Cagbalete Travel Requirements

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Cagbalete Travel Requirements

  • Valid ID
  • Negative RT-PCR test result taken within 72 hours for validation
  • Accommodations at a DOT-approved hotel or resort at least three days in advance

Note: Cagbalete Island is open tourists aged 16 to 65 years old. Cashless system is implemented in the island.

Welcome to Cagbalete Island

Cagbalete Island is one of the jewels of Quezon Province. Located off the coast of the town of Mauban, it is a small island paradise in the province surrounded with cream sand that exposes significantly during low tide.

The 1,640-hectare privately owned island is home to a diverse ecosystem. With unique variety of birds, rich marine life, and the abundance of unique species of plants, the island is a complete paradise for adventurers and nature lovers. Similar to Jomalig Island in Northern Quezon, a part of the Cagbalete’s beach is dotted with Agoho trees, a family of pine tree.

explore, travel, cagbalete travel requirements

Low tide in Cagbalete Island

Just three hours away from the Philippine capital, Cagbalete Island promises an unforgettable and picture perfect island getaway you will truly remember.

How to Get to Cagbalete Island

Manila to Lucena Grand Central  Terminal

Cagbalete Island is under the jurisdiction of the town of Mauban, Quezon. To go there, catch a Lucena bound bus in Kamias, Cubao, Alabang or Buendia. Jac Liner, Jam Transit, Lucena Liner and Ceres Transport have buses bound to Lucena Grand Central  Terminal. Buses leave almost every hour every day for approximately three hours bus ride from Buendia, fare is as low as P210.

You can book your ferry tickets from Manila to Lucena and vice versa below.

Lucena Grand Central  Terminal to Mauban

From Lucena Grand Central Terminal, catch a van or local bus to Mauban for almost two hours travel time, fare is around P60-70 with last trip is at around 6PM. Alternatively, vans and air-con buses to Mauban are located in SM City Lucena for P80-90, with trip up to 9PM, travel time is faster at around an hour.

explore, travel, cagbalete travel requirements

Sunset in Cagbalete Island

Mauban to Cagbalete

Upon getting off the bus in Mauban, it is only a short walk to the port where passenger boats to Cagbalete Island are stationed. Trips are scheduled at  10AM and 4PM daily, for P100 per person. The boats can ferry around 50-60 people. They usually drop off passengers at “Sabang”  although they sometimes drop off their passengers directly to the south eastern part of the island where the resorts Villa Cleofas and MVT Sto. Nino are located. You may also arrange a private boat through your resort, rate starts at P4,000 two-way (Mauban-Cagbalete-Mauban) and can ferry up to 25 people.

If you are going to the Pansacola, Villa Cleofas or MVT Sto. Niño from Sabang, you can hire a small banca there for around P400.00 one way or you can take the 1.5 KM walk.

explore, travel, cagbalete travel requirements

Southern part of Cagbalete

Where to Stay in Cagbalete Island

Tourists usually stay on the south eastern part of the island. There are three known resorts in the area – the Villa Cleofas, Pansacola Beach Resort and MVT Sto. Niño Beach Resort.

Villa Cleofas

Villa Cleofas has various cottages and rooms for rent ranging from P900 (for an open cottage that is good for eight people) to P4000 (big cottage with rooms that can accommodate up to 25 persons).

Fan Rooms

  • Big cottage (35 people capacity) – P10,000/night
  • Big cottage (20 people capacity) – P5,500/overnight
  • Big cottage (15 people capacity) – P4,500/night
  • Medium cottage (12 people capacity) – P3,500/night
  • Small cottage (8 people capacity) – P3,000/night
  • Duplex cottage (5 people capacity ) – P2,000/night

Air-con Rooms

  • Studio Type (2 people capacity) -P2,500/night
  • Studio Type (4 people capacity) -P3,500/night

They have good facilities and offers different activities like beach volleyball, table tennis, karaoke, horse back riding, boat rental. They also allow camping along the beach for as low as P250 per tent plus entrance fee of P50. They also offer tent rental for as low as P400/tent. For more information, visit their website at www.cagbalete.com or contact:

Contact Info: +63919-2205000/etjacob11@yahoo.com (Ed Jacob); +639178395852/+639178143475/treyeg01@yahoo.com.ph (Tonet Reyeg / Tess Reyeg)

MVT Sto. Niño Resort

MVT Sto. Niño Resort is located beside Villa Cleofas. They have rooms and cottages and offer a more quiet atmosphere. Small cottages along the beach costs for as low as P1,000 good for up to four (4) persons; Standard fan room starts at P1500/night good for two (2) persons; Deluxe room with air-con is at P2000/night good for two (2) persons. Camping is also allowed, you may rent their tent for as low as P350/night good for two (2) plus entrance fee of P150/person.

Contact No: +63917-6787080

Pansacola Beach Resort Cagbalate

Pansacola Beach Resort offers great beachfront be it high tide or low tide. They have private cottages but for those in  a budget, you may opt to camp for P250/head. They have tents which can be rented at P300/night good for 2-3 people, you may also bring your own tent.

Contact No: +63917-5465901

explore, travel, cagbalete travel requirements

Low tide in Cagbalete

Activities in Cagbalete Island

  • Swimming and Beach Hopping
  • Island Hopping: Yang-in Sandbar, Fish Sanctuary and Ilog Bukana
  • Snorkeling/Scuba Diving (bring your own equipments)
  • Fishing/Camping/Picnic
  • Bird watching
  • Horseback riding
  • Beach Volleyball/Frisbee
  • Walk to the nearby Bonsai Island and see the century old bonsai plants
  • Visit the neighboring Baliscar Island and its lighthouse
  • Surfing/Skim boarding (Oct to Feb – bring your own board)
  • Watch the sunrise
  • Explore the attractions of mainland Mauban: Chasing Waterfalls in Mauban: Dahoyhoy Falls, Hagdan-Hagdan Falls, Alitap Falls, etc.

explore, travel, cagbalete travel requirements

Dahoyhoy Falls of Mauban.

Sample Cagbalete Weekend Itinerary

Day 1: Travel to Cagbalete Island

0230H: Assembly at Buendia0300H: Bus from Buendia to Lucena Grand Central Terminal0600H: Arrival in Lucena Grand Central Terminal / Breakfast0700H: Van or Bus from Lucena Grand Central Terminal to Mauban0800H: Arrival in Mauban / Register at Tourism Office / Shop for supplies0900H: Boat from Mauban Port to Cagbalete Island1000H: Arrival in Cagbalete Island / Proceed to resort / set-up camp / rest / prepare lunch1130H: Lunch1300H: Island Hopping: Yang-in Sandbar, Fish Sanctuary, Ilog Bukana & Snorkeling1800H: Back at resort / wash-up / fix-up
1900H onwards: Dinner / Socials / Lights out

Day 2: More of Cagbalete Island, Side Trip and Return

0530H: Call time / Sunrise / Breakfast0700H: Free time / swimming0900H: Wash-up / break-camp / proceed to port1000H: Boat from Cagbalete to Mauban1100H: Arrival in Mauban / Proceed to Dahoyhoy Falls1300H: Back to Mauban Proper / Lunch1430H: Van or Bus from Mauban to Lucena Grand Central Terminal1600H: Arrival in Lucena Grand Central Terminal1630H: Bus from Lucena Grand Central Terminal to Buendia
2000H: Arrival in Buendia / Dinner

explore, travel, cagbalete travel requirements

Varied hues of Cagbalete Island

Logistics / Expenses

Particulars Cost
Bus: Buendia to Lucena P210/person
Van or Bus: Lucena to Mauban P70/person
Boat: Mauban to Sabang (Cagbalete Island) P100/person
Entrance at Resort P100/person
Accommodation at Cagbelete  P1000/night (2-person sharing)
Island Hopping:Yang-in Sandbar, Fish Sanctuary, Ilog Bukana & Snorkeling P1,000/boat for 3 hours (6-person sharing)
Miscellaneous Expenses (food, souvenirs, personal expenses, etc.) ~P1,000/person
Boat: Cagbalete Island to Mauban P100/person
Van or Bus: Mauban to Lucena P70/person
Bus: Lucena to Buendia P210/person


  • No electricity in the island but resort offers generator from 6PM to 6AM.
  • Boat ride from Mauban to Cagbalete Island can be rough at times and generally rough during the ‘ber’ months up to February, so prepare to be wet.
  • Entrance fee at Villa Cleofas is P50, P100 for MVT Sto. Niño and P250 for Pansacola. If you are staying in Villa Cleofas, you can arrange them to prepare meals for you or you can use their kitchen, dining hall and their facilities for cooking and dining, usage is on first-come-first-served basis and you have to clean the area and wash all utilities you used.
  • Mobile signal is available in the island
  • Estimated budget for overnight in Cagbalete: P1,500 – P2,000

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