Codigo 1530 Made Just 400 Bottles of Its New Ultra-Premium 14-Year-Old Tequila

food, codigo 1530 made just 400 bottles of its new ultra-premium 14-year-old tequila

Codigo 1530 14-Year Añejo Tequila

In the spirits world, the concept of rarity is one that has not been solely within the purview whiskey for some time now. Tequila has become a strong contender in the limited-edition game as well, as evidenced by this new release from Codigo 1530, an ultra-aged extra anejo that is one of the oldest expressions you can find.

That is, if you can find it, because there are only 400 bottles of this bottle available globally. Codigo 1530 counts country star George Strait among its investors and the brand was recently acquired by French drinks giant Pernod Ricard, so we will probably continue to see sporadic special releases like this one. “Extra anejo” means that the tequila has been aged for more than three years, and this has that beat by a long shot with an age statement of 14 years old. It was double matured—initially in a French oak Cabernet wine barrel for most of its time aging in a warehouse, and then in a French oak Cognac cask. Codigo co-founder and co-CEO Federico “Fede” Vaughan explained the process further in a press release. “We decided to experiment with more of our cellared barrels of extra anejo tequila,” he said, “with continued aging in toasted French Cognac casks for an additional six months beyond the 14 years. The taste is beyond compare, for any aficionado.”

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The brand has released a double barrel anejos before—the limited edition Rosa Reposado got a sherry cask finish, as did the older Rare Hare Anejo, a collaboration with Playboy Spirits. But the maturation process is quite different for this new expression. According to the official tasting notes, the tequila is a deep amber color which makes sense given its extensive aging in a wine cask. The palate is said to have notes of sweet maple, dark chocolate, toasted oak, spice and, interestingly, a “peaty minerality.”

As with all of the tequila released by Codigo 1530, this expression is made without flavoring or additives. It’s bottled at 80 proof and each crystal bottle comes in a wooden box accompanied by two Riedel tequila glasses. Codigo 1530 14-Year Anejo is priced at $3,900 and will be available starting this week from the official website or select retailers.

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