Breakfast at Lemoni Cafe in Boracay

At first, I thought it was Lemon, but the name of this cafe /restaurant is actually Lemoni.

However, the inspiration comes from the lemon and moss green theme that makes the open garden interior of the restaurant even more inviting. This is where we had our breakfast for our last day in Boracay. We pre-ordered everything the night before with the help of the Azalea Boracay team because we expected that we’re going to be too early the next morning for breakfast.

I ordered the popular breakfast meal of Pinoys – longsilog. Nothing fancy. It’s normal when you eat at a new restaurant, especially for breakfast, you tend to order the dish that you are familiar with, or in my case, my favorite.

explore, travel, breakfast at lemoni cafe in boracay
explore, travel, breakfast at lemoni cafe in boracay

Honestly, the taste of longganisa is just the usual that I expected. There is nothing extraordinary about it, but I must admit that I’m pretty impressed with the effort for the colorful side dishes, two eggs, and the generous serving of garlic rice. Rice – that’s the most important for me.

We spent our entire morning walking through the long white beach of Boracay, so it is vital to have a full breakfast meal. Of course, it also helped that I had my morning coffee at Lemoni.

Looking at the orders of my friends and fellow travel bloggers, I can say that the Tapsilog is pretty promising. If only I could taste my others’ food. Hahaha! It comes with the tapa with scrambled egg, vinegar, and some fruity side dishes.

My buddy, Marky, ordered something different. It’ called the Big Breakfast with potatoes, bacon, burger patties, and two eggs with tomatoes, butter, and added side dishes.

explore, travel, breakfast at lemoni cafe in boracay

longganisa meal.

explore, travel, breakfast at lemoni cafe in boracay

Just a simple coffee.

Lemoni Cafe has been serving the locals and tourists of Boracay since 2005. Founded by Swedish chef, Julia Lervik, and Australian, Sarah LaBrooy, Lemoni Cafe offers fresh, healthy gourmet cuisine, refreshing beverages, and supreme desserts to die for. That’s what they said on their Facebook Page. The restaurant is located at D-Mall, the famous shopping and resto hub at Boracay Station 2.

So aside from the usual breakfast meals and coffee, Lemoni Cafe is renowned for its healthy detox fruits juices, signature shakes and sweets, main courses, and more salads.

explore, travel, breakfast at lemoni cafe in boracay

Big breakfast

explore, travel, breakfast at lemoni cafe in boracay

Pinoy Tapa

Of course, I would love to try other offerings of Lemoni Cafe, if only I had more time. But I can only write about what I’ve eaten and tried. I don’t want this blog post to be that usual food article features that you see a lot online that will just mention the menu or the bestsellers but not actually tried it.

I will try other food at Lemoni when I’m back. Still, I’ll also make sure that I have enough budget first because the restaurant is pretty pricey, which is not surprising for an establishment located in a touristy spot like Boracay.

If you’re planning to eat at Lemoni, it’s just fair that you also know its price points. The longsilog is Php 330. And the Big breakfast meal that my friend ordered, the one with the photo here is Php 560. Pinoy tapa or tapsilog is Php 390. Now, you decide if it’s reasonable or not.

For more info and price of Lemoni Cafe’s menu, check it below.

explore, travel, breakfast at lemoni cafe in boracay
explore, travel, breakfast at lemoni cafe in boracay

I know that when you plan your travel to Boracay, you will allot more budget on food, so even though Lemoni is pricey, it is still worthy of trying.


Address: Lemoni Café, Stall 117, D’Mall, Station 2, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan
Telephone Number:036-288-6781 / 036-288-6782
Mobile Number: 0998-535-1709 / 0977-857-7155
Business Hours: 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM
E-mail Address: lemonicafe@yahoo.com.ph
Website: www.lemonicafeboracay.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Lemonicafe.Boracay
Instagram: @lemonicafe.boracay