Classic Mini EV Goes On Sale For $70,000 Including Donor Car

It has 97 hp and a 103-mile range.

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Installing electric powertrains into classic vehicles is becoming a trend as a way to keep these old models on the road. Recharged Heritage enters this space by beginning to take orders for its EV conversion for the original Mini. Prices start at £42,500 ($48,092 at current exchange rates) if you have a car to convert or £62,500 ($70,710) with an included donor car.

This electric Mini packs 97 horsepower (72 kilowatts) and uses an 18-kilowatt-hour battery pack. This setup provides a WLTP-estimated range of 103 miles (166 kilometers). The 6.6-kW charger can top-up the battery in three hours on a 7-kW wallbox or nine hours from a standard UK outlet.

For comparison, the original Mark 1 Mini used an 850cc four-cylinder engine making just 34 hp (25 kW). At launch, the sporty Cooper had a 997cc powerplant that boosted the output to 55 hp (41 kW).

This EV conversion gives the Mini two driving modes. In the Pure setting, the little car hits 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in 11.5 seconds and has a top speed of 78 mph (126 kph). In Sport, the acceleration time drops to 8.5 seconds, and the max velocity grows to 92 mph (148 kph).

These specs are a little different than when Recharged Heritage showed off this endeavor in January. At that time, the car used a 120-hp (90-kW) electric motor and reached 62 mph in about nine seconds. The predicted range was 100 miles (160 kilometers).

Recharged Heritage says that one advantage of its conversion is that the work is entirely reversible. The company doesn’t even drill any additional holes in the body. The completed car also doesn’t weigh any more than the original.

The company already completed at least two of the conversions. One was a 1998 Mini Paul Smith Edition. Designer Paul Smith came up with the interior styling with a mustard yellow dashboard and blue seats.

The other was a collaboration with British artist Lakwena Maciver. The car had a vibrantly colored body with the words “Big Love” in a variety of shades.

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