Casa Veles Hotel Bataan: Your go-to hotel in Mariveles

Food is a good indicator if a certain place is going to be great. We experienced that with Casa Veles Hotel in Mariveles, Bataan.

We’ve covered Padyakan sa Bataan that entire morning,  where biking enthusiasts got the chance to share, enjoy the sport as well as to compete. It was a good avenue for our bikers to gain more experience with the sport that they love.

The event happened at Karagatan Bay View Peaks in Mariveles, overlooking the mountain view of the province. I admit that it was an enjoyable experience to witness bikers do what they do best, but the scorching heat of the sun can be tiring at times right? At that time, we need a good place to relax with good food. Good thing, Sir Alan Valbuena of Bataan Tourism brought us to Casa Veles Hotel’s in house restaurant – Cafe Industriya.

It was a glimpse of the overall experience with the hotel. The restaurant has a clean and minimalist feel to it that is relaxing and pleasing to the eyes. This design is consistent with the interior of the hotel and rooms.

explore, travel, casa veles hotel bataan: your go-to hotel in mariveles
explore, travel, casa veles hotel bataan: your go-to hotel in mariveles

At that time, I was craving for pasta so I ordered Ragu Bolognese, one of their bestsellers. It’s spaghetti with minced beef, tomatoes, herbs, and garlic.

Of all the pastas of this kind, Ragu Bolognese made a good impression. To be honest, most Bolognese has this strong and overpowering taste of tomatoes, but not the Ragu Bolognese of Café Industriya. I am not a culinary expert. I am not the Jang-geum kind of Jewel in the Palace that can enumerate all the littlest details and ingredients of a dish by just tasking it. Hahaha. But one thing for sure, Ragu Bolognese has a balanced taste. I think it is because of the herbs or how the dish was cooked.

I also ordered some additional garlic bread to complement the pasta. You know I love pairing pasta with bread. It’s my personal carbo overload favorite. I was full. Ragu Bolognese is satisfying when it comes to taste and generous serving.

explore, travel, casa veles hotel bataan: your go-to hotel in mariveles

Cafe Industriya’s Ragu Bolognese

explore, travel, casa veles hotel bataan: your go-to hotel in mariveles


My fellow travel bloggers; Allan of TheFilipinoRambler, Pia of Piathought.com and Armela of  Aroundthemetro.ph ordered sandwiches, carbonara, and vegetable salad. Sosyal. LOL! While Sir Alan and the Bataan Tourism team ordered the restaurant’s bestselling rice meals. Well, they all looked happy and satisfied too.

explore, travel, casa veles hotel bataan: your go-to hotel in mariveles

Thanks for the photo Allan of TheFilipinoRambler

The good food definitely gave us the energy to explore more of Bataan. We went back to continue the coverage of Padyakan sa Bataan. I did some Instagram stories showing the awesome biking skills and speed of the participants. We enjoyed sharing the good cause and purpose of this event. There were quite a number of friends and followers who got curious and asked some questions about Padyakan. It was actually their first time to know about this kind of event in Bataan and it was a pleasure helping them to be informed.

After spending like an hour more or two at the event, Sir Alan gave us the signal that it was time to go and explore more historical sites. The other day we visited the Bataan World War II Museum as well as the Mt. Samat Shrine of Valor. It was like reliving our learnings and memories of our history classes in school by witnessing these photos and memorabilia of World War II in the country.

That afternoon, we visited the Zero Kilometer Marker of Bataan Death March. The National Historical Commission of the Philippines recognized this as a historical shrine to pay respect and tribute for the bravery and sacrifice of our Filipino soldiers.

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When General Edward King, the then commander of the United States Armed Forces in the Far East surrendered to prevent more killings of his remaining troops in the Bataan Peninsula, that’s when the Bataan Death March started.

On April 10, 1942, Filipino and American soldiers started the Death March in Mariveles, Bataan which is now the location of the Zero Kilometer Marker.

We weren’t able to visit the stunning Sisiman Lighthouse because the fastest way to get to the lighthouse was closed. But you know, I’ve already been to the Sisiman Lighthouse during my Five Fingers Cove and Laki Beach trip in Bataan a year ago. Here’s my photo.

explore, travel, casa veles hotel bataan: your go-to hotel in mariveles

Sisiman Lighthouse

Of all the activities and sites we’ve explored, it was a nice feeling to go back to a relaxing hotel room to rest, right?

The hotel staff was accommodating from the moment they welcomed us until they handed us our room key card. Allan, my fellow blogger, was my roommate, and we were satisfied by what we’ve seen and even smelled when we opened the room. Yes, it smelled good. It was like a clean minty smell.

I like this kind of hotel room with a simple and edgy design. Not overly stylish, just the right amount of design with a minimalistic vibe. Plus, we liked the view from our window. It was like we were in the middle of the rood leading to the mountains of Bataan.

explore, travel, casa veles hotel bataan: your go-to hotel in mariveles

The bathroom is spotlessly clean and the toiletries are complete with this eco-friendly design. With all this comfort and relaxing feel, we definitely had a good night’s sleep.

explore, travel, casa veles hotel bataan: your go-to hotel in mariveles

The next morning, we were treated with a satisfying Pinoy breakfast meal. I ordered Longsilog or Longganisa, Sinangag, and Itlog. While my fellow bloggers had the other variations of silog meals.

One thing that I really liked was the coffee. As a coffee-lover, I like my coffee strong, yung kaya kang ipaglaban, and I got it from Café Industriya.

explore, travel, casa veles hotel bataan: your go-to hotel in mariveles

It was time for us to go back to Manila after 3 days of exploring Bataan and I can say that Casa Veles Hotel Bataan is another unforgettable experience.

I loved how the hotel gave us the relaxation that we needed after a busy day. So if you happened to be traveling to Bataan, specifically in Mariveles, check out Casa Veles Hotel. Below are the hotel’s details.

Address: Lot A, Commercial Area, 8th Avenue, FAB
Mariveles, Bataan 2106
Facebook Page: Casa Veles Hotel
Contact: 0998 269 9438

PS: Thank you for the warm hospitality, Bataan Tourism, especially to Ms. Paula Erika Gayeta, Sir Alan Valbuena, Sir Roberto Manabat a.k.a Kuya Vandolph and to the rest of the team.  Salamat po!