Check out this new electric telescopic crawler crane – the first in its weight class

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German crane maker Sennebogen last week debuted a 50-metric-ton electric telescopic crawler crane – the first battery-powered crane in its weight class.

Telescopic crawler cranes are used to lift materials with a hydraulic winch and by raising and lowering the boom – aka pick and carry. They have excellent maneuverability on difficult terrain.

The 653 E Electro Battery, developed along with Dutch dealer Van den Heuvel, has a 130 kW electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery in the superstructure.

The liquid-cooled battery system, which Sennebogen says “has already proven itself on- and off-road under the toughest conditions,” has a capacity of 210 kWh and is connected to an intelligent battery management system.

Sennebogen’s electric telescopic crawler crane can operate in battery mode for up to 14 hours. To charge, the 653 E Electro Battery can be connected to a 32 A CEE industrial socket, which is usually available on any construction site. It has a 22 kW onboard charger, so there’s no need for additional charging stations.

Here’s what’s great about a 50-metric-ton electric crane: no diesel, so no harmful emissions. Sennebogen says it saves more than 23 metric tons of CO2 per year in single-shift operation. It requires less servicing and no oil changes. It’s also quieter and vibrates less than a diesel-powered crane, so it’s great for city use, and moving and positioning large loads on structural engineering and bridge construction jobs.

Photo: Sennebogen

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