Coron to El Nido by Fast Ferry

When we talk about the best islands in the world, Palawan is always on the to list. And as a Filipino, I can honestly say that when you visit the Philippines, you shouldn’t miss this island province.

In Palawan, two of the most popular destinations will always come to your mind – Coron and El Nido. These places are filled with beautiful beaches and nature that will leave everyone in awe, and I am not being biased here. Popular travel magazines in the world have also named these places as the best in the world.

explore, travel, coron to el nido by fast ferry

So if you plan to explore these places, the challenge in the past as these are actually far from each other in terms of location, so it has been a challenge for a traveler to go from Coron to El Nido and vice versa. Well, not anymore because anyone can now travel from Coron to El Nido in the convenience of a fast ferry or boat.

Here are some of the ways that you can travel from Coron to El Nido.

explore, travel, coron to el nido by fast ferry

Montenegro Lines: Coron to El Nido

This is the most convenient and fastest way to go to El Nido from Coron. Montenegro Shipping line offers daily ferry service from Coron to El Nido. Please be reminded that this just one sailing a day at 12Noon then you will arrive in El Nido at approximately 4PM with 3.5 to 4 hours travel time.

This fast craft can carry up to 140 passengers. The best part about this trip is the comfortable seat areas with an awesome view of Palawan’s nature. The ferry is air-conditioned and equipped with a TV. How about that?

Coron to El Nido – 12:00 NN
El Nido to Coron – 6:00 AM

The best part is you can book this in advance online for a hassle-free travel.     BOOK CORON TO EL NIDO FERRY HERE

Powered by 12Go Asia system RATES  Coron to El Nido (vice versa) – PHP 1760 Note that rates and schedules can change without prior notice so always check the online booking. For your convenience, you can also search tickets and book via below. Full Blog Post: Montenegro Lines: Coron to El Nido 

Phimal Fast Ferry: Coron to El Nido

Phimal Fast Ferry is the newest company that launches its Coron to El Nido route and vice versa.  This December, they have made their service available through online booking for a much easier travel experience. The company has a daily trip from Coron to El Nido at 1:20 PM and a daily trip at 8:20 AM from El Nido to Coron. Travel time is 4 hours. Please see below details about the schedule, rates and others.

Coron to El Nido – 1:20 PM Daily
El Nido to Coron – 8:20 AM Daily

You can book your tickets in advance to avoid hassle and queuing at the post. Book here: CHECK FERRY TICKETS ONLINE 

Powered by 12Go Asia system FARE AND RATES Coron to El Nido and vice versa – PHP 1,760 Full Blog Post: Phimal Fast Ferry: Coron to EL Nido 

Coron to El Nido via Large Outrigger Boats

Notice that when you’re exploring Coron or El Nido, you see some placards or small ads offering boat ride to or from Coron.

Jessabel boats and Bunso boats are just some of the few that can bring you to El Nido from Coron with 5 hour travel time. Please be advised that Coron to El Nido boat depart every morning at 7:30 AM. Fare is about PHP 1,400

Via Passenger or Cargo Ship

Well, this is not really an advisable option because Passenger ships from Coron to El Nido only travels once a week. This type of travel usually caters to locals who are going to travel to El Nido from Coron. But hey, if you’re in Coron and the weekly schedule is just in the right time for your travel to El Nido, this can be a more affordable option but longer travel time.

MV May Lilies is the passenger ship that has a weekly schedule from Coron to Palawan. The vessel departs in Coron every Monday at 7:00 AM.

El Nido to Coron via Ferry

Of course, to complete this guide, we’re also including here the ferry’s schedule and fare from El Nido to Coron. Montenegro Shipping Line is a popular company that has high-speed ferry to take passengers from El Nido to Coron. They have a daily schedule at 6:00 AM and the travel time is about 4 hours.  Please refer to below details. You can also book tickets online directly using below information.

Montenegro Fast Ferry (El Nido to Coron)
Schedule: Every day at 6:00 AM
Fare: Php 1700 – Php 1800
Travel Time: 4 Hours
You can book in advance online here – CHECK TICKETS HERE

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El Nido Tours and Adventure

It is nce to explore EL Nido’s  vibe and food, but the best way to explore El Nido is to try its island hopping tours. You will be amazed at the awesome beaches and rock formations in El Nido. Some beaches are even hidden and another one is actually named secret beach. You have to discover by yourself why these are called hidden and secret beaches. The rock formations are just beautiful.

If you have like only 3 days to explore El Nido, Tours A and C are a must! Below are the El Nido Tours and how you can avail them.

Tour A – Explore Beaches and Lagoons
explore, travel, coron to el nido by fast ferry

This tour is a combination of total relaxation and adventure. Relax and enjoy the beautiful beaches of 7 Commando Beach and Shimizu Island, then be rough and adventurous as you explore the Secret Lagoon. There is a reason why this was called a secret and it is up to you to discover. Then, be amazed as you kayak your way to the small lagoon and big lagoon.  CHECK TOUR RATES HERE

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Tour B – Adventure level up!

explore, travel, coron to el nido by fast ferry

Snake Island. Photo Courtesy of Travelblog.org

Walk on the beautiful sandbar of snake island and let the crystal clear waters touches your feet as you enjoy this beauty of nature. Then, level up the adventure by exploring caves and more islands. CHECK TOUR RATES HERE

Tour C – Secret and Hidden Beaches

explore, travel, coron to el nido by fast ferry

This tour is my personal favorite. This is just awesome. We started by relaxing to the beautiful Helicopter island. Well, there is also a reason why this is called helicopter. You better pay attention to the island’s shape as you approach it from the boat afar. Oh my then followed by swimming and a never ending swimming towards the hidden and secret beaches. These are highly recommended. You better try this tour when you go to El Nido. CHECK TOUR RATES HERE

Tour D – More Beaches

explore, travel, coron to el nido by fast ferry

Nat Nat Beach. Photo courtesy of elnidopalawan.net

Explore more islands and beaches in El Nido such as Bucal Beach, Nat nat Beach and Paradise Beach. Another exciting island hopping experience.  CHECK TOUR RATES HERE

Tour E – El Nido Land Tour
explore, travel, coron to el nido by fast ferry

Well, El Nido is famous for its beautiful beaches and islands, but there are also some attractions that can be reached via land travel that are also worthy of your time. These are also breathtaking especially the Nacpan beach! Some of other destinations are Las Cabanas Beach, Marimegmeg beach and some awesome waterfalls.

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EL NIDO Hotels, hostels and accommodation

Here are some of our recommended hotels in El Nido from budget-friendly or affordable hotels to mid-range.

1. Ocean Vista Inn
explore, travel, coron to el nido by fast ferry

I stayed here when I visited El Nido, and I personally recommend this affordable and value for money hotel. They have a spectacular view of the El Nido beach from their rooftop and you’ll experience it when you have your breakfast.  CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

2. Our Melting Pot
explore, travel, coron to el nido by fast ferry

If you are a backpacker type of traveler and wouldn’t mind sharing a room with fellow backpackers, Our Melting Pot Hostel is just right for you. This is also located in the center of El Nido just near the municipal hall so you’re near from everything you need like food, restaurants and others. This hostel is good for anyone who wants to interact and meet new friends.  CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

3. Swiftlets Inn
explore, travel, coron to el nido by fast ferry

When it comes to quality yet affordable hostel in El Nido, Swiftlets Inn is one of the best. They also serve breakfast and very hands-on with their guests’ needs. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

4. Spin Designer Hostel
explore, travel, coron to el nido by fast ferry

This is getting a lot of rave reviews from guests because of its creative designs and comfortable rooms. Truly one of a kind in El Nido.  CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

5. Ipil Suites
explore, travel, coron to el nido by fast ferry

A fully furnished accommodation near the beach and town center. Another worthy hostel in EL Nido. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Photo Credit: Photos are provided by the resorts via Agoda

El Nido Itinerary

As for my experience, we stayed in El Nido for 4 days and we had a blast. Enjoyed every moment of it. I suggest that if you’ll stay in El Nido at least stay there in 4 days so you can enjoy Tours A, C and even Nacpan. 😊 Here’s our itinerary. Of course, you want to stay there in 5 days or more you can always customize.

4D3N itinerary

  • Day 1 – Arrival in El Nido, Explore the beach and town
  • Day 2 – Tour A
  • Day 3 – Tour C
  • Day 4 – Nacpan beach in the morning. Then travel back to Puerto Princesa.

El Nido Travel Tips
explore, travel, coron to el nido by fast ferry

  • Electricity – Luckily, electricity in El Nido is now 24/7 unlike before that it has a scheduled power interruption.
  • Credit Cards and ATM – Only few establishments accept credit cards, so it would be better to bring enough cash. As for the ATM, BPI is now available at the town proper and RCBC ATM at the municipal hall.
  • El Nido Food – Food in El Nido is quite expensive. But there are still some eateries that you can check. It’s cheaper. Just explore the town proper.
  • Internet – Internet connection is El Nido is quite slow. Well, you’re in the Philippines. One of Asia’s slowest internet connection. Hello Globe and PLDT?! LOL!
  • Currency Exchange – There are pawnshops and currency exchange in El Nido, but please do your proper research with the exchange rates.
  • Dry Bag for Cam – Please bring a dry bag. Also, don’t forget your underwater cam or action cam, you need that when you explore the hidden and secret beach.

Post Updated: December 29, 2019

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