Costa causes fury over confusing £2 'bacon roll and coffee' meal deal that can actually cost over £5

food, costa causes fury over confusing £2 'bacon roll and coffee' meal deal that can actually cost over £5

LONDON, ENGLAND – AUGUST 31: A Latte is poured into a branded Costa Coffee mug in this arranged photo at a Costa Costa coffee shop on August 31, 2018 in London, England. Coca-Cola Co. is to buy the U.K. chain Costa Coffee for £3.9 billion GBP, ($5.1 billion USD). (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Costa Coffee has come under fire over a confusing £2 ‘bacon roll and coffee’ breakfast meal deal which can actually cost over £5. The high street chain has been blasted by scores of irate customers over the advertising of the meal deal which implied they could bag a bacon or sausage roll plus a coffee for the bargain price of £2.

However, the small print on the advert, which features an image of a bacon bap and a frothy latte coffee, confirms the £2 price only buys you a discounted roll, and the coffee on top is extra. The café has come under such fire from outraged customers they have had to apologise if their adverts “caused any confusion”, as reported in the Mirror.

Many punters took to Twitter to slam the chain, with one writing: “Costa Coffee, what’s the deal with your breakfast deal? It reads like it’s only £2.00 for a drink and a roll. Poor advertising. You embarrassed three lots of people in the queue this morning. Very poor show. Change the wording.”

Another upset customer wrote: “Costa, your £2 breakfast deal. Sounds like a good deal. How misleading it is? Everyone in the queue has questioned it”, and another added that it was the “most confusing advert this year”.

They said: “Every customer in the growing queue of four just questioned it. What is the £1 and £2 deal (total or discount off the breakfast item or coffee?) and who knew it didn’t apply to the items below each deal (just to the roll and croissant).”

The independent consumer champion, Martyn James, also weighed in on the confusing breakfast deal. He said: “Seeing is believing – but not for the Costa customers duped by this misleading poster for their meal deal. By the time many people realise that they’ve paid far more for their breakfast deal than the poster suggested it is often too late – or too much hassle to ask for your cash back.

“Not only is this offer extremely misleading for the consumer – but it’s deeply unfair for the staff having to deal with unhappy customers who feel they have been duped”, he said.

After being contacted, the chain has apologised if customers were “confused” over the terms of the deal. A Costa spokeswoman said: “Our special £2 breakfast deal clearly states on our in-store marketing materials that customers can enjoy a breakfast bap for £2 when any medium or large drink is purchased before 11am.

“Further terms and conditions on this offer is also published on our website. However, we apologise if our breakfast deal has caused any confusion to our customers.”

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