and Tarlac Expressway!

Bolinao Hotels, Resorts and Accommodation

When you travel to Bolinao, at least do an overnight stay to fully enjoy the place, the beach and falls.

For us, we stayed at Rock Garden Resort and availed there Roof Deck Accommodation perfect for barkada and family! For only Php 3,000 we were able to avail 2 rooms with a terrace with a stunning view of the ocean. It’s very affordable yet comfortable and we enjoyed the privacy of the roof deck accommodation.

For more hotels and resorts in Bolinao, Click here!

What to Eat in Bolinao?

Restaurants in Bolinao mostly serve fresh seafood. For us, we hired a tricycle and brought us to a Seafood place. It was a free dinner (libre) again by our rich friend. Hahaha! It really pays to have friends that are LL, nakaka-luwag luwag hahaha!

But aside from seafood, there’s an authentic and local merienda or kakanin that you should try in Bolinao, this is called Binungey.

Binungey is actually sticky rice with coconut, and the best part of this food is the packaging. This is placed and cooked inside a bamboo tube. If you have a friend from Pangasinan, ask them to bring you some Binungey!

Bolinao Weekend Itinerary

Day 1
12 Mindnight –        ETD Manila
6AM –                          Arrival in Bolinao
7AM –                          Breakfast
8AM –                          Start of the Tour
8:30AM                       Bolinao Waterfalls
10AM –                        Enchanted Cave
11AM –                        Cape Bolinao Lighthouse
12Noon –                    Lunch at Patar Beach
1PM                             Enjoy Beach and Siesta
3PM                             Patar Rock Formation
5PM                             Back to Hotel
6PM                             Dinner
8PM                             Socials
10PM                           Sleep

Day 2
6AM                             Wake Up
7AM                             Breakfast
8AM                             Enjoy Beach
11AM                          Check out
12Noon                       Visit St. James Church
12:30 PM                     Lunch and Buy Pasalubong
1:30PM                        Travel Back to Manila
7:30AM                        ATA Manila

Bolinao Travel Tips

  1. For DIY, once you reached Bolinao town proper, you can hire tricycles there for the tour, price is usually Php 1,500 covering all interesting and major sites in Bolinao, for 3 to 4 persons. Take note when planning your budget.
  2. If you want a hassle free trip, there are group travels and tours, just type Bolinao on your Facebook app search then click Events, and you’ll see list of upcoming events for Bolinao. You may also join the Facebook Group DIY Philippines to look for the affordable tour for you.
  3. If you plan to swim at Patar Rock Formation beach, make sure you bring your own aqua shoes.
  4. If you want to try Binungey, the best spot to buy is at the back of the St. James Church. There are also a lot of restaurants there.
  5. There are a lot of hotels, hostels and resorts to choose from in Bolinao. For the list of best hotels in Bolinao, click here!

Bolinao Map

First published on October 17, 2017
Updated on June 22, 2018