"Buying Beverly Hills" Features the Los Feliz Murder House

Buying Beverly Hills has officially hit Netflix! Unsurprisingly, the real estate reality show features an impressive selection of luxury homes. But one you might be shocked to see is the infamous Los Feliz Murder House (also referred to as the Los Feliz Murder Mansion).

During episode six of the eight-episode season, listing agent Jon Grauman of The Agency visits the property at 2475 Glendower Place with agent Brandon Graves. There, they meet with renowned architect Richard Landry—who renovated the Sharon Tate house—and his team to discuss their plans to remodel the house. The proposed square footage of the five-bedroom, seven-bathroom home is 9,043, and the listing price is $5.5 million.

los felix murder house on buying beverly hills

“This house has quite an infamous past,” Grauman said on the show. “It’s going to take a lot of work to scrub that stain off of it and transform it into something new.” He even went so far as to say that once finished, the home is “without a doubt going to be one of the most spectacular homes not just in Los Feliz but on the east side of Los Angeles.”

If you’re unfamiliar or need a refresher, here’s what tragically happened at the Los Feliz Murder House: During the late 1950s, the property was home to the Perelson family, consisting of a couple with three children. In December 1959, husband Dr. Harold Perelson, a cardiologist and medical school professor, basically had, as Grauman puts it, “a psychotic break.” He used a ball-peen hammer to kill his wife while she slept in their bedroom. He then struck his eldest daughter in the head with the same hammer, but the blow wasn’t fatal. She was able to escape and reach the neighbor Marshall Ross for help, who called the police. The other children were spared, and Harold ended up swallowing pills to end his life.

Although the home passed through new homeowners, it remained abandoned (apparently with the Perelson family’s belongings still in it) for decades afterward until it was purchased in 2016 and was remodeled by the new owners. You can browse the current listing photos to get a closer look at Landry’s plans for the home today.

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