Cabongaoan beach is one of the emerging and popular destinations in Pangasinan. Located in the sleepy town of Burgos, Caboangaon will surely give you your needed relaxation of an unspoiled beach plus the adventures of the famous death pool which is just a short trek from the beach.

The once-secret gem of Pangasinan has become popular when it was featured by mainstream media. With this blog post, I’ll show you how to get to Cabongaoan, with all the necessary info as well as our experience on the beach.

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Experience at Cabongaoan Beach

It’s hard to be a travel blogger, then be on travel hiatus for a few months.

What can I do? I have a lot of “adulting” to do. I have a new job that I wanted to focus on. Don’t get me wrong I am happier with my work now. Funds are also a consideration. I am still slowly rising from a recent financial blow that hit me hard when my father passed away, but I am getting better now. So if you see a travel blogger who’s saying that you can travel with no money? Don’t believe him. You can travel on a budget and I have lots of tips for you. But to travel with no money? Come on! Unless you are a travel blogger (like me) and got invited to a press trip, that’s all-expense paid.

It’s a good thing that I still have a lot of previous trips that I haven’t been able to write about on my blog. So though I was on a travel hiatus, I still have some materials to write about. But damn it is so hard!

It’s so hard to write while being stuck in the routinary 9 to 5 rat race for months! I now realized that for me to have my creative juices flowing, I need to wander and travel from time to time like what I used to do. Being away from the beach and mountains for a long time like 5 months has left my brain seems stagnant and cluttered.

Eloi, my girlfriend, seems to be noticing that effect on me, so she said that we should go back to the beach. We’ve been planning to visit Cabongaoan Beach in Burgos, Pangasinan but it has always been postponed due to some personal reasons and some sudden important things to prioritize. I researched Cabongaoan Beach and Death Pool so many times that I have already memorized how to get there by heart, that’s DIY by the way, but for some reason, something is hindering us for our trip to push through.

But this November, I think the universe has finally conspired for this trip to come into reality.

The shores of Cabongaoan Beach

We reached the town of Burgos in Pangasinan after 5 hours of land travel. But we stayed for a while at the Burgos market to wait for the sunrise. Usually, it is still like an hour of tricycle ride to Cabongaoan beach. Yes, the place is kinda’ remote, and need to endure some rough roads going there. But since we traveled there through the van, I didn’t quite understand why we still need to wait for the sun to go out.

Well, a few minutes before sunrise, we were off to go to Cabongaoan, and that’s the time when I fully understood why. The roads are very narrow and with all the swerves and rough terrain, it is not conducive to travel there at night.

After another 45 minutes of land travel, we reached Cabongaoan Beach. We settled in a cottage at the resort for a while. Our new friends and travel buddies decided to rest more. It is understandable after 6 hours of land travel, but for me and Eloi? It was time to hit the beach!

It was nice to witness the calming waves and feel the sea breeze after all these months. Our last beach travel was to Jomalig Island and Masasa beach last summer. Our experience there was so awesome that we always clamor for the beach after that, but sadly, due to some reasons, we waited that long for another getaway.

Being able to experience some of the hidden paradise and the best beaches in the country, I have developed a personal standard when it comes to beaches. Hahaha! Well, you can’t blame me. If you want to understand why go travel and explore our very own country, it has a lot of beautiful islands and beaches waiting to be discovered.

But well, Cabongaoan didn’t disappoint me. First, it has few tourists, not crowded, we had all the time to walk along the shore just the two of us. The sand is not perfect, not as beautiful as Calaguas, but it has a charm of its own. What I love the most about Cabongaoan is its clear and relaxing waters. I had the chance to swim and enjoy it but I still have some work to do, you know those Instagram husband duties. Hahaha! Eloi just loved taking pictures and being photographed on this pristine beach.

explore, travel, cabongaoan beach & death pool in burgos, pangasinan

Good morning from Cabongaoan Beach

explore, travel, cabongaoan beach & death pool in burgos, pangasinan

Wow! 🙂

explore, travel, cabongaoan beach & death pool in burgos, pangasinan

It’s me. Sarap maligo. Anlamig!

It’s funny that the moment we arrived at Cabongaoan, Eloi immediately told me to look for that coconut tree! She saw on Instagram that there is this awesome spot at Cabongaoan with these slanting coconut trees and anyone can take a photo of it with the view of the beach.

We were able to find the trees, but sadly there were a few tents beside it. She was in a way disappointed but hey we can still take a few shots from a different angle, which we did. Look!

explore, travel, cabongaoan beach & death pool in burgos, pangasinan


I will tell you this so many times, especially for boyfriends and husbands out there. If you know your girl loves being photographed, well by all means be supportive. That’s just one of the little ways we can do to show her that we care and love her, right?

So when I saw this another perfect spot on the beach, we didn’t waste any minutes for some photos. This sweet spot is just in front of a small resort. It’s like an improvised hammock under a tree with a spectacular view of the beach.

explore, travel, cabongaoan beach & death pool in burgos, pangasinan

One cute thing about Eloi is that when we’re done with her photos, she would always insist on taking photos of me. I was like? What pose am I going to do? Then she would order (yes order) me to do some things, like a director would do to his actors on set, then came the snapping of shots. I had quite a lot of shots here but I decided to choose this one, the talikod shot because I am a shy type. Hahaha! Well, I just wanted to hide my huge bulging belly here.

explore, travel, cabongaoan beach & death pool in burgos, pangasinan

We’ve had some beautiful memories of Cabongaoan.

We walked on its shores, took a lot of photos, and swam in its cool and relaxing waters. But the best moments for me are those when we just sat there on the beach, talking and sometimes looking at the vast sea.

After a few more minutes, we decided to go to the famous Death Pool.

The Death Pool

It felt like summer. The scorching heat of the sun was turning out to be unbearable, but it didn’t stop us from exploring the famous Death Pool.

But first, why do they call this Death Pool? Apparently, this was just a usual summer and beach destination by the locals and nearby towns. When this was discovered by travelers and posted on social media, they started calling this “death pool” because of its thrilling effect among beach lovers. Can you imagine yourself jumping into this natural pool when waves are crashing into it? The local government clarified that the place is safe as long as you take precautions.

I’ve known this place for a long time by reading blogs and seeing social media posts of my fellow travelers before this was even featured on national television by the Magazine Show, Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho, or KMJS on GMA. It still takes more than 20 to 30 minutes of walking before reaching Death Pool, and it is not an easy walk that you think of.

You’ll have to endure sharp and high rock formations before reaching the death pool. Eloi even told me that maybe this was called the death pool is partly because of the arduous trek that you have to endure going there. I am serious, you have to be very careful while walking on those sharp rocks. The moment you get nearer to the Death Pool, the rock formation gets higher and sharper.

It is recommended that you bring your aqua shoes just to make sure that your feet are protected and to avoid being slipped.

I was a bit worried about Eloi so I was assisting her all the time because she was wearing those thick slippers. Please don’t go to the death pool wearing those types of uncomfortable footwear, that’s very prone to get slipped.

explore, travel, cabongaoan beach & death pool in burgos, pangasinan
explore, travel, cabongaoan beach & death pool in burgos, pangasinan

After a few minutes, we reached the top part of these huge rock formations where we could visibly see the death pool. Now, the hardest part was how to get down there. We just followed some fellow travelers and went down inside of a small cave, struggled with some rocks and water below then went out of the cave until we got closer to the death pool.

There are a few little natural pools that surround the place, which are perfect spots for relaxation. Some are even under the shade of rocks and caves so for those who don’t want to be under the heat of the sun while still enjoying the place, these are for you!

Sadly, we didn’t witness the Death Pool in its full grandness. You know that one that we saw on TV and other blogs when the waves are crashing on this natural pool making the water turns into white and bluish colors as it comes in and out of the pool. It was 10:30 in the morning and we heard that the best time to visit the Death Pool is in the afternoon.

But still, we managed to roam around and enjoy the place. Though many people are surrounding the natural pool, that didn’t stop us to take some photos. Hahaha! I was even surprised that Eloi was still in her “model character” even though there are many people that surrounded us. Hahaha! I just love her.

explore, travel, cabongaoan beach & death pool in burgos, pangasinan
explore, travel, cabongaoan beach & death pool in burgos, pangasinan

It was another challenge going back to the beach, but it was quite easier for us. You know those huge rock formations, sometimes it is easier to climb it instead of going down from the top of it, right?

But the heat of the sun was still the same, that once we got into the nearest part of the beach, we took a dip first before going to our cottage for our lunch.

explore, travel, cabongaoan beach & death pool in burgos, pangasinan

It was another awesome and memorable trip with Eloi, and it’s just nice to experience another gem in our country. Cabongaoan Beach and Death Pool are the perfect mixtures of calmness and adventure that you are looking for!

If you also want to experience and travel to Cabongaoan and Death Pool, below this blog post is a travel guide. Enjoy!

But first let me share with you this segment or feature of KMJS about this place in Burgos, Pangasinan. Watch the video!

Map of Death Pool in Burgos, Pangasinan

Cabongaoan Beach + Death Pool Travel Guide DIY Budget Itinerary

How to get to Cabongaoan?

I told you, I’ve read a lot about Cabongaoan Beach months before our travel. I even contacted one resort there for our travel but sadly, it did not push through that time. So in case you’re planning to also experience Cabongaoan beach, here is your step-to-step guide.

  1. Ride a bus from Manila going to Alaminos, Pangasinan. There are a lot of bus companies that offer daily trips to Alaminos like Victory Liner and Five Star Bus! Fare is about PHP 400. Here are the bus companies and their terminals that offer trips to Alaminos.
  • Victory Liner (Cubao Terminal)
  • Five Star Bus (Pasay, Cubao and Trinoma Terminals)
  • Dagupan Bus (Cubao Terminal)
  • Philippine Rabbit (Avenida Terminal)
  1. Once you arrive in Alaminos, take another bus ride going to Santa Cruz, Zambales. It will pass through Burgos, Pangasinan. Drop off point is in front of Burgos Market and 711. The fare is PHP 50.
  2. There are tricycles that you can hire going to Cabongaoan Beach. Travel time is around one hour, and the fare is 350 PHP one way for at least 3 persons. It is recommended to get the number of the tricycle driver and contact them so they can fetch you the next day if you’re going to spend overnight.

Cabongaoan Beach by Private Car

Of course, if you have your own car or you can rent a van going there it is much better than via public transportation. Going to Pangasinan is a lot easier now because of SCTEX and then exit at Luisita, Tarlac take the Camiling route. From Camiling, you will pass through the towns of San Clemente, Mangatarem, Aguilar, Bugallon, Labrador, and Sual before finally arriving in Alaminos.

Our van driver used Waze to go there as a backup. Luckily, Waze brought us to our destination safe and sound. That moment when the Waze voice said turn right there or turn left was pretty accurate!

From Clark, Pampanga to Cabongaoan Beach

If you’re going from Clark International Airport, just take a jeepney going to Dau Central Bus Terminal. Then take the bus going to Alaminos. Once you arrived in Alaminos, take another bus going to Santa Cruz and the drop-off point is Burgos Public Market. Then hire a tricycle going to Cabongaoan Beach.

From Manaog to Cabongaoan Beach

You can take PUV vans going to Dagupan. Then in Dagupan, take another PUV to Alaminos. From Alaminos, you know what to do, take a bus to Burgos (Sta. Cruz signage) then hire a tricycle going to Caboangaon.

From Dagupan to Cabongaoan Beach

Travel time to Alaminos is just 1.5 hours via PUV such as vans and buses. Buses and vans have hourly trips to Alaminos. Take a bus going to Burgos, then hire a tricycle to Cabongaoan.

From Baguio to Cabongaoan Beach

There are a lot of PUV from Baguio going to Alaminos like vans and buses. From Alaminos, take a bus going to Burgos, then hire a tricycle going to Cabongaoan.

Package Tour to Cabongaoan Beach?

Since the place has become so popular on social media, there has been an increasing demand from tourists and beach lovers to go to Cabongaoan. Something that is also being addressed by a lot of Tour and Travel Agencies. There are some tour packages to Cabongaoan and all you have to do is search social media.

From your Facebook, just type Cabongaoan Beach on your Facebook search then once you get the results, click on the “Events” icon on top.

Another way is to join the Facebook Group, DIY Travel PH Events Tours Vans, then type Cabongaoan beach on the search icon. This is the search within the group. Then once you click, you’ll see a lot of posts from Travel agencies and tour coordinators about the Cabongaoan trip. Check and choose the right one for your travel. You may contact them for the itinerary, or if you’re with a group you can ask them to create and propose an itinerary for you.

explore, travel, cabongaoan beach & death pool in burgos, pangasinan

Where to Stay in Cabongaoan Beach?

There are resorts along the beach of Cabongaoan to choose from. You have the option for overnight accommodation and also for tent pitching. Please be reminded that there are no luxury accommodation nor hotels there, just the usual and simple resorts and accommodation. Here are some of it.

  1. Rendezvous Beach Resort – Contact Number: 09353745410
  2. Ragasa Cabo Beach Resort – Contact Number: 09153863681
  3. Luzviminda’s White Sand Beach – Contact Numbers:  09274293762  and 09303022687
  4. Roven’s Place – Facebook Page: Rovens Place Beach Resort Contact Number: 09279957606

Where to eat in Cabongaoan

It is suggested that you buy your food and ingredients beforehand or at the Burgos market before going to Cabongaoan. There are very limited options and food at the beach itself. You know the place is kinda remote. You can ask your resort owner to cook the food for you for a minimal fee.

If you’re going to visit Cabongaoan on a day trip, you can just bring your food and baon.

Cabongaoan Beach Budget and Expenses

Here are the expenses for your DIY travel to Cabongaoan. Through this, you’ll have an idea of the budget that you’ll allot for your travel.

  • Bus fare from Manila to Alaminos P400 one way
  • Bus fare from Alaminos to Burgos P50 one way
  • Tricycle from Burgos to Cabongaoan P350 one way for 3 pax
  • Accommodation P500 up for overnight
  • Food P500 to P1000
  • Tent Pitching P200

*Go to this list of affordable hotels and accommodation in Pangasinan.

Cabongaoan Beach Itinerary (Day tour and Overnight)

These are just sample itineraries that you can use if you’re planning to go to Cabongaoan.

Day Tour
Midnight Leave Manila
6:00 AM                                  Arrival in Burgos
7:00 AM Arrival at Cacongaoan Beach
8:00 AM                                  Breakfast
9:00 AM Freetime: Beach bumming and Death Pool
12:00 Noon                            Lunch
1:00 PM                                  More Freetime or option to have a side trip to Alaminos’ Hundred Islands
6:00 PM                                  Travel Back to Manila
8:00 PM                                  Dinner
11:30 PM Back to Manila

Overnight Itinerary
Day 1
12:00 midnight                      Leave Manila
6:00 AM                                  Arrival in Burgos
7:00 AM                                   Arrival at Cacongaoan Beach
8:00 AM                                  Breakfast
9:00 AM                                   Freetime: Beach bumming and Death Pool
12:00 Noon                            Lunch
1:00 PM                                  Freetime Again. Best time to visit Death Pool
7:00 PM                                  Dinner
8:00 PM                                   Socials
10:00 PM                                Lights Out

Day 2
7:00 AM                                  Wake Up
8:00 AM                                  Breakfast
9:00 AM                                  Freetime, Beach bumming again. You also have the option to have a side trip to                                                               Alaminos.
12:00 Noon                            Lunch
1:00 PM                                  Travel Back to Manila
6:00 PM                                   Back in Manila

Cabongaoan Travel Tips

  1. Again, Cabongaoan beach and its death pool is your perfect beach getaway, but the travel time is quite long and there are rough roads on the way, so make sure that you get enough rest and sleep before the trip because it is honestly tiring.
  2. Make sure you bring the right footwear once you go to the Death Pool because of sharp and high rock formations. Aqua shoes are highly recommended.
  3. Buy your food and necessary supplies beforehand or at the Burgos market. There are no restaurants in the beach area. You can ask the resort owner or caretaker to cook your food but you’ll provide the ingredients. We saw a small eatery at the beach area but they are offering limited meals like the famous breakfast silog meals. This is just one, so it is better to just bring your food.
  4. There are few resorts in Cabongaoan that you can stay and spend overnight, but in case you still want to explore more of the province, there are other resorts and hotels in Pangasinan that are affordable and perfect for your budget.
  5. Phone signal and data are not that strong in Cabongaoan, which I guess understandable given the remote location of the beach.
  6. During this time of the global pandemic, it is advisable to get in touch with the resorts before visiting Cabongaoan just to make sure that you’ll be properly accommodated. There are some resorts and establishments that are closed right now. (December 2020).

That’s it. Have you been to Cabongaoan beach? Please share your experience in the comments section below!

If you have any questions, you know where to contact me right? Message me on Facebook and Instagram. Or just shoot me an email!

Cabongaoan Beach Map

First published on November 19, 2017
Updated for 2020  and 2021

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