Crystal Cove Island Resort in Boracay

I wonder where are we going next?

It was our day of island-hopping in Boracay. We’ve just finished snorkeling within the island, then some beach-bumming at Puka Beach. Then what? Where are we heading next?

Boracay is undoubtedly the most famous island and tourist destination in the Philippines, but we are all aware that aside from the white sand beaches, there is not much to do on the island.

It was a few minutes of boat ride passing through the long white sand beach from station 1 to 3, then off to the sea between Boracay and the mainland, Panay. Then, little by little, some islets appear. The first is called the Magic island, a rugged one with many cliff jumping points. At the back of Magic island is another one, a bigger one with a creamy white sand beach and some green trees.

explore, travel, crystal cove island resort in boracay
explore, travel, crystal cove island resort in boracay
explore, travel, crystal cove island resort in boracay

Our tour guide declared, “This is the Crystal Cove Island, and we’re going to stay on this island for about an hour.”

Crystal Cove Island is a private island resort located near the southeast of Boracay. This is known as the all-in-one island-hopping destination in Boracay famous not only for its beach but also for the activities that tourists can enjoy, such as caving, snorkeling, and trekking adventure.

The resort is open daily from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, which is only suitable for day tours.

The Beach

Our boat docked on the beach. It was not as fine and stunning as the white sand beach in Boracay, but pretty enough to beach bum and enjoy.

explore, travel, crystal cove island resort in boracay

It’s creamy white sand, a narrow shore with rock formations in the end. Foreigners were sand-bathing when we arrived. I initially planned to stay on the beach, but there seems to be not much shade. A fellow blogger waved at me; they were about to enter the resort proper. On the signage of the resort is a small gate. Tourists have to pay 300 pesos entrance fee. At first, I didn’t have much idea of what’s in store for us inside the resort. Since this is just good for day tours, I didn’t expect something spectacular inside.

Inside the resort

There were quite a number of foreigners inside. I wonder if they enjoyed their stay? Or they were just chilling, perhaps. A pathway leads to some of the resort’s popular spots. The resort claimed that visitors could enjoy a trekking adventure inside. Well, it depends on the tourists’ perspective. As for me, the resort is not that big to have an excellent trekking adventure.

For me, it was not a trekking adventure, but just an enjoyable walk surrounded by nature while feeling the breeze from the ocean. It’s as simple as that.

explore, travel, crystal cove island resort in boracay

There are some picnic spots that any group or family can enjoy with the breathtaking view of the ocean. This is probably one of the best features of the resort. The tables and chairs are made of hard and dense wood, perhaps, to withstand the strong wind from the ocean. Since there’s no food nor store on the island, tourists are advised to bring their own food if they want to enjoy a picnic.

We sat there for a few minutes and took some photos. There are some excellent spots for photography.

Cave adventure and snorkeling

There are caves in the resort. Two to be exact, but we were only able to explore one because of not so good condition of the waves.

In the middle of the picnic spot is this hole with stairs going down. It’s intriguing and would lure you to come closer and go inside. Underneath the rock formations is a cave with natural pools inside. It could have been quite a sweet dip and some quality adventure, but no one was allowed to swim. The wave was too strong that it crashed on the enormous rocks. Not safe to swim or even just a quick dip.

explore, travel, crystal cove island resort in boracay
explore, travel, crystal cove island resort in boracay
explore, travel, crystal cove island resort in boracay
explore, travel, crystal cove island resort in boracay

We just took some photos, stayed for a few minutes then climbed up the stairs.

There is also a snorkeling spot, but again it was not the right time for it. I realized that the PHP 300 entrance fee is worth it if you can do all the cave adventure and snorkeling. But if the weather is uncooperative, you are left with no other options but enjoy walking and sitting in the picnic area.

How to get to Crystal Cove Resort?

You can visit the island through some chartered boat from Boracay. Crystal Cove Island Resort is also part of some island-hopping tours in Boracay. To be sure, ask your tour operator is they include the island on the itinerary.

Crystal Cove Resort
Address: Malay, Aklan 5608, Philippines
Email: boracaycrystalcoveisland@gmail.com
Contact Number: +639 17 887 65 15
Website: boracaycrystalcove.com