Check Out These Massachusetts Gearhead Businesses

If you’re in the neighborhood, these look pretty cool…

We recently ran across this local news report on Orphan Car Garage in Abington, Massachusetts and a father and son in Hubbardston collecting movie cars. Both are cool parts of the automotive culture you can find in Massachusetts, proving that tucked away here and there are gems everywhere.

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As the name implies, Orphan Car Garage is dedicated to preserving the history of orphan cars, or in other words rides made by a manufacturer which has gone out of business. People can be quite passionate about the subject and it’s easy to see why.

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If you think about it, the rising generation might not otherwise know that Studebaker, AMC, or Hudson ever existed. By preserving these cars, Orphan Car Garage is helping to keep alive some important automotive history which otherwise could be lost.

The guy running the garage is John Wingle, who says he’s been passionate about cars since he was little. That led him to work at dealerships for 30 years, until finally the man could realize his dream. As is the case with starting any business, getting Orphan Car Garage off the ground required a lot of work and considerable risk. We’d say it was worth both.

His aim is to restore the cars to the way they were when they left the factory. If you’ve ever done faithful restorations, you know that can be tricky, depending on the condition when you receive the vehicle.

auto, autos, car, cars, check out these massachusetts gearhead businesses

The other business is 88-mph Time Machine, which as you probably guessed, focuses mostly on Back to the Future memorabilia. Collected by father and son, Bill and Patrick Shea, they scoop up vehicles which were used for filming movies.

DeLoreans are the stars of the collection, which includes four cars actually used in filming. In addition, they managed to scoop Marty McFly’s Toyota from the movies as well as Doc’s 1949 Packard. It’s quite the collection, so if you’re a fan of Back to the Future you should definitely make plans to check it out.

To keep the lights on, during the day the father and son sell military antiques. However, their true passion is with movie cars.

Watch the report for yourself to learn more.

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