Bulusan Lake in Sorsogon

There is something mystical about lakes.

I am not sure if I share the same sentiments as others. It’s calming yet it also makes my imagination soar. It’s peaceful yet I feel something raw and pure whenever I explore and paddle through the center of it.

explore, travel, bulusan lake in sorsogon

That’s the same experience when I first saw Lake Danao in Leyte. And it came back when I traveled to Sorsogon and visit Lake Bulusan.

Lake Bulusan is part of a 3,673 hectares of nationally protected rainforest of Bulusan Volcano Natural Park  under the protection of the DENR rotected Areas and Wildlife Bureau. By the time we arrived there, we immediately understood why the place is a protected area. The lake is surrounded by thick green forest and wildlife marine reserve. And the best way to enjoy it is through Kayaking. For only 100 Php, we were able to explore it for 30 minutes.

explore, travel, bulusan lake in sorsogon

Photo Credit: Michelle of Your Travel Buddies

The moment I paddled I knew I was about to enjoy the experience. I’ve done kayaking so many times so no worries. When I was in the middle, at the center of Bulusan Lake, I paused for a while to relish the peace it brings. There were also some locals with their small boats and kids climbing up the trees.

explore, travel, bulusan lake in sorsogon
explore, travel, bulusan lake in sorsogon
explore, travel, bulusan lake in sorsogon

Surrounding Lake Bulusan is also a hiking trail perfect for walking and experiencing nature up close. Beyond the lake and further trekking are waterfalls and springs. Trips to these places and more activities can be arranged at the cooperative’s office that maintains the natural park.

Lake Bulusan is located at the foot of Bulusan volcano. It’s landscape of lush forest and peaceful surrounding is perfect for those who needs some quiet time and adventure.

Note: Hope you enjoyed this sidetrip to Bulusan Lake. There are a lot more stories about Sorsogon on this blog. (READ: Matnog, Sorsogon: Island Hopping at the Tip of Luzon)

How to get to Bulusan Lake

We have our own van when we traveled to Lake Bulusan from Irosin, Sorsogon.

For DIY, From Irosin, there are jeepneys going to Bulusan. Drop off  point is Bulusan Volcano National Park entrance. From there it’s going to be a quite a long walk going to the lake itself. You may also charter a tricycle from Irosin market to Bulusan Lake. Rate is around 400 – 500 roundtrip.

From Manila going to Irosin, there are buses in Pasay and Cubao bound to Irosin like Philtranco, DLTB etc.

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