CFMOTO To Bring 13 Bikes And Its Electric Brand, ZEEHO, To EICMA 2022

At least 17 bikes and CFMOTO's Moto3 team will all be there. Will you?

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As EICMA 2022 gears up to open its doors on November 8, more and more OEMs are giving small glimpses as to what we can expect to see. CFMOTO will most definitely be there, along with its all-electric ZEEHO sub-brand.

Like other OEMs, of course, they aren’t keen to give away too many details before the big reveal. After all, what would be the fun in that? Anticipation is half the battle, so here’s what CFMOTO and ZEEHO have said they’re bringing to the party.

In total, CFMOTO says that it’s bringing 13 bikes to EICMA—headlined by the carbon fiber NK-C22 concept it first revealed in September, 2022. A headliner is nothing without supporting acts, though—and in this case, CFMOTO is bringing two bikes each from its NK and MT model ranges, four bikes from its CL-X range, three bikes from its SR range, and “an electric motorcycle,” about which no further details are given.

Presumably, that CFMOTO electric motorcycle is something different from what the brand is trying to do with its dedicated, youth-oriented ZEEHO electric brand. According to the official press release, “ZEEHO, as CFMOTO’s electric brand, was created to meet the needs of an ever-younger generation and adapt to increasingly sustainable urban mobility. ZEEHO focuses on strong human-vehicle interaction, exploiting the typical characteristics of electric driving to offer users a pleasant and exciting driving experience, able to fascinate even the new generations. This new brand encourages young people to be bold, interactive and in step with the times.”

In any case, ZEEHO will showcase its AE6+, AE6 S+, AE8 S+, and its MAGNET concept bike at the show. CFMOTO also intends to show off a new smart dashboard design, as well as its RIDE connectivity system, which informs the future direction of CFMOTO’s instrument development on its line of machines. Additionally, Moto3 fans may be interested to know that CFMOTO is bringing its PruestelGP team, riders, and bikes to the show as well.

We asked in October, 2022 if CFMOTO might be bringing its highly-anticipated 800 NK production bike to EICMA. For those unfamiliar, that’s expected to be the production version of the NK-C22 concept that it’s explicitly said that it’s bringing. However, since the list of bikes CFMOTO is bringing does include two NK models, it’s still a possibility. Luckily, we only have a few more days to wait and see.

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