Cebu Pacific Is Now Accepting Applicants for Cadet Pilot Program

Applications now open for the third batch of Cebu Pacific Cadet Pilots

Do you dream of becoming a pilot? Then, this is your chance to be included in the third batch of the Cadet Pilot Program of Cebu Pacific, the Philippines’ largest carrier. Cebu Pacific gives chance to 16 lucky cadets each batch to take part in specialized aviation education with Flight Training Adelaide in Adelaide, Australia. The chosen ones are to experience integrated flight exercises, flight theory and educational courses in 52 weeks to achieve licensed commercial pilot status. This is an intense training for the strong-willed and only competent cadets will be accepted.

It’s the best deal there is for aspiring pilots since Cebu Pacific is going to take care of all expenses by their enticing “study now, pay later” offer.

Cadet Pilots can choose between the loan offer from Cebu Pacific or from financial institutions which they can repay through a salary deduction for 10 years. It’s a good offer for hopeful aviators.

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Batch 1 Cebu Pacific Cadet Pilots

This opening caters to Filipino college graduates who are good in the English language, is a valid Passport holder of at least two years before the said program. You can send your up to date CV online via bit.ly/CebCadetPilots if you’re interested to join this one of a lifetime opportunity. You will go through a three-step selection and screening process wherein you’ll need to prove your skills capability and organizational compatibility.

The application period runs from May 16 up to May 22, 2018.

The search for the first batch of the Cebu Pacific Pilot program began last October 2017 and they already flew to Adelaide for a wonderful journey in their aviation careers.

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This offer maybe just what you’re waiting for so if you or someone you know have the guts and the skills to become a reputable pilot then apply now and experience a training like no other.

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