Confused between new Hyundai Tucson diesel & used 2018 BMW 520d

auto, autos, bmw, car, cars, hyundai, confused between new hyundai tucson diesel & used 2018 bmw 520d
auto, autos, bmw, car, cars, hyundai, confused between new hyundai tucson diesel & used 2018 bmw 520d

I came across the pre-owned 5-series at a used car showroom. It has completed 30,000 km.

BHPian CorsaLove recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Need some help here.

I’m in the market for a new car. Diesel.

I liked the Tucson but I am yet to test-drive it. But as God would have wanted, I had to visit a used car showroom for a friend and liked a 2018 520d with 30K on the odo.

Now I’m confused about which one to go for. Both are coming in almost the same price range.

Any advice would really be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Here’s what GTO had to say about the matter:

If it was a 530d, then it wouldn’t even be a discussion for an enthusiast. But for a 520d:

BMW = prestige, sheer quality, more fun-to-drive than a crossover, driving dynamics, happy engine + brilliant gearbox, cramped back seat, low GC, high cost of maintenance (75k / year initially, then 1 – 1.5 lakhs when out of warranty period).

Tucson for a properly premium crossover, more practical, peace-of-the-mind ownership, more space, better boot, rough-road friendly.

Here’s what BHPian androdev had to say about the matter:

I’m sure you are aware that the initial purchase price is not indicative of the total cost of ownership. In general, a car like the 5 series requires a healthy bank balance and more importantly a willingness to splurge on luxury. So the decision really depends on your financial circumstances and your spending priorities.

Assuming that you are past the financial assessment, a car like 520d can be enjoyed only if your driving involves a good amount of open highways. If 90%+ of your driving is inside Bangalore (so sad!), then you better look elsewhere.

My “guestimate” is that one would need a disposable cash of 2L per annum to service a 520d (in addition to EMI, Insurance, Fuel). I do not mean you will necessarily spend 2L (actual spend might be just 50K per annum), but you need to be in that financial zone to venture into the 520d category.

If you are “living to drive” then all bets are off.

If you are venturing into your first used luxury car, buy it from a known owner or from BMW’s official pre-owned section. Avoid open market stock.

Here’s what BHPian EV NXT had to say about the matter:

In case it helps, bhpian madagascar has moved to a Tucson from a BMW 530i and says it has exceeded all his expectations. Check out his post on the Tucson review thread.

Except for the performance models starting with the 330i and upwards and the badge value the Tucson is better in most areas. It’s fast, rock steady at high speeds, handles like a sedan and is finished very well.

They say rallying improves the breed and Hyundai has won the WRC two years in a row and it’s possible that a little bit of that must have gone on to improve the handling and road manners of this car.

That the Tucson costs substantially less to buy and maintain just sweetens the deal and makes the BMW hugely overrated.

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