Cakes that may make you question reality

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4. Life-size Yoda cake

The internet has had a bit of a meltdown recently over videos and photos of cakes made to look like everyday items. They’re so realistic that they almost bend reality when they’re being cut into and the items are revealed as cake and icing.

After seeing these videos, we needed more, more, more, so we reached out to Natalie Sideserf, owner and resident artist at Sideserf Cake Studio in Austin, Texas. She’s one of the amazing cake artists creating this gorgeous, edible artwork. She not only told us about how she got her start, she hooked us up with photos of some of her jaw-dropping work.

Check them out!

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1. Cow skull cake

This is the first cake Sideserf took a stab at for a friend’s birthday party. Little did she know this would be the first step in her delicious cake-making journey.

food, cakes that may make you question reality

2. Willie Nelson bust cake

This is the bust cake that garnered Sideserf her first online accolades. Her brother submitted the cake to Reddit and it ended up on the front page of the site.

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3. Mike Ehrmantraut cake

Sideserf had the opportunity to make this cake for Johnathan Banks, the actor who plays Mike Ehrmantraut on both AMC’s Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

She had a fangirl moment when Banks shouted out the cake on the late-night talk show Conan, thanking her for making it for him.

a man wearing a costume

4. Life-size Yoda cake

Is that… Yoda? Not quite, but it sure looks a lot like him. Sideserf had the chance to team up with bakers on Food Network’s Buddy Vs. Duff to make this hyper-realistic cake as a member of team Duff.

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5. Peach cake

When Sideserf was studying art at The Ohio State University she had to draw peaches in her sketching work. It looks like a real peach on the outside, but yeah, it’s really cake.

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6. Michael Scott cake

A delicious homage to the district manager of Dunder Mifflin Inc. in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Michael Scott (Steve Carrell) from the television show The Office.

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7. Stuffed cow cake

We’re almost entering Matrix territory with the multiple dimensions of this cake replica of a stuffed animal that’s a replica of the University of Texas mascot, Bevo.

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8. Chicken biscuit sandwich cake

Another straight-up nod to Texas is this delicious cake that looks like a delicious Whataburger Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit. Yeah, we said delicious twice. You stop it.

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9. Banana cake

One of these bananas is a cake. Can you guess which one it is?

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10. Deadpool cake

This Deadpool cake may be snark-free, but it makes up for it in deliciousness.

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11. Spaghetti and meat sauce

Nothing like a classic dinner of spaghetti and meat sauce for dessert.

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12. Llama cake

Aww. How could you even cut into this cute little llama cake?

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13. Mac & cheese cake

This mac & cheese tastes a little like … cake! Bon Appetit!

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14. Oyster cake

No worries about seafood allergies with this oyster on the half shell!

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15. Lemon cake

When life gives you lemons, make… lemon cake.

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16. Onion cake

This is one onion you can slice into without crying.

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17. Dog cake

He’s such a good boy!

food, cakes that may make you question reality

18. Texas steak cake

It doesn’t get much more Texas than a steak cake. This beauty makes it possible for you to have your steak cake and eat it too.

food, cakes that may make you question reality

19. Courage the Cowardly Dog cake

Courage! What is that dog up to now? It looks like he’s stuck on a cake.

food, cakes that may make you question reality

20. Yin & yang fish cake

You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have … the yin and yang fish cake.

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21. Pizza cake

Do you want a slice of cake or a slice of pizza? Both? Well, here you go!

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22. Unicorn cake

Nothing beats a unicorn that both looks magical and tastes magical.

food, cakes that may make you question reality

23. Piranha plant cake

The cause of your demise in Super Mario Brothers, was always those nasty plants, but now you can get your revenge by eating one yourself!

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24. Egg McMuffin cake

Nothing like a good ol’ slice of cake for breakfast in the morning, especially if it looks like an egg sandwich on an English muffin.

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25. Monkey cake

This primate is prime eats!

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