Bromley man slams £40 Toby Carvery takeaway meal which only had '3 potatoes, half a Yorkshire Pudding and hardly any meat'

An unhappy diner from South London has slammed his local Toby Carvery after spending a whopping £40 on a roast for two which left him wanting so much more. The Bromley resident was more than disappointed by the measly meal he was delivered which left him feeling ‘robbed’.

Taking to his local Facebook group the man expressed his disdain at the chain’s food delivery. He said: “Very disappointed with this delivery from Toby Carvery in Bromley. This was supposed to be a carvery for 2 people, £40. Didn’t even get a Yorkshire each, 3 potatoes, barely any meat. Robbed.”

From the photo, it appears the customer was forced to divide the one Yorkshire between himself and fellow foodie, with only three potatoes each and a limited supply of meat.

food, bromley man slams £40 toby carvery takeaway meal which only had '3 potatoes, half a yorkshire pudding and hardly any meat'

The Crown Toby Carvery in Bromley

The diner confirmed that he had ordered the food through Deliveroo who he lodged a complaint with and reportedly been offered a £10.98 refund. As well as messaging Toby Carvery on Facebook but has not yet heard back from them.

People in the comments below the post were surprised to see such a small portion of food. One wrote: “That’s very unusual, I order from there quite often and always get plenty of food and lots leftover.”, others suggested trying a different branch saying: “Try Toby Carvery at Polehill, you get loads of food. It’s really nice.” But another joked in a reply to the comment: “by the time it is back towards Bromley, the turkey will have rejuvenated and flown away”.

It doesn’t seem the man was alone with another person writing: “It was shocking last night, same portions for us too! Can never get through on there phone either to complain”. Some felt you can’t rely on the restaurant for delivery saying: “I absolutely love a carvery…but have to agree that the deliveries are a complete joke!”

A spokesperson for Toby Carvery – Crown, told MyLondon: “We pride ourselves on our delicious great value roast dinners, so we are very disappointed our valued customers received a delivery meal that doesn’t reflect our high standards on this occasion. We have raised this with our internal teams to investigate and we would like to welcome the customers to get in touch with us directly so we can apologise, and invite them to have a meal on us.

“We encourage customers to share any feedback via our website so our dedicated Guest Care team can review, investigate and respond as soon as possible.”

The Toby Carvery feedback form can be found here.

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