CAKE Inks Deal With Goldwin For Expansion Into Japanese Market

The Swedish electric two-wheeler manufacturer is leveraging the Japanese sports company’s expertise in the Japanese market.

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In recent years, CAKE has won a lot of accolades for both its exceptional design and its efforts to improve the community. We’ve seen the deployment of CAKE bikes to defend animals in Africa, where rangers repelled poachers with Kalk bikes. The brand has also teamed up with The World Bee Project for environmental preservation efforts. CAKE is one of the fastest growing LEV companies, and it appears that it will soon be expanding to the east.

CAKE recently announced the fulfillment of a big collaboration in Japan with the high-end sportswear producer and distributor Goldwin, who just inked a three-year deal. In addition to working with prestigious sports and outdoor companies like Goldwin, The North Face, and Helly Hansen, the alliance draws on Goldwin’s 70 years of experience and well-established network in production, distribution, sales, and branding.

auto, autos, car, cars, cake inks deal with goldwin for expansion into japanese market

The completion of the contract is the second obvious step in CAKE’s partner plan for the Asian Market, moving ahead of schedule and after the continuous expansion in North American and European locations. “The entry into Asia couldn´t be more right than contractually hooking up with the pinnacle of high quality partners and product specialists Goldwin Inc.” says Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO of CAKE.

As for Goldwin, Ytterborn couldn’t be more optimistic about the partnership of the two companies. “Goldwin is a company that I have come to know well on an operational level over the years, with a number of close business colleagues managing its business. Their commitment to quality, innovation, purpose and customer care is world leading. Aside from the business relevancy, I’m flattered that we get to work with just them and no one else in such an important market as Japan.”

Goldwin, which was founded in 1951 in Oyabe City, Toyama Prefecture, is centered on sports and the advantages to happiness and well-being that they provide. The firm primarily creates high-performance athletic clothing for the Japanese market. The business handles all aspects of the product life cycle, from planning and development through production, quality assurance, and sales. It goes without saying that Goldwin will face new challenges in distributing CAKE’s products in Japan, but it seems that the company is more than up to the task.

Aside from the direct-to-user strategy used by CAKE in Europe and North America, premium operators will work with CAKE to promote the region of Asia as a partner market. In 2023, new agreements for further Asian markets will be revealed.

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