Burger King Celebrating World Vegan Day With “Dirty Vegan Nuggets” Only Available In The U.K.

Burger King is putting a new spin on its vegan nuggets by introducing the “Dirty” flavor for a limited time only.

In celebration of World Vegan Day, which fell on November 1st and is celebrated by plant-based foodies across the globe, BK has launched the flavorful new Dirty Vegan Nuggets. The exclusive dish is in collaboration with European supplier, The Vegetarian Butcher, which is assisting the company with transforming many of its hot commodities into plant-based meals. Offering the same great taste that customers have come to love, Burger King will add smokey barbeque sauce and crispy onions on top of the chunks, giving the item a unique twist.

Since introducing vegan nuggets to menus in the U.K. earlier this year, fans have flocked to try the healthier chicken alternative while still getting the feel and texture of the fast food staple. Burger King wanted to deliver the product at its best, so they even had the Vegan Society certify that the nuggets are entirely vegan.

Sadly for hungry dinner hunters in the U.S., vegan nuggets are not yet available. Last year, the restaurant chain tested Impossible Chicken Nuggets at selected locations. However, the meal is not yet a permanent option, though the Impossible Whopper is now at American locations.

Those eager to try the Dirty Vegan Nuggets must be in the U.K. between November 1st and the 6th. After this, only the original vegan nuggets will be available unless demands call for otherwise.

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