Check out cordless car vacuums from Fanttik, designed specifically to help keep your EV spotless (22% off)

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Fairly young brand Fanttik continues to show why it’s an emerging name in quality EV accessories. It has showcased two of its latest cordless car vacuums – the Fanttik V8 Mate and V9 Mate – each unique in its own way to tackle dirt, crumbs, and pet hair bound to end up in an EV, whether its a compact like a Tesla Model 3, or an SUV like a Rivian R1S.

For a limited time you can get up to 22% off the V8 Mate and V9 Mate using the on-page coupon on Amazon + our exclusive code ELECTREK8 (for V8) or ELECTREK9 (for V9).

Fanttik is a newer brand focused on providing its customers with outdoor and automotive products that cover everything needed for life on the go. Its quality is backed by drivers and their
products are all over social media, including YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

Whether it’s your day-to-day commute, time spent exploring the outdoors, or roadside emergencies, Fanttik has you covered, especially with its two car vacuums, the V8 Mate and V9 Mate, perfect for your Tesla, IONIQ 5, or whatever EV you drive.

Fanttik car vacuums tackle all dirt, no matter the EV size

You may have seen other Fanttik products in the past like its tire inflator or jump starter, but if you haven’t checked out the company’s car vacuums yet, you need to take a look. Fanttik currently offers two different models designed specifically for different sized EVs.

Let’s start with cordless car vacuum specific designed for more compact models, the V8 Mate.

Fanttik V8 Mate

The V8 Mate arrives as Fanttik’s most portable car vacuum, 50% lighter and 65% more compact than leading handheld vacuums on the market. At just 1.2 pounds and under 3″ thick, the V8 Mate is slimmer than a waterbottle.

Don’t let that compact size you though, because this cordless vacuum’s 30AW/12kPa suction is plenty strong to easily suck up any and all sand, dust and pet hair that will inevitably end up back in your vehicle.

It comes equipped with a new generation M1 brushless digital motor can reach 60,000 RPM to deliver top level suction for extended periods of time while cleaning. This Fanttik car vacuum offers a two-gear suction adjustment, in which low gear can be used for 30 minutes, and high gear can be used for 12 minutes. The V8 Mate also comes with a slew of accessories to ensure you can easily clean every crevice of your beloved EV:

  • Multi-surface brush
  • Crevice nozzle
  • Storage bag
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Push-in brush
  • Pet brush
  • Flexible hose
  • Cleaning brush

Here are some other key features you won’t want to miss:

  • Dual-layer filtration system
    • Can filter out 99.95% of particles
  • Large storage capacity
    • 120 ml dust canister – large enough to last for a whole clean
  • USB-C fast charging
    • Vacuum can be fully charged in as little as 2 hours

The Fanttik V8 Mate is currently available for $71, that’s 21% off its regular $89 price with the $10 coupon on Amazon + our exclusive 10% off Code ELECTREK8 . If you’re looking for something a bit larger and more powerful to suit your larger car, you may want to consider Fanttik’s V9 Mate cordless car vacuum instead. It’s currently available for $93, down from it’s regular price of $119 when using  the $15 coupon on Amazon + our limited-time 10% off Code ELECTREK9.

Fanttik V9 Mate

Where the Fanttik V9 Mate lacks in portability compared to the V8, it makes up for in storage and power… it’s still cordless and quite portable as well. Regular vacuum cleaners may be able to run long enough to clean your full-size EV, but not with the dust capacity and variety of accessories you’ll get with your new Fanttik V9 Mate car vacuum.

Fanttik promises this car vacuum will give you the the power and capacity to entirely clean your multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) or larger in one go, no matter where you are. As the company’s larger model, it still only weighs 2.2 pounds and features a gravity stick handle, making it it is easier to hold for comfortable cleaning.

The Fanttik V9 Mate also comes with a wide range of accessories that you usually won’t get with other vacuums:

  • Extension Tool
  • 4-foot flexible hose
  • Nozzle
  • Storage bag
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Push-in brush
  • Crevice tool
  • Cleaning brush

Use the tool above to reach any and every corner of your vehicle and spot debris in darker spots using the vacuum’s LED lights.

Intelligent Digital Display: The vacuum’s intelligent digital display clearly shows the remaining battery charge and other vacuuming metrics. It also comes equipped with a smart filter sensor that detects when the filter becomes clogged and needs to be cleaned to always ensure the most advanced cleaning performance.

The Fanttik V9 Mate car vacuum is powered by an innovative air cyclone system consisting of a 80,000 RPM brushless motor that is not only highly efficient, but low noise. With the press of one button, owners can switch between two different suction modes – Max and Eco. Max mode supplies 40AW/13kPa suction, while ECO mode accommodates 30 minutes run-time for more extensive cleaning times.

The Fanttik V9 Mate is currently available for $93 when using the $15 coupon on Amazon + exclusive code ELECTREK9. The V9 Mate would make a perfect gift this holiday season for friends and family with large EVs they like to keep clean. Wouldn’t hurt to get one for yourself too. Everyone loves a clean car!

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